Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ghostland Observatory Cat Dance

This one is for Danny to review because I am speechless. This guy really loves Ghostland Observatory and him and his cats have the dance moves to prove it. His cats may even have a grasp on laser hands, one of the more difficult moves to master. Enjoy!

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Happy Mondays "Jelly Bean"

It's been fifteen years since we've seen an album from these acid house boys from Manchester, but it looks like we might get a new one soon. According to reports the band finished a new album back in August 2006 and after a co-headlining slot at this years Coachella Music and Arts Festival and now this new song it appears we may be closer to seeing that album. Take a trip through the psychedelic forest and give "Jelly Bean" a listen.

Listen to Happy Mondays "Jelly Bean" (Idolator) Gander On!

Beastie Boys bigger than Sasquatch

George, WA -- The crowd was swaddled in Easy Street sweatshirts, North Face fleeces and garbage bags on this blustery Sunday Night. Anything to keep warm. Thankfully, the Beastie Boys brought the heat. As soon as the Bboys picked up their instruments and the first licks of "Gratitude" kicked in, everyone was up on their feet. The gorge was rocking. The Beastie Boys may have aged, MCA sports a silvery mop and Mike D looks like Dustin D now more than ever, but tonight they proved they can still rock the mic and the jam.

They peppered this evenings performance with extended instrumental tracks off their new album, The Mix-Up, and kept people on their feet with classics like "Body Movin'". It was amazing to see Mike D man the drums for one song then run out to rock the mic for the next. The energy never waned and the crowd only got wilder as the night went on. Supplementing the on-stage action was Money Mark on the keys who, when not playing, would pop up all over the stage and Alfredo Ortiz on percussion. And just when you forgot about him, Mix Master Mike would change things up with a new sample or a crazy scratch routine.

Halfway through their set, the winds died down and all that was on stage were Adam, Adam and Mike. They tore through a punk song then slowed it down and got funky with some new shit. They played and played and just as my mind was about to wander they crank it back up with the classic bass line from "Root Down". Everybody's on stage now doing what they do best. They seamlessly move into "Pass the Mic" and end with a rowdy version of "What'cha Want". The lights go out and the crowd goes nuts. This shit ain't over. The crowd knows this and begins to chant "Beastie Boys. Beastie Boys. Then we hear the familiar "chk chk chk" of Mike's turntables and a lone spotlight on him.

A few scratches later, we hear the familiar beginnings of "Intergalactic" and it's on. The crowd goes nuts. I look back up the hill and everybody's on their feet. They play three more raucous songs and end the night with "Sabotage". They'd given the crowd two nights of insanity and their work here was done.

Check out The Mix-Up in stores July 26.

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White Stripes "Rag and Bone"

It seems like all we do lately is post leaks, but hey it's The White Stripes. Check out "Rag and Bone" and thanks to Strike Gently span style="font-weight:bold;">
Download "Rag and Bone" Gander On!

The Web Sheriff Strikes Again!

Icky Thump leaked today and th Web Sheriff was on top of it. It's out there though and we promise to have a link up by the end of the day. Gander on to read the Web Sheriff's latest comments on Whudahexup. My favorite part is the NME plug at the end.

Web Sheriff
Protecting Your Rights on the Internet
Tel 44-(0)208-323 8013 / Fax 44-(0)208-323 8080


Hi Luiis & Whudahexup Bloggers,

As you know, traffic on this (unreleased) album is being monitored and removed ... .. and not just by Web Sheriff, but also by Warners and their attorneys so, if you have to indulge in this activity (which Jack and Meg would rather you didn't), then do it off-line / do not 'broadcast' it. Otherwise your details will be harvested and you may be hearing from Warners and / or the RIAA.

Whilst we're not at all against free music, at the end of the day it should be (and is) the artist's decision as to whether or not they allow albums to circulate before release, as it's THEIR MUSIC !! For the avoidance of doubt, the Q101 broadcast yesterday was NOT authorised (so there are no double standards applying here).

On behalf of the artist and their label, thank you for respecting their wishes and, if you want good quality, non-pirated preview tracks, NME magazine are offering 2 tracks by The White Stripes on coloured vinyl with next week's issue.


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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Joy Division Film Acquired by Weinsteins

Fans of Joy Division may soon have the opportunity to see the band at an independent theatre near them. Variety reports that the film Control was picked up by The Weinstein Company on Monday. Directed by Anton Corbijn and written by Matt Greenhalgh, Control recently took top honors (for a European feature length film) at Cannes. The film focuses on frontman Ian Curtis (played by Sam Riley) and his battles with love, epilepsy, and Joy Division. Curtis committed suicide at the age of 23.

We didn't get a chance to peep Control at Sundance, though the reviews have been increasingly positive and the film has generated quite a buzz. The large following of the band will only aid sales. We expect strong rentals internationally and domestic.

You can find out more about the film at
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Kanye West Mixtape Can't Tell Me Nuthin Download

I promise this is the last Kanye post this week. I know we do have some fans that visit the Gander so here you go. A link to download the full Can't Tell Me Nuthin Mixtape. That's it straight and to the point, check for our review next week. Big thanks to illroots for the link

Download the Can't Tell Me Nuthin Mixtape

Track listing
01. Kanye West - Friday Morning, May 25th, 2007 (Intro)
02. Kanye West - Stronger (Snippet)
03. CRS (Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West & Pharrell) - Us Placers
04. GLC - I Ain’t Even On Yet
05. Kanye West - Can’t Tell Me Nothing
06. Common feat. Kanye West - Southside (Snippet)
07. Common - The Game
08. Kanye West - Porno (Interlude)
09. 88 Keys feat. Kanye West & Malik Yusef - Stay Up (Snippet)
10. Talib Kweli feat. Kanye West - In The Mood
11. Bentley feat. Pimp C & Lil’ Wayne - C.O.L.O.U.R.S.
12. Kid Sister feat. Kanye West - Pro Nails
13. Kanye West - Young Folks
14. Kanye West - Interviews (Interlude)
15. Common - The People
16. Big Sean - Get’cha Some
17. Consequence - Don’t Forget Em
18. Sa-Ra - White! (On The Floor)
19. Ne-Yo feat. Kanye West - Because Of You (Remix)
20. T-Pain feat. Kanye West - Buy You A Drank (Remix)
21. Kanye West - Throw Some D’s (Interlude)
22. Kanye West - Throw Some D’s (Remix)
23. Tony Williams - Dreaming Of Your Love
24. Really Doe feat. Jennifer Hudson - Magnetic Power
25. PM - Hater Family Gander On!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tegan and Sara Leak "The Con"

This has been everywhere today and rather than be the first to post it, we wanted to be the last. The girls have done it again with synth sounds, driving guitar and high pitched harmonies. The rest of the album is out there and if it's anything like "The Con" all the indie kids will be going crazy this summer. MJ's a much bigger fan so look for his full album review coming soon.

Listen to Tegan and Sara "The Con" (Idolator) Gander On!

Signs of Life from the Whirlwind Heat Camp

David Swanson, center.

After April Fool's Day rumors of a Whirlwind breakup, there is evidence of life left in Whirlwind Heat. One of our favorite bands, the Heatboys from Grand Rapids are spread across the country these days with no tours in sight. Fear not, a new album looms. David Swanson, a founding/surviving member of the moog-crazy trio recently sat down with Rich Tupica of Turn it Down.

In the interview, Mr. Swanson talked about recording a new Whirlwind Heat album, filming his own videos, and the extinction of CDs. Influenced by bands from the state of Washington, Swanson is a true artist with a DIY work ethic. His preference for one-named bands was evidenced when he revealed what he's listening to right now: Jeff, Phoenix, and Yacht. Read Mr. Tupica's article here. License

David Swanson, 26, is currently working on a new Whirlwind Heat album and documenting the next Raconteurs album.
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The Web Sheriff, Policing The Internets.

I can tell you that I have been to several sites today that had the White Stripes song leaks. Unfortunatly these songs were taken down and the only place I know that still has download links available is Strike Gently. I wanted to post this letter that was in the comments section over at Whudahexup to let everyone know the future we are facing. Visit the web site and take a look at the services this company offers.


Web Sheriff
Protecting Your Rights on the Internet
Tel 44-(0)208-323 8013 / Fax 44-(0)208-323 8080

Without Prejudice

Dear Whudahexup,

We notice that you have uploaded further pirate files of unreleased WHITE STRIPES material. We have already asked you (very politely) to respect the artist's wishes and remove the previous files, which you did ; but, in re-posting further material, you may leave us with little alternative other than to involve attorneys and the RIAA. Meanwhile, your site may also be temporarily closed until such time as these files have been removed. Once again, please remove these links asap in order that further action can be avoided.

Many thanks in advance.

As you will appreciate, this message is written on a without prejudice basis and, as such, all of our clients' accumulated, worldwide rights remain strictly reserved : please excuse this required formality.



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Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman didn't impress many at this past weekend's Sasquatch Music Festival. I'm not blaming her, we barely saw her, though her attachment to the festival was odd. She would only appear for 30-45 seconds and I didn't hear many new jokes. I'd never boo a comic, nor did I boo her. I once admired her stand-up and sketch work (and we all loved her on Seinfeld as Kramer's girlfriend). However, the pit was a bit naughty and it takes a thick-skinned comic to handle that kind of crowd. Can they please book David Cross for a set/host gig at the festival next year? Maybe Ms. Silverman wasn't paid enough to break out her top material, maybe she should have tried a bit harder.

She will have the oportunity to make it up to fans around the world on June 3rd when she hosts the MTV Movie Awards. If you wanna talk to Sarah, you can give her a call @ 1-877-SARAH07 . But don't dial 1"800" instead of "877" as thousands of her fans have been doing. Page Six of the NY Post reports that number belongs to Horizon Health Sales & Development company in Lewisville, Texas. The number, which MTV correctly publicized on billboards around the country, is creating a real headache for one receptionist in the Lone Star state...Gander on for an up-close look at Silverman. Gander On!

Common "The Game" Video

The song is bangin and DJ premier lays down his trademark scratches my only problem is the video. Director Neon seems to have watched Eight Mile to many times. Right from the start Common stands in his hoodie in front of the bathroom mirror and raps, he just doesn't vomit before making his way down the corridor to the stage. The stage is almost an exact replica of the shelter only there is no one to battle Common. Those three scenes make up the entire video. Great music, bad video, unless you want to appeal to all those MTV kids....

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White Stripes Leak Pt. 2

Thanks to whudahexup we got two of the three leaked tracks, the third will be coming shortly. Check em out below. Downloads Available at Strike Gently

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The Games Doctors Advocate Dre Tracks

It appears that the game did work with Dr. Dre for his Doctor's Advocate Album. Five times in fact, unfortunately the tracks didn't make the album but they did make The blogosphere thanks to Nah Right.

My Bitch

Beautiful Life
Still Me
Won't Stop Gander On!

Did You Know?

...In Australia, The Raconteurs are known as the Saboteurs for copywrite reasons. So, if you are searching for Broken Boy Soldier in Sydney, better check the record shop's "S" section...
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Smashing Pumpkins Tour Video Released

Welcome to Zeitgeigt! The Smashing Pumpkins have taken the stage in Europe and now you have the chance to peep footage from the first show in Paris at the Grand Rex on May 25, 2007. The audio is ok, the footage is fantastic (courtesy the Pumpkins very own tour videographer).

Enjoy the screeching guitar solo and then say no mas.
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Kanye West Mixtape "Can't Tell Me Nuthin

It seems that Mr. West is constantly appearing here but we couldn't help but post this. If you haven't heard Peter, Bjorn and John's "Young Folks" yet your missing out. It turns out even Kanye couldn't get it out of his head and drops some more woe is me lyrics over the track. Also included are him whining about not having a final say in magazine articles he does interviews for and a clip of his collaboration with Daft Punk.
Thanks to Idolator for the tracks.

Kanye West "Young Folks"
Kanye West "Interview"
Kanye West "Stronger" Gander On!

White Stripes Song Leak

Looks like the song got taken down. We're looking for a download link and we'll have it up later today.

"You Don't Know What Love Is (You Just Do As You're Told)," off of The White Stripes much anticipated album Icky Thump has leaked. I'm listening to it right now and I love it. Jack's crooning and a few guitar solos later I can't help but play it again.

Listen to The White Stripes "You Don't Know What Love Is (You Just Do As You're Told" Gander On!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Money Mark Interview

George, WA -- Money Mark was hands down the coolest guy at our picnic table. And that's saying something as both MCA and Mike D dropped by. In fact, we've decided he was the coolest guy at Sasquatch. Whether it was one of two sets with the Beastie Boys or his solo set at the Wookie Stage, Mark's infectious personality quickly took fans' minds off the elements and into the music. His music-ability sent fans grooving off into the cosmos. It was our pleasure to sit down with Money Mark this blustery Sunday afternoon, where instead of tickling the ivories, he tickled our fancy.

Mark's easy-going demeanor put us at ease from the start. We arrived at the picnic table where Mark was honking a hand-crafted clown horn at anyone within earshot. This modified instrument piqued our interest in his background, which he was happy to share with us. The son of a Japanese-American electronics wizard and Tejana songstress, Mark and his dad began tinkering with instruments from an early age. This began with his first Fender Rose and was evidenced today by the modified horn. He mentioned early influences such as Herbie Hancock.

During his solo set, his workman-like attitude and craftsman past bled onto the stage with a healthy DIY attitude. When he wasn't pounding out healthy grooves or busy laying down frenetic funk with his tailor-made gee-tar, he would look out into the crowd through his trademark sunglasses and crack a smile between breaths. Backed by a talented group of musicians, Mark's solo set had the crowd swaying even harder than the wind-blown trees from start to finish.

Mark's classic storytelling kept us rapt with tales from his varied past. He recounted growing up in South Central Los Angeles where he spent countless hours watching his musical heroes perform on Sunset Blvd. While standing at the urinal one night at the Rainbow Room, Mark noticed one of his musical idols peeing beside him. It was at this moment that he realized being a popular musician wasn't so far out of reach. And over the ensuing minutes, we realized Mark was just a normal guy like us. But with a clown horn.

We would have been remiss to conclude our interview without discussing Mark's most recent album and notably his inventive video effort for the single, "Pick Up the Pieces". Anyone who has spent a Sunday afternoon in Southern California has witnessed the artistry of a sign spinner. While Mark was taking a drive, he took notice and recognized the hip hop influence on the artistry of sign spinning. Mark's first inclination was to take a picture, quickly realizing this had the potential to be among the most inventive videos of 2007.

Before relinquishing Mark back to the Beastie Boys, he showed a profound respect for the power that comes with the microphone. He spoke of the positives and negatives that come with amplifying one's voice to the masses. He hopes his voice is one of poetry.

Were this a seven page spread for Rolling Stone or Spin, we would delve into the brilliance that is Mark's stage presence with the Beastie Boys. Do not miss your next opportunity to see the sporadic, commanding organ player for one of the most influential groups of our time.

Check out his new album Brand New By Tomorrow.

Interview by Danny Dancer & MJ.
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Kanye West Video "Can't Tell Me Nuthin"

This video is about as boring as the song. Hype Williams once again comes up with some cool effect and then over uses. The video is exactly like any other rap video just replace the streets with salt flats and your good. Also the girl in the video with the flowing fabric thing, that was done in a Beyonce video. Hype you suck now!
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Sasquatch Day 2 Pictures

It's the photo wrap up. Gander on for the rest and look out for our Black Angels and Money Mark Interviews this week as well as a full review of the Beastie Boys show. We're sunburned, smelly, and tired but it was all worth it. Thanks to everyone who checked us out, we'll keep blogging as long as you keep reading. Peace, Love, and Live Music....

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Sasquatch Festival The Shut Down

For the second year in a row Sasquatch was shut down due to weather and this year we bring you the video. Below is video of the lighting rig swaying in the wind and then a video of the Polyphinc Spree playing "Hold Me Now" which was the last song of their set before the wind shut it down.

Gander On!

On The Couch With The Blakes

We took a break during the windstorm on Sunday to sit down with Seattle rockers The Blakes who were enjoying themselves aside from the fact that their keg had just tapped out.

Right off the bat we got the question we most wanted answered out of the way, the trio now owns two cell phones as opposed to the one they were sharing earlier this year. They still have one van though but did inform us that they had recently picked up two scooters and were loving them, even if they still hadn't gotten them registered. Garnet didn't seem worried about the registration and informed us that they had gone about two years in Seattle without registering the van and hadn't had any problems.

Earlier in the day at the show I mentioned to Danny that The Blake's sound seemed to have a Rolling Stones influence to it. The guys agreed but also let us know they drew their material from other great acts like The Kinks, CCR, Sam King, and Argent who Snow and Bob were adamant I wrote down.

We took a break when the guys from the Black Angels stopped by to say hello. Our conversation then drifted into talking about the new album which the guys self leaked about two-thousand copies of before signing with Light in the Attic two weeks ago. A July EP is now in the works and the full length album should be released by Light in the Attic around August/September.

This interview was the highlight of my day. It was great to see a group of guys who had put in so much work finally getting the success they deserved. You know we couldn't let the guys get away without asking about guilty pleasures and this is what we got.

Snow - Phil Collins
Garnet - Stryper
Bob - Abba or for the more obscure, Bucks Fizz.

Thank you to The Blakes and watch for them in Seattle this year at The West Seattle Summerfest, The Capitol Hill Block Party, Bumbershoot and all summer long cruising the streets on environmentally friendly unregistered scooters.

Goose Gander On!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Beastie Boys @ Sasquatch

Set is over. Encore to come. Boys have everyone on their feet. MMM has taken over. He looks like a king behind that DJ stand. Gander On!

Beastie Boys

The set is supa fresh boy!
The lighting is perfect and the video direction is superb. MMM is tearing it up! Gander On!

Beastie Boys are Back

On stage now.

I found a warm pocket. Good body heat. Got away from all those skinny emo ducks in the back.

Bring it.

Gander On!

Beastie Boys Opening Song Predictions

Battle of the set opener predictions! Our friends over at the Seattle Weekly Blog are predicting No Sleep till Brooklyn. Our pick is Sureshot and Over at Bring The Noise are going with Check it Out. Another blog has thrown their hat in the ring, M-Matos are going with Pass The Mic. Who will win probably no one, but a company t-shirt goes to the winner. Gander On!

Day 2 Wrap Up

One word has been synonomous with day 2 COLD! The wind picked up around three o'clock and by five the mainstage was shut down. The morning was great though, We kicked it off with The Blakes and the boys from Seattle brought out a great crowd of loyal followers, Mix Master Mic threw down at the mainstage spinning everything from Outkast to Rage Against the Machine. The rest of the moring seems to be a blur as we managed to get to Blackalicious, Bad Brains, Patrick Wolf, Money Mark, Stars of Track and Field, Helio Sequence and The Tokyo Police Club. After the mainstage shut down we managed to check out a little but of Smoosh and the Black Angels drew a larger crwod at the wookie stage. Spoon was forced to go on late and Michael Franti moved over to the wookie stage as well, both were great and Interpol sounded good while I typed away. Tomorrow we will try and wrap up the whole weekend so look out for more pictures, movies, reviews and more... beastie Boys here we come so check, check, check it out. Gander On!

Interpol Mainstage

The crystal blue lights are a perfect reminder of just how cold it is here. Can barely blog. Need heat, need musical love. Sound is great and the supporters are very happy to have music back down here.
*Sent via MJ's BlackBerry* Gander On!


Michael Franti and Spearhead got moved to the wookie stage so Spoon could play the main stage. The lighting rigs are still down and the wind is keepinh them there. They've got music back on the main stage but it looks like the wind may get worse before it gets better. Were still praying the Beasties can go on. Gander On!

hips don't lie least not at the impromptu hula hoop contest by the Yeti stage. Seriously, these girls are going bananas in next to nothing. Brrrr... pass the hula hoop this way. Gander On!

Trapped in the Lounge

Here is a new one. No one can exit the bar right now. Riot soon hopefully.
Gander On!

Black Angels Dance Party

The retro sounds of the Black Angels have woken a sleeping giant. They have arrived. Finally. The crazy dancing hippies could no longer hold it in. I was flanked by three forty-something women performing the usual strange and awkward movements. Very angular and discomforting. Wow. I was momentarily hypnotized by their inability to move to the beat. Ok, I just snapped out of it. Gander On!

Fashion Watch

At the Black Angels show. Everyone seems to be questioning their fashion choice for the day. Leather ok, tank top not warm.

It seems the ladies have cooled off on the short shorts and the hot wears are now the above-the-knee shorts. Piercings, however, still in.

Gander On!

The Black Angels

The Black Angels are playing to a larger than normal crowd due to the mainstage shutdown. It's great for the bands on the sidestage to get this kind of exposure. I'm lost in a sea of psychedelic rock and I love it. Check back tomorrow for our interview with the guys we got some great stuff, these Austin kids really know how to rock. Gander On!

I'm taking cover

Need shelter. The boss man just told me, "The day's not over. Even though the trees are sideways. Gander On!

Polyphonic Pit Photos

The Polyphonic Spree likes to be different. As a result, pro shots from this Gorge show are few and far between.

The spree asked for no photography during the first three tunes, as opposed to the usual, which is only photos during the first three songs. They had to quit at the beginning of the fourth, and the only pit cameraman I saw with pics had four photos total. Send us your pix!

Gander On!

Tokyo Police Club

All hipsters to the Wookie stage. Done. The catchy guitar hooks and driving beats are forcing inventive moves as most the crowd is wearing jeans even Kate Moss would think are small. This mostly involves shaking from the waist up, kind of like a dance treadmill, sporadic head bobbling and lots of hands moving in the wind. That crappy comedian MJ talked about earlier (not Sarah Silverman) is even moving a bit. But not too much. Gander On!

Black Angels

Just took cover in the media area (this is becoming an annual trend) and had the chance to sit down with the Black Angels of Austin. The Goose should be posting this chat soon. Gander On!

Show Canceled

Mother nature (or the guy behind us)just shut the show down. Where the fuck is Sarah Silverman? More info to come. Gander On!

Main Stage Blows Away?

The main stage lighting trusses are blowing in the wind like prayer flags. Pray for me. No sooner than I inject religious imagry, than Goose and Danny point out the Lord standing behind me. What have I been drinking?
*Sent via MJ's BlackBerry* Gander On!

Polyphonic Spree

Backing up the happiest band on earth are six black haired beauties. These women sing like angels and dance like devils. The wind is picking up and a guy dressed like Jesus is dancing beside me. Life is good.
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Polyphonic Spree

Lots of runnin' from stage to stage.

The walk down to the main stage was made even more beautiful as the spree's intro complimented the view perfectly. This is God's country and if the Almighty is into rock, this might be his band.
*Sent via MJ's BlackBerry* Gander On!


A break/funk circle has started at Money Mark. The crowd is really digging in, old and young, a few couples and even a lone go-go dancer.

I once read that we're fools whether we dance or not, so we may as well dance. Well, there's plenty of fools here now, more dancing than not. And they're all smiling.
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Money Mark, Coolest Guy in the Gorge

The infectious Money Mark is everywhere. Fresh off his interview with Danny and I, Mark sprinted over to the Wookie for his solo gig. This is the 2nd of 3 performances for Money Mark this weekend. He opened the set with "Creepy People," a tale of those who are looking to infiltrate.

Running around the Gorge with a cool set of shades and great smile, this musician should not be missed. His tunes are so clean, I almost forgot there were no working showers at the campgrounds. Mark is the renaissance man of Sasquatch.
*Sent via MJ's BlackBerry* Gander On!

Money Mark

The crowd is grooving, swaying side to side, soaking in the sun and eating up Money Mark and Co's smooth vibrations. A couple is playing air drums together. Weird.
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Day 2 Picture Round Up Pt. 1

We don't have Kyle today so the pictures aren't quite as amazing, but we're trying and that's what matters.

Gander On!

Little brother is out of control

Just joined at our picnic bench by an interesting lot of hipsters in search of acids. One continues to yell," little brother is out of control." then one leans in and says to Danny and I, "little brother has had the most shrooms man."
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Bad Brains... Finally a Mosh Pit

After Yesterdays mellow crowds it took the Punk legends Bad Brains to finally work the crowd into a frenzy. The old school punks still have it and I finally saw my first crowd surfer of the festival. The gap has been bridged and Bad Brains are definetly gaining a great deal of younger fans. HR is all dressed up, dancing around and genuinly feeling the love in the air. It look as if it took some old guys to kick this young crowd into gear. Jah Love! Gander On!

Bad Brains

Gander On!

Beastie Boys Instrumental Set Ends with a Bang and Some Bubbly

Headlining the main stage tonight, The Beastie Boys are sure to rock a Gorge full of dehydrated indie kids. Last night, those boys from NYC took the Wookie stage adorned in classy duds and definately classed up the joint. The small stage crowd quickly got rowdy. Like Ozzfest rowdy.

During the second half of the set, an odd occurance took place as many females is the crowd started getting nasty. I myself was caught in-between a chick fight at one point. The two cycling broads were throwing down old school style. Mr Yauch even had to ask them to settle. Shortly after, a couple girls, no strangers to the Goose (no doubt) worked their way in front of 'ol MJ. These ladies had some dirty (and quite suggestive) signage to show the performers. Any other band (minus Manson) would shy from addressing these requests, however, Adam took some time on-stage to discuss their desires. That only seemed to perpetuate the naughty behaviour and soon the crowd was full of foul-mouthed girlies and exposed nipples.

The Boys ended their set with Sabotage. This sent the front of the stage into a moshing frenzie. As soon as Adam let out that classic first note, dreads and backpacks were flying everywhere. For a curtain call, the entire band re-addressed the crowd with glasses of Dom. The ever-entertaining Money Mark made a toast from atop his keyboards. All the kids liked that. Their encore began with Sure Shot and included a slew of older punk tunes.

Tonight the Beasties promised their set would get much nastier. Money Mark mentioned that we should expect a special guest. Michael Diamond quickly hinted at Jessica Simpson and Akon, whoever they are. Maybe Louis and Clark? Don't know what to expect...well other than an amazing hip-hop experience courtesy of a legendary group. Remember goslings, these are the guys that made hip-hop hipster-cool. (read: the kind of white kids that attend this festival).

*Sent via MJ's BlackBerry* Gander On!

Patrick Wolf

Adorned in psychadelic leiderhosen, Patrick Wolf wowed the crowd with his violin, mini guitar and haunting voice of gold. This sequin happy man can move. Watching his fingers dance up and down the ivories is only upstaged by his on stage theatrics. His dance driven songs seem to have inspired a number of moves Ive now entitled "air grab" and "cocky secretary". Where the crowds originality is lacking, Patrick is more than making up for.

Wake up sasquatch.
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Dance Meter Rising

The temp is rising and so is the excitement. Blackalicious kicked it off with alphabet aerobics and while most folks are having trouble keeping up with the beat, they're having a damn good time and keeping the dance report more than amused.

The dance move of the moment is courtesy of the guy crouched and bouncing in some sort of fighting position. Dancing/fighter man, I salute you.
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Tokyo Police Club Interview

The Tokyo Police Clubs first Gorge experience was delayed after the missed their flight and incurred an additional sixteen hundred dollar expense to get here. Josh and Greg were nice enough to sit down with us and still seemed to be taking in their surroundings.

Growing up in Nemarket, Ontario a suburb of Toronto the music scene for Josh and Greg consisted of Friday and Saturday night Punk/Ska shows at the local youth center or bus rides into Toronto for the bigger acts. Josh let us know that his first concert experience was a Radiohead show, and Greg chimed in to let us know his was Ringo Star at the Casinorama.

My favorite story was Josh talking about the day he met Greg while riding the bus in the eight grade. According to Josh there was a kid on the bus with a guitar and he wasn't so great at playing it, eventually though Greg got his hands on it and began to play Radiohead's Paranoid Android which got Josh to turn around in his seat and listen. The rest of the crew have all known each other since the fourth grade.

The topics ranged from sound problems for the guys and others at Coachella this year, to Greg's not so impressed views on the new Smashing Pumpkins single "Tarantula."

After the Gorge show the guys are off for two months before heading out on their second European tour and are working on putting together new material. Of course we had to ask what some of their guilty pleasure songs/bands were. Greg said he still likes to crank up the Blink 182 and Josh is still a fan of The New Radicals "You Get What You Give."

They truly seem to be enjoying their success and are some of the most down to earth guys we've met. Best of luck to them in the future and we can't wait for the set today.

Goose Gander On!

Stars of Track and Field

Just heard the world premiere of a new song. Not much of note during the windy set at the Yeti. Decent people watching. The guitarist has written on his chest, "I miss you.". I assume he's refering to the dwindling crowd.

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the Blakes

Minimal move busting this early on - only a few head bobs and a coupla shoulder shakes - as local boys the Blakes took the stage early.
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Mixmaster Mike. Mainstage.

Early concertgoers have the pleasure of dancing like Danny to the tunes of DJ great, Mixmaster Mike. Mike is spinning a nearly identical set to yesterday's performance, though the crowd sure doesn't mind. A great mix of old school, some funk, and all the classics. Here we go yo!
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Arcade Fire

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i venga bailar !

Stretch out those arms and legs boys and girls and get ready to shake shake shake it all day here at the Northwest's premiere music festival. The dance report will be covering all the hip-gyrating action from the Main stage to the Yeti and Wookie, all the way out to the drum circles at the campground. So drink up the booze, soak up the sun and dance like no one's watching... except me.
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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Sasquatch Festival Day 1 Wrap Up

As the Arcade Fire play the last few songs of the set we're looking back on a day that felt like it would never end. As we strolled in The Saturday Knights let us know that their 45 was droppin and The Hold Steady rocked a small crowd like it was Madison Square Garden. The Blow kept a smile on our face with her political satire and witty commentary, not to mention the girl dressed like a unicorn. Ghostland was the highlight of our day as they channeled Freddy Mercury and fought through a power outage to provide the sun burned crowd with plenty of energy to dance off. Mirah was a much needed break before the thirty minute wait for the Beastie Boys Instrumental Set. Money Mark hit the Korg with a fury and Mike D layed it down on the stand-up bass. Manu Chao brought the dancing fools to floor and kept us pumped for the Arcade Fire, who as I type just finished playing. We're going off the grid for Bjork so check back tomorrow for some of Kyle's great Arcade Fire pics and a review of our favorite Icelandic singers show.

Keep The Car Running..... We'll see you tomorrow. Gander On!

Money Mark Beastie

The boys put Money Mark at the helm. Time to go to work.
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Micro korg Beastie Boys

Makes MJ happy when they break out my fav keyboard.
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Beastie show

Boys come on. Chick fight breaks out in between me. Its all good. 3 songs done, now for some new shit. People as far as you can see, stage the size of my bedroom. Rock!
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Beastie boys

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Beastie Boys on the Smallest Stage

What a treat this BB instrumental set is shaping up to be. The stage includes a stand-up bass, 6 piece drum set, and plenty of keys to set it off. You have most likely never seen them perform anything like it. If you have, I wanna hear about it!
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Beastie Boys Acoustic

Live from the wookie stage. We will be taking some of the best pictures you may never see. Smells like a festival. Never seen so many people at this stage.
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And here is the rest of it. Gander On!

Ghostland Observatory

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Citizen Cope

Gander on for more

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Ghostland Observatory "Sad Sad City" Live from the Wookie Stage

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The Long Winters

After seeing Sarah Silverman's worst performance since she was 16 years old, The Long Winters came onto the main stage. I wanted to take a long winter's nap.

I love silverman, maybe she needs more time. I'm off to find the Goose, who is hanging with Kimmel.
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Beautiful little gal with a gorgeous voice. She has such a soft stage presence. A very delicate rock sound.
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Ghostland Observatory Returns

They have returned to claim their 5 ninja throwing stars!
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Ghostland Observatory Blow Out

Yes, I was about to post that Ghostland observatory was the most high-energy show of the day so far. Then they literally blew the power out. Sad, sad city if they don't return. This is a fickle crowd.
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Waiting for Ghostland/Aziz Ansari

Find myself waiting for Ghostland Observatory at the Wookie stage. Comedian Aziz Ansari (MTV) showed up late for his gig hosting between sets (late flight). After about 10 minutes of mushroom jokes, it appears the crowd wished he had missed his flight completely. Short of tomatoes, the crowd made him go away.

And now from Austin, Texas...real entertainment!
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The Blow "Outta My Leauge" Live from the Yeti Stage

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More TSK, Ice Cream Man

Just crashed the Knights interview with the hottest journalist backstage. An argument over coloring books quickly ensued...

Had to leave those guys, they are too wild for an honest concertgoer like myself. Headed down to see the Goose's buddy, Ice Cream Man. His truck, parked at the basin of any legitimate desert concert, was no mirage. I asked ICM what I needed. "You wanna try something crazy?" he asked or suggested. (These types of questions often accompany my wilder Gorge experiences.). I took two and am on my way.
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Random Photos Pt. 1

A little exploration found some great characters hanging out and relaxing today. Ozomatli decided to take it to the crowd and even though security wouldn't let us in the pit Kyle still managed to get some good shots. Gander on for the rest.

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