Friday, June 29, 2007

I Love Feist

Feist is playing such a beautiful set at the Wiltern. She got the
whole crowd to sing as a choir of strangers. And "my moon my man" was
just incredible. Its like listening to the music of nature... Gander On!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

T.I. - T.I. vs. TIP Album Review

4 Ninjastars out of Five

For those of you just getting acquainted with T.I. after “What You Know” or his scene-stealing verse on Justin Timberlake’s “My Love”, T.I. the rapper has an alter-ego T.I.P. the hustler that keeps him street credible but keeps getting him in trouble (just check his rap sheet). The thing that makes T.I appealing to both the “new old school” (Nas, Pac, B.I.G fans) and the pop-hop fans of today is that he bridges the gap between the two by combining a groovable flow with lyricism that’s respected by the old-school. Although hard-core T.I. fans will be debating whether with T.I vs T.I.P he has finally surpassed his classic second album Trap Muzik one thing that’s for sure is that the self-proclaimed King of the South gets top-notch beats. Always anthemic and never sounding like everything else in rap it’s the beats and song structure that carry this album when T.I doesn’t bring his “A” game. This is never more apparent than on the cuts featuring some of raps finest (Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes, Nelly, Eminem) where he gets outshined by all of them except surprisingly Eminem (up to here undefeated in posse cuts) who seems more concerned with making a party cut than bringing the wow-did-he-just-say-that factor we all love him for. The album is divided into three parts:

Part I for T.I.P

Part two for T.I. and

Part III for confrontations between the two.

It’s a damn good concept but one of the things that makes T.I. at times great is the combination of the two which we only get on four songs including one in which on the funniest part of the record he calls himself a “hoe-ass rapper.” The other type of song which T.I. excels at is the song for the ladies (if you haven’t heard “Let’s Get Away” give it a listen). This is again the case with songs like “My Swag” and “Do You Wanna Be High.” Sure to be blasted all summer by the hard, and those who either think or wish they were, T.I. vs. T.I.P is a damn good record especially if you’re a rap fan but Outkast’s still King of the South. Gander On!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Rage Agains The Machine "Testify" Live At Coachella

This song set off Rage's set at Coachella and brings back some great memories for us. The sound quality is great and we even get Zach's intro at the beginning. Thanks to Strike Gently for the file.

Rage Against The Machine "Testify" (live at Coachella)
Gander On!

Common "The People" Video

The second single off of Common's upcoming release "Finding Forever" is a smooth jazzy beat with a slightly sped up sample for the hook. With this single and "The Game," "Finding Forever" is shaping up to be one of the best this year.

Gander On!

Amy Winehouse "Tears Dry On Their Own" Video

Amy walks the streets and ignores all the interesting things around her. The beehives still in full effect. Pretty much this video explains how Amy manages to stay so skinny. She walks all day long and into the night. In that L.A. heat she must be burning at least four thousand calories a day.

Gander On!

Friday, June 22, 2007

RollingStone + Credibility = 0

I can understand getting the facts wrong every once in while. After all there are a lot of bands out their and not all the information can be correct. This though is absolute garbage. You write for one of music biggest magazines and you don't even know the correct name for the lead singer of Queen. It's Freddie Mercury Dumbass! This is ridiculous, and inexcusable. Check the screen cap we took off the blog earlier today and see for yourself, it has since been changed.

Gander On!

Poison "Sexy Back" Fan Video

It's like a mix between a Conan Sketch and a bad Muppet's Movie. That about sums it up.

Gander On!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Music Videos Galore

There have been a lot of new music videos released this week. Below you'll find the new video for "Down Boy" from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Gander On for more videos from Mark Ronson Featuring an animated Lily Allen, Common Freestyling on Rap City, Lupe Fiasco, Aly and AJ, and What Made Milwaukee Famous.

Mark Ronson Feat. Lily Allen "Oh My God"

Common Rap City Freestyle

Lupe Fiasco "He Say, She Say"

Aly And AJ "Potential Breakup Song"

What Made Milwaukee Famous "Idecide"

Gander On!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Did Social Distortion Rip Off The Descendants...Yes

We were really digging the new Social Distortion tune "Far Behind" off of their greatest hits album. Now we kind of don't know what to think. Thanks to a tip we got we gave a listen to the Descendants "Get The Time." Our conclusion has been made, it's a a jack move on Social D's part but you can judge for yourself below, first is Social Distortion's "Far Behind" and next is the Descendants "Get The Time."

Gander On!

Wir 3 "Heyah Mama"

The video says it all. We're guessing that this gets remixed by just about every club DJ this summer. At least the cool ones in Europe.

Gander On!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

You Might Be A Deadneck If.

David Cross is one of our favorites and his interpretive dancing during Spoon's set at Bumbershoot last year solidified it for us. Now we all know that Mr. Cross wrote a lengthy letter to Larry The Cable Guy last year and over the weekend he did a little Blue Collar Comedy of his own. David is joined by Nick Kroll, and Aziz Ansari who repeats his performance from the Sasquatch Festival as the least funny person on stage for You Might Be A Deadneck If.
Gander On!

Flaming Lips Tour Dates and Cover Songs

We've had a bunch of Flaming Lips Stuff to post and we finally got around to it. The Video is from a BBC performance in '02 and the song is Elvis Presley's "Suspicious Minds." The Rest of the download links are also covers of songs by the likes of Beck, The Whites Stripes, and others. Gander On for the Tour Dates.

All Links Courtesy of Strike Gently


07-03 Cork, Ireland - Live at the Marquee
07-06 Turku, Finland - Ruisrock
07-08 Brugge, Belgium - Cactus
07-13 Barcelona, Spain - Summercase Festival
07-14 Madrid, Spain - Summercase Festival
07-15 Glasgow, Scotland - Victoria Park (Indian Summer Festival)
07-27 Tulsa, OK - Diversafest
08-02 Gergen, Norway - Lost Weekend
08-04 Haldern, Norway - Down on the Farm
09-07 Chicago, IL - TBA *
09-09 Minneapolis, MN - TBA *
09-12 Kansas City, MO - TBA *
09-14-15 Morrison, CO - Red Rocks Amphitheatre (Monolith Festival)
09-18 Vancouver, British Columbia - TBA *
09-19 Portland, OR - TBA *
09-20 Seattle, WA - TBA *

Gander On!

Who Needs The Web Sheriff When You've Got Watermarks!

Idolator received this letter yesterday and it's definitely going to make writers or anyone else who receives promo copies of albums think twice before leaking it. Check out the letter below.

SUBJECT: Animal watermark warning

Hello friends -

Sorry to write this one....but.....

Last week three tracks from Animal Collective's new album leaked. Within minutes we were able to track the leak to an writer's CD. That person got in more trouble than you care to hear about and was almost fired. The person was also forced to write an apology letter to an entire staff of people and the head of Domino Records along with other penance.

The watermarking of these CD's should be noted as anyone you loan it too or any MP3's you make will have YOUR NAME embedded in it. I would think twice before doing anything with this CD. Also I betcha didn't know each CD costs 4.00 to watermark and is done for a reason. Please let us keep trusting you.

We submit this challenge to all of you. Who will be the Frank Abagnale of the internets and find a way around those pesky watermarks? First one to figure it out wins a free bootleg copy of "Catch Me If You Can." Gander On!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Black Francis "Bluefinger" Videos

Over at Energyspace they managed to find some interesting videos. They appear to be for new songs off of "Bluefinger" the new Black Francis album. Accroding to Stereogum three of the five videos on Youtube are credited to qrickets, the same person responsible for similar videos for the Arcade Fire and Iron and Wine. Check out the video for "Tight Black Rubber" below and Gander On for the rest.

Captain Patsy

Your Mouth Into Mine (NSFW)

Threshold Apprehension

Test Pilot Blues

Gander On!

More Bonnaroo Video

Wilco "Jesus, Etc."

Widespread Panic "Fairies Wear Boots"

Gander On!

White Stripes "Icky Thump" Album Review

4.5 Ninja Stars from Jbuc on this one, check out the review below.

The Stripes are back with all their lovable weirdness! Like White Blood Cells to an industry infected by scratch and sniff bands yet still wonders why their numbers are down. It couldn't’t be any clearer than on “St. Andrew” a bagpipe jam session over which Jack asks in a helium drenched voice “What exactly do you want me to say.” This and the spoken word over blasting guitar riffs of “Little Cream Soda” would surely have been left on the cutting room floor of a major-label yet are essential to what the Stripes are. Icky Thump is The White Stripes album that long-time fans were unsure whether they would ever make again. It has the unpolished grit the aforementioned White Blood Cells and their eponymous debut but they have definitely grown artistically since those days. Really an anthology, of sorts, of everything you love about the band. You’ll be intrigued on first listen and love it even more afterwards. If not, it’s okay, you can go right back to your M.I.M.S. album.

Standout Tracks: Rag and Bone, Conquest, A Martyr For My Love For You

Misses: none (give it a second listen you’ll see what I mean) Gander On!

New Radiohead ALbum Clips

Some snippets from Radiohead's new album have been leaked and posted on Youtube. He songs on the clip are as follows "Open Pick, Froze Up, Burn The Witch, All I Need, Down is The New Up, Arpeggi, and Bangers N' Mash." you can find the clip on youtube under "...bits of tape which have been chopped out of the mixes when they were edited..." Or you can check it out below.
Gander On!

Music Video Monday! Bonnaroo Edition

Bonnaroo was this weekend and unfortunately we couldn't be there. Having real jobs and little vacation time tend to get in the way. Despite these facts we still we're able to find some great clips. Check out Regina Spektor playing "Summer In The City" below and Gander On for songs by The Police (Thanks Stereogum), String Cheese Incident, Damien Rice, and what was billed as Superjam with Ben Harper, John Paul Jones and ?uestlove.

Regina Spektor "Summer In The City"

Ben Harper, John Paul Jones and ?uestlove "Dazed and Confused" pt. 1

Ben Harper, John Paul Jones and ?uestlove "Dazed and Confused" pt. 2

Damien Rice "Woman Like A Man"

The Police "Message In A Bottle"

String Cheese Incident "Love Is Like A Train"
Gander On!

Friday, June 15, 2007

QOTSA "Era Vulgaris" Album Review

Jbuc returns withn his review of the new Queens Of The Stone Age album "Era Vulgaris." it get a three and a hlaf out of five from us. Check the review below.

Era Vulgaris like the current times it’s named after is an often maddening record. It’s more up tempo and relentless than the criminally slept-on Lullabies to Paralyze but may be more notable for its near-misses than its hits. When Josh Homme sings that thinking of “the mysteries of the world just ain’t his thing” on “Make it Wit Chu” don’t believe him because it often feels like he is trying to cram as many ideas into each record as he possibly can. Most work, some don’t and the result is that the songs that aren’t great such as “River in the Road” have interesting parts and the ones that are good often have break downs, riffs, or bridges that either keep you from absolutely loving the song or reminds you how much you like the rest of it. These elements combined with Homme’s road-weary, haunting vocals make the entire album quite listenable but only the absolutely rocking “3’s and 7’s” is certain to make your ipod playlist.

Standout tracks: 3’s and 7’s, Into the Hollow, Make it Wit Chu

Misses: Misfit Love

Gander On!

Noisettes At Amoeba Music Today!

If you like The Noisettes as much as us, then you definitely liked hearing "Scratch Your Name" as AJ hopped in his BMW and picked up Rhiannon from school on The Sopranos series finale. Now you can catch a free in-store performance and signing by one of Rolling Stones Top 10 Bands to Watch. The show starts at 6:30 at Amoeba Music on Sunset. If you don't have anything to do we highly recommend catching this great band in an intimate setting. Chief Rocka will be there and we expect a full report of how things went. Gander On!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Fratellis, Worried About Their Self-Respect?

Courtesy of NME

The Fratellis have turned down a chance to record the official song for David Beckham's first game as an LA Galaxy player.

The Scots, who were asked to re-record The Beatles' 'Hello Goodbye' for the July football match, reportedly said, "No fucking way," according to Dotmusic.

"We've turned down a huge list of ridiculous things like that," said frontman Jon Fratelli. "We're not a bunch of travelling salesmen. If we don't get successful on our own terms then we won't do it at all."

He added: "We were like, 'No fucking way.' It would have got us noticed, of course, but we'd have lost our self-respect."

So the band that got it's big break by having there song used in an Ipod commercial is now acting like they are above all of that. Give me a break! If you don't want to be known as traveling salesman you should start by not telling everyone to buy Ipods after you sing "Flathead" at Coachella. Oh, and if you want the respect of your fans how about not canceling your tour and only playing the corporate dates because you were tired. You may have kept your self-respect but you just lost ours. Gander On!

Three Imaginary Girls Anniversary

Seattle blog Three Imaginary Girls, Seattle's sparkly indie-pop press, will be celebrating their fifth anniversary with two shows. The Seattle shows will feature Boat (touting a CD Release) and The Shaky Hands. The first show (7/6), to be held at the Croc, will include Dolour and The Western States Motel. An all-ages bash for Dana, Liz, and Char at TIG will be held at The Vera Project the following evening (7/7). That show will include Eux Autres and Patience Please. Gander On!

Aguilera, Buffet, Keith and Legend Team Up on Radio

What are Christina Aguilera, Toby Keith, Jimmy Buffet, and John Legend working on together? No...not a bad-ass, super-friends benefit concert. They are a few of the founding members of MusicFIRST, an organization fighting radio broadcasters for royalties on live music played over the air waves. Presently, broadcasters shell out money to BMI, ASCAP, and SESAC, however no royalties are paid to artists. Mediaweek reports that MusicFIRST plans to unveil their legislative plans today. One idea (from today's Variety) has been a tax imposed on broadcasters by the RIAA.

Opposing the movement, of course, is the National Association of Broadcasters. On the NAB website today, Executive VP Dennis Wharton responded, "Congress has long recognized that radio airplay of music generates millions of dollars in revenue for record labels and artists...Were it not for radio's free promotional airplay of music on stations all over America, most successful recording artists would still be playing in a garage." The NAB is trying to make John Legend look like John Kerry by re-releasing an older Legend radio ad in which the artist praises local radio for giving him his big break. Gander on for the Complete transcript. .


VOICE OVER: Radio has always supported up and coming artists and connected you with new music. That's why we are giving new R&B artist John Legend the next forty seconds to do whatever he wants.

JOHN LEGEND: Hey, this is John Legend. You know there is a music director of a radio station in Chicago. Her name is Tiffany. I need to call her and thank her.


JL: Hello, Tiffany

T: Yes.

JL: This is John Legend. How you doin?

T: What's up! Hey John!

JL: I had to call and thank you. Everywhere I go now, I'm hearin' Ordinary People, every city I go to. You were playin' it and believed in it. I just wanted to thank you for that.

T: Awww, ya. Ordinary People is, like, the number one request for like the last four weeks. I mean even the thugs are callin' in for it. They are like, "Yo uh, can we get that Ordinary People?"

JL: You know I'm just glad y'all did what y'all did because it just shows the power of giving the people what they want to hear. And I'll see you next time I get over there.

T: Alright, thanks man!

JL: Alright, bye.

T: Bye.

BACKGROUND MUSIC: Ordinary People.

VOICEOVER: John Legend, just one of the thousands of new artists we discovered this year. Radio. You hear it here first.

Gander On!

Josh Homme Sings Karaoke With Meg White

In a recent interview with NME Josh Homme frontman for Queens Of The Stone Age revealed that he has gotten closer with Jack and Meg after The Raconteurs keyboard player Dean Fertita joined QOTSA on tour. That's not the shocker though, apparently Josh and Meg get together for some karaoke every now and then. Josh had this to say about it.

"I've met Jack a few times, but I think I've spent more time doing drunk karaoke with Meg," Homme explained. "She lives in LA too. We haven't done a duet yet, but I sing Roy Orbison's 'In Dreams' and a lot of Britney Spears."

We can hear an amazing version of Brit's "Hit Me Baby One More Time" In our heads right now Josh. QOTSA are playing with the Stripes at the O2 Wireless festival tonight. Gander On!

Guru Feat. Common and Bob James "State of Clarity" Video

We've always been a fan of Guru's Jazzmatazz series and today he's dropping volume 4 on us. In this animated video Common plays a Cat and Guru plays what looks to be a crow. It's a little confusing but overall it's great and looks to be based a little on the Fritz the Cat movie.

Other performers appearing on the Solar produced Jazzmatazz Volume 4 are , Damian Marley, Bobby Valentino, Vivian Green, and Blackalicious. Gander On after the video for the complete tracklisting.

1. Cuz I'm Jazzy-Feat. Slum Village
2. State Of Clarity-Feat. Common And Bob James
3. Stand Up (Some Things'll Never Change)-Feat. Damian Marley
4. Look To The Sun (Solar)
5. Connection-Feat. Kem
6. Fine and Free-Feat. Vivian Green
7. Wait On Me-Feat. Raheem DeVaughn
8. International-Feat. Bobby Valentino
9. This Is Art-Feat. Ronny Laws
10. Fly Magnetic-Feat. Dionne Farris
11. The Jazz (Style)-Feat. Omar
12. Follow The Signs-Feat. Shelley Harland
13. Universal Struggle-Feat. Brownman
14. Infinite-Feat. Blackalicious
15. Kissed The World-Feat. Caron Wheeler
16. Living Legend-Feat. David Sanborn
Gander On!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Blue Schoalrs "Bayani" Album Review

Jbuc the latest ninja to join the team gives us this review of the New Blue Scholars Album "Bayani" and rates it four ninja stars out of five. Check it out below.

Geologic must be taking his daily intake of “beats rhymes and rice” as he claims on Bayani the Blue Scholars 2nd full-length and 3rd overall since 2004. That’s the only way to explain how the group can consistently keep the northwest ablaze with side projects yet keep the main product worth every penny of your 15 dollars. Although their motto is to blend the personal and political while partying in the process there aren’t any outright club bangers in the vein of “Motion-Movement” or “Blink” off of their self-titled debut. There aren’t any bad songs though either with quite a few standouts. Very political and Seattle-centric it’s more for a sunny day in Pike’s Place than a night out in Belltown.

Standout tracks: Fire for the people, Loyalty, Bayani

Misses: None

If you like this check out: Promethius Brown, Common Market Gander On!

New Radiohead Album Close To Completion

Courtesy of NME

Radiohead have broken their silence today (June 13) in a internet posting to say their next album is nearly finished.

The band have been working on the follow-up to 2003's 'Hail To The Thief' for over a year, and while they had been keeping a studio diary on their Dead Air Space site, things had gone quiet until recently.

However in today's post guitarist Ed O'Brien has announced that the record is nearly ready.

"A word from the studio," he wrote. "Yes I know its been a while ..... but we've been working on this album for a while ...... BUT WE ARE NEARLY THERE ....."

No more details were forthcoming, though it has been rumoured the album could be released this autumn. Gander On!

Ben Harper Rocks NBA Finals

Game 3 of the 2007 NBA Finals was a snore fest. However, Ben Harper provided the most excitement yet (in the lowest-rated Finals ever) with his Hendricks-esque rendition of the United States National Anthem. Long before The King was fouled, Mr. Harper rocked his slide guitar at The Q in Cleveland and we have the footage here, courtesy YouTube. Check out the look on Greg Popovich's face at about 1:14 and enjoy!

Gander On!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Black Francis Is Back

Courtesy of Livedaily

Claiming he was imbued with the spirit of a deceased Dutch musician and painter, Pixies frontman Frank Black will reclaim his old moniker, Black Francis, and return with a new album this fall.

"I privately went back to the old stage name, if that even makes any sense, almost as a joke," said the singer in a press release. "I couldn't get The Pixies back into a studio, but I would transform into my alter ego of yesteryear. I spoke the magic syllables aloud and nothing happened; just as I thought.

"Soon after, my new manager asked me for a bonus track for a 'best of' compilation to be released later in the year. And as I prepared for the session, I became (honestly) gripped by the spirit of Herman Brood, and my bonus track expanded into an 11-song record called 'Bluefinger' in just a few days. Thank you Herman." Gander On for the Rest.

Brood, an eccentric Dutch rocker and painter, scored a Top 40 hit in the US in 1979 with the song "Saturday Night." The artist, known for outrageous and attention-grabbing antics, saw his paintings exhibited in art galleries around Europe before his health declined in the late '90s. Given only weeks to live by his doctors, Brood committed suicide in 2001 by jumping off the roof of the Amsterdam Hilton.

"John Lennon and Yoko Ono claimed the Amsterdam Hilton in 1969," Francis said in the press release, explaining his 'connection' with Brood. "The Pixies headlined their first big rock show in Holland in 1988. Herman Brood reclaimed the Hilton for his country in 2001, and now I feel he has even claimed back The Pixies, or at least me, Black Francis."

"Bluefinger," set for a Sept. 11 release, was recorded last fall in Portland, OR, with drummer Jason Carter, bassist Dan Schmid, and Francis's wife, Violet Clarke, on backup vocals.

Aside from playing dozens of gigs with the reunited Pixies over the last three years, Francis has toured extensively for more than a decade with several backing units, the longest lasting being The Catholics, with whom he recorded five albums in the late '90s and early years of this decade, the last of which was the 2002 combo of "Black Letter Days" and "Devil's Workshop."

"Bluefinger" is the prolific singer/guitarist's 13th studio album since debuting as a solo artist with his self-titled 1993 album, which appeared a year after the original breakup of the Pixies.
Gander On!

Kids Incorporated Top Ten Covers

One of our favorite pastimes lately has been trolling Youtube for covers from one of our favorite eighties and early nineties shows, Kids Incorporated! This classic kids show was the stepping stone for several stars including Jennifer Love Hewitt, Stacy "Fergie" Ferguson, Mario Lopez, and Eric Balfour. We've narrowed our favorites down to a top ten list but we were a little bias when it came to number one. Number two with it's controversial lyrics was deserving of the spot as well. Check out the classic intro below and Gander On to view our top ten Kids Incorporated Covers!

#10 Tumble 4 Ya (Culture Club)

#9 Danger Zone (Kenny Loggins)

#8 Heaven Is A Place On Earth (Belinda Carlisle)

#7 In To Deep (Genesis)

#6 Built This City (Jefferson Starship)

#5 Get Outta My Dreams (Billy Ocean)

#4 MotownPhilly (Boyz 2 Men)

#3 Living on a Prayer (Bon Jovi)

#2 Jump Around (House of Pain)

#1 Friday I'm in Love (The Cure)
Gander On!

Stream Icky Thump Or Buy a USB Drive

MTV is streaming the new White Stripes Album "Icky Thump" here. Most of you have probably already heard the horrible radio rip and let me tell you it does not do the album justice at all.

If our looking for a more collectible version of the album head here and purchase a Jack or Meg 512mb USB drive of the album in Apple Loss less format. The drives aren't cheap and there are only 3,333 of them available. What's with the Stripes and that number? Gander On!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Pre-Order New Rage Against The Machine Album "Lowdown"

According to this page on you can pre-order a new Rage Against The Machine Album titled "Lowdown." The album will be released on August 28th according to the page and is priced at $14.99. The page lists it as an Audio CD and is currently ranked at 68,562 in the bestseller list. There is also a page referencing the new album over at AOL Music. Gander On!

Final Justice Remixes

Vice mp3 blog posted the final Remixes for Justice week on Friday and here they are.

Madonna and Britney Spears "Me Against the Music" Justice remix

"D.A.N.C.E." Doudi Remix

Gander On!

Kanye West John Mayer "Bittersweet"

Kanye West has teamed up with John Mayer on the latest track to leak off of Kanye's "Graduation" album. You can download the track here. It also appears that Kanye and John had some more time to hit the studio together to film this little snippett for MTV.
Gander On!

MTV Unplugged Returns

MTV Unplugged will be returning to the airwaves June 22nd and the lineup is quite a mix of characters. Bon Jovi who inspired the first Unplugged series with their 1989 acoustic performance of "Dead or Alive" at the MTV Music Awards will be the first to perform. Other performers tagged are Mary J. Blige, John Mayer, Kenny Chesney, and if they can keep it together during the tour a special performance in Miami by the Police. It's great that MTV could find time to fit quality programming into it's vast catalogue of Real World/Road Rules Challenges, Room Raiders, and Next. You better catch the unplugged shows on their first run because MTV most likely won't be able to fit them in after that. We'll hope the Roots make another backing band appearance at some point. Check our favorite clip below and no it's not from the Nirvana episode.
Gander On!

Arcade Fire On The Price Is Right

Apparently while in L.A. a few weeks back Mr. Richard Reed Parry and Tim Kingsbury had a chance to attend the Price Is Right. They can clearly be seen wearing a 1-866 shirt and a Neon Bible shirt. I wonder if anyone made the call after seeing the show?
Gander On!

Music Video Monday!

It's early on Monday morning your settling in to work and your just about to have your first cup of coffee. If your like us your still a little groggy and need some visual stimulation to get those droopy eyelids raised up. Today is the first of many editions of Music Video Monday. Enjoy the new Tokyo Police Club Video for "Your English Is Good" below and Gander on for new videos from, Silverchair, They Might Be Giants, and Jacks Mannequin.

SilverChair "Reflections Of A Sound"

They Might Be Giants "With The Dark"

Jack's Mannequin "God"
Gander On!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

White Stripes U.S. Tour Dates

With the release of Icky Thump coming up, multiple song leaks, an album leak that caused Jack to tear a new one into a Chicago radio DJ, the Rag And Bone 7" in the new issue of NME and a European Tour you would think there wouldn't be anything else to blog about. So before the internets get all in frenzy with their talk about the new album the White Stripes have given us their U.S. tour dates. Gander on for the dates and you can bet we'll be covering both shows in Seattle and the Boise date at the minimum.
7/22, Portland, ME (Cumberland Civic Center)
7/23, Boston, MA (Agganis Arena)
7/24, New York, NY (Madison Square Garden)
7/25, Wallingford, CT (Chevrolet Theater)
7/27, Wilmington, DE (Grand Opera House)
7/28, Fairfax, VA (Patriot Center)
7/29, North Myrtle Beach, SC (House of Blues)
7/30, Birmingham, AL (Sloss Furnaces)
7/31, Southaven, MS (Snowden Grove Park Amphitheater)
9/15, Austin, TX (Zilker Park/Austin City Limits Festival)
9/16, Austin, TX (Zilker Park/Austin City Limits Festival)
9/19, Inglewood, CA (The Forum)
9/21, Berkeley, CA (Greek Theatre)
9/24, Anchorage, AK (William A. Egan Civic Center)
9/26, Seattle, WA (Paramount Ballroom)
9/27, Seattle, WA (Paramount Ballroom)
9/28, Boise, ID (Idaho Center Theater)
9/29, Salt Lake City, UT (The “E” Center)
9/30, Jackson Hole, WY (Snow King Center)
10/2, Rapid City, SD (Rushmore Plaza Civic Center)
10/3, Fargo, ND (Fargo Civic Auditorium)
10/4, Lincoln, NE (Pershing Center Auditorium)
10/6, Chicago, IL (Aragon Ballroom)
10/7, Chicago, IL (Aragon Ballroom)
Gander On!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Queens Of The Stone Age Link Roundup

QOTSA have been all over the internets this week and instead of posting everytime we decided to give it to you in one big lump.

Stream "Era Vulgaris" at Much Music

Alternate Video for "Sick, SIck, Sick" w/Julian Casablancas

Tom Waits "Goin Out West" cover

and Bulby for good measure.
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Andre 3000 To Play Sammy Davis Jr.

Outkast's Andre 3000 will play the role of Sammy Davis Jr. in a new biopic entitled Sammy and Kim. The film will focus on Sammy's controverial interracial relationship with actress Kim Novak in the 1950's which nearly cost both of them their careers. Andre is currently working with comedian Will Ferrell on Semi-Pro a movie about the ABA. The battle of the better Sammy is on as Denzel Washington has also been linked to playing Sammy in another biopic. We're rooting for Dre on this one. Gander On!

Blur Reunion Possible

Courtesy of Gigwise

Following a week of intense tabloid speculation, members of Blur have confirmed that the band will enter the studio later this year.

Speaking to The Independent, the band’s drummer, Dave Rowntree said timidly that the group would see how studio sessions turn out before committing themselves to the project.

He said: “We will spend one week recording and see what happens. We're dipping our toes in the water. We have not made any decision but we'll see how we feel and if the spark is there.”

Although, Rowntree didn’t confirm whether ex-Blur guitarist and solo star Graham Coxon – who left the band in 2002 - would be joining he sessions, Blur’s bass player, Alex James, did suggest that Coxon was keen to be involved.

The bass player said: “I do sincerely hope (there's a full reunion) but there's no point in doing it unless all of us want to because that was what was so good about it."

He added: "I'm hoping that it'll happen but there's nothing set in stone."
And here is the rest of it. Gander On!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Mother Rockin to KC

I'm watching this 12 year old boy's mother rockin' out during the
Kaiser Chiefs' encore. The poor kid looks stunned. Who knew what the
music of the Kaiser Chiefs could do to his mom!?!? Gander On!

Singalong with Kaisers

KC has got the whole crowd singing along!!!!!! Gander On!

Kaiser Chiefs in LA

I'm about to head out to see the Kaiser Chiefs tonight at the Fonda.
It should be a rockin' show! Gander On!

More Justice Tracks and Remixes

Since Paris Hilton was released today we felt we needed to put up something Justice related. Over at the Vice mp3 blog they've got more D.A.N.C.E. Remixes and Justice remixes. The N.E.R.D. remix is banging and the rest aren't bad either, more of that trademark dirty bass from Justice.

Mr. Oizo "Nazis" Justice Remix

"D.A.N.C.E." Tittsworth Remix

N.E.R.D. "She Wants To Move" Justice Remix

"D.A.N.C.E." Charlie Fanclub Remix
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Poison "What I Like About You" Video

The boys from Poison have released the first video off of their recently released cover album "Poison'd" for "What I Like About You." What we like about this video is the kids singing along in the pages of the yearbook until we realize that the lip sync is off on some and they pretty much repeat the same scenes over and over. Cover Albums are bullshit anyway, you need money and can't write new music cause your brains all fucked up from years of drug and alcohol abuse. Here is how we know Poison has really gone to shit, and by shit we mean broke, they have teamed with Walmart to release a bonus single only available on the Walmart version of the cd. That single, drum roll please..... Justin Timberlake's "Sexy Back." So much for reviewing a video.
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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

RATM82407 Cracked

Thanks to an anonymous tip we received we now know what RATM82407 is all about. It's a concert at the Alpine Valley Theater in East Troy Wisconsin. We don't know if this is going to be a very special show or just a creative marketing ploy from Live Nation. How did we do it? Easy, Set your computers clock ahead one week and go to the site, instead of the countdown clock it will say buy tickets now and in the star it will say Alpine Valley, East Troy, WI. The ticket link points to a 404 not found page on the Live Nation website right now. Thanks for the tip and let us know if you find anything else hidden on the site. Gander On!

Amateur Wrestling Grapples Way into Festival Circuit

Amateur wrestling leagues have proliferated in America since the beginning of the 20the century. Several such leagues were started by a man named Vince McMahon Sr., who's league (Now the WWE, run by his son) is one of the largest companies in the world. Over those past 100 years, music and wrestling have joined forces and made a pretty bad-ass tag team on more than one occasion. There was the Rock 'n' Roll Express, that misguided film with Rowdy Roddy Piper, and my personal favorite Hulk Hogan's Rock 'n' Wrestling. Now those monkeys of the mat are taking the amateur show to rock fans. Gander On for more video!

Wrestling at Sasquatch Music Festival
Wrestling at Georgetown Music Festival

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Arctic Monkeys "Fluorescent Adolescent" Video

Arctic Monkeys new video for "Fluorescent Adolescent" reminds us of a scene from one of our favorite movies, only this time instead of a news team battle it's a bunch of older men in clown costumes and nobody gets stabbed with a trident. There are car chases as well, and the whole video kind of feels like it would fit right into Guy Ritchie's "Snatch" and we're not talking about Madonna. Check out the below and Gander On for a special treat.

Gander On!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Vice Records Justice Week

Over at Vice mp3 blog they are having Justice week. Every day they bring us a remix of D.A.N.C.E. as well as a Justice remix. Today's Justice remix is Daft Punk's "Human After All." Today's version of D.A.N.C.E.(Nightmarish Remix) is by Blaze and yesterdays (Paste Back Remix) was done by DatA. We aren't really feeling the Blaze remix after about the first minute but The Daft track is a winner. The truth is Justice is our golden boy this year, he could remix Whitesnake and we'd love it. Just finished listening to Data's remix and all we can say is WOW! great stuff. Check back for daily updates and reviews of the future remixes. Gander on for the download links.

Justice "D.A.N.C.E."(Nightmarish Remix) By Blaze

Justice "D.A.N.C.E."(Paste Back Remix) By Data

Daft Punk "Human After All" Justice Remix
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Danger Doom EP "Occult Hymn"

Adult swim has the new Danger Doom EP "Occult Hymn" available for free download here as well as the album art and a new video. Stand out tracks for us are "Perfect Hair II" with it's smooth bass line and guitar sample and the "Sofa King Remix" where it sounds like Danger Mouse is sampling old 80's tv theme music and MF Doom's flow is solid. The video is funny and the album artwork is great. Thank you cartoon network. Gander On!

RATM 8/24/07

Let the speculation begin, ratm82407 has two clocks counting down, one to end a little over five days from now and the other on 8/24/07. What are we counting down to, A new album, a surprise performance, Zach attempting to blow up the White House via a fuel pipeline several miles away, it could be anything. For all we know it could be some twelve year old with a fairly good grasp of Flash web design. No matter what it is we will find out in about five days and you'll be able to find out what it is right here. Gander On!

Polyphonic Spree "Running Away" Video

Gander On!

The Hungry Pines


The best decision (after the inclusion of the beer garden) made by festival promoters was the inclusion of The Hungry Pines. Two gals, two gents, one incredible sound. The girls play the guitars (very well). I enjoyed Chrysti Harrison of the Conversation Heart, who poured out delicious licks on the crowded stage. Drummer Lucas Carlyle kept great time, of note as the band was a tempo-rollercoaster. And (with bass addition Bryce Shoemaker) they pull it off. They are mellow in a PJ Harvey kind of way.

Irene Barber, 24, is very hot. With big dark bangs in her eyes, Irene's vocals stole the show. Where has this girl been hiding? Port Orchard she told me after the 50 minute set. With a background in choir and a brief stint in musical theatre (she says, "I wasn't very good."), Ms. Barber cites T. Rex as an influence. Her voice is piercing, yet not the eardrums, rather the heart. The lyrics, which she pens, are anthemic, but thoughtful. When she sings right on the beat, every head in the bar is nodding, caught within her trance. Now, I'm not going to say that if Eddie Vedder and Natalie Imbruglia had a love child, and Gwen Stafani was her vocal coach...OK, SERIOUSLY, This girl has that special something. While Irene Barber wears the tight black jeans and Converse, she is a throw back. She is an old soul with a fresh face and a kick-ass voice.

The Hungry Pines are hot as Georgian asphalt. Very Seattle. Alterna-punk with the voice of an angel. They rocked that small bar with an upside down American Flag blocking the killer sun outside. The end of the set was intensely sweet, like good chocolate, hard and rich. The place was sweltering and no one cared. They were Rob's favorite band of the weekend. Pound-for-pound the best young band I've seen in a long time.
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Monday, June 4, 2007

Georgetown Music Festival... Not Just For Hookers Anymore! had a wonderful weekend in Georgetown and the organizers of the Georgetown Music Festival have created an event with tremendous potential. Promoters billed the two-day indie fest as "150% more awesome than last year!" I can attest that it certainly was awesome. Should they continue to attract top local talent and new supporters, the Georgetown Music Festival will be one of the premiere Northwest music events.

South of Seattle's Industrial District, Georgetown makes a proper home for this genre. The burgeoning area has been called a"Capitol Hill of the Future," but I'm not buying it. Cap hill is too emo-punk. Georgetown is the kind of place Grunge comes from, very much like the Olympia scene in the 80s and 90s. Dirty warehouses surrounding a small pub scene. The Tacoma Screw company across the street from the festival grounds. A cheap Chinese/Japanese market selling warm food nearby. Gander on for the Rest!

T-shirts being sold at the festival read: GEORGETOWN, NOT JUST FOR HOOKERS ANYMORE. That said, the first person that Rob Tacoma (my spiritual advisor and guest for the day) saw upon exiting our taxi was indeed a working girl. Once past this aging harlot, we found a festival with two outdoor stages and two inside the Jules Mae Saloon. The Saloon stages, large enough for a slew of 3-piece bands, created a nice break from the sun. Especially when living off vodka-red bulls during a weekend of live music.

The scene was totally indie, totally Seattle. I was quickly whirled into an atmosphere complete with black-clad rocker chicks in sun hats, beer gardens, and roadies that looked like "Hacksaw" Jim Dugan. The tattoo-covered, heavily-pierced security lady manning the main beer garden was so rude, you wondered if the promoters paid her to up the festival's street-cred.

The Ranier (Main) Stage rests on the crumbling corner of 12th and Harney. Honking trucks roar along an I-5 overpass/on-ramp, which serves as backdrop. Nearby Boeing Field supplied steady air traffic and created yet another surreal experience for bands and supporters alike. The heat forced many into the Jules Mae, the kind of saloon where you drink Oly, admire a ten point and discuss NASCAR. Think Colonial Williamsburg meets a biker bar. The Jules Mae Stage was the setting for my favorite show of the weekend...The Hungry Pines!
Gander On!

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Win Butler Basketball Thief?

Over the weekend while shooting baskets at the UC Berkely gym Win Butler of the Arcade Fire aka "Mr. Saturday Night", was involved in an altercation and later removed from the gym by security. In the process he managed to grab the wrong basketball and the guy it belonged to started this blog entitled Arcade Fire Stole My Basketball. In response to this blog another blog was started entitled Arcade Fire Didn't Steal Dude's Basketball. The latter blog is supposedly written by Win's brother Will and I have to say it's great. Gander on for my favorite excerpt from the battle written by Will.

Perhaps I wasn't clear enough about the rules of an Internet libel war on my previous post. First off, I'll start with the present situation:

I. The Situation
A. "Chris H"
B. "Win Butler (a.k.a. Mr. Saturday Night)"
C. "Will Butler"
D. "Internet"
E. "basketball"
F. "you"

A. accuses B. via the D. of stealing A.'s E. C. says that B. did not in fact steal A.'s E.

But who are you going to believe here? A. or C.? Neither one of us is intrinsically more trustworthy, as far as F. know. Neither is B. for that matter, though he seems thus far unengaged in the present conflict. And since we're on the D. here, there's a distinct lack of physical evidence. Hence F., the reader, must decide for F.rself if B. stole A.'s E. or not.

Since there's only hearsay at this point, the best way to defend B., my brother, is to undermine A.'s credibility through half-truths and Internet rumors. If I, C., can be perceived as more trustworthy than A., the accusant, than my testimony will count for more, and hence B. will be exonerated.

So, did you hear that Chris H, the dude who says on the internet that Win Butler stole his basketball, has a tattoo of Puff the Magic Dragon on his penis? If you really want proof, you can google "puff magic dragon penis tattoo" but don't say I didn't warn you.
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Marilyn Manson "What Goes Around"

Marilyn Manson recently covered Justin Timberlake's "What Goes Around" on BBC radio, and we can't stop listening. Manson strums the tune on his acoustic guitar and you can really hear the pain in his voice. Maybe he's channeling all his emotion from the Dita Von Tease break-up. This song will definetly be on our playlist for quite awhile.

Listen to Marilyn Manson "What Goes Around"
(My Old Kentucky Blog)

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Drummer for Ra Ra Riot Found Dead

Courtesy of NME

The body of Ra Ra Riot drummer John Pike has been found.

Pike, 23, went missing after leaving a party in the early hours of Saturday morning.

The band played a show in Providence, RI on Friday night and afterwards attended the party in Fairhaven, MA. Pike left the party at 3am.

The search began on foot and by air yesterday around 4pm.

Pike's cell phone was later found in shallow water on a beach about half a mile from the house where the party took place, according to local Fire Chief Tim Francis.

This morning the search was extended, with divers searching the waters in the area.

The body was found around 4pm this afternoon (June 3) in seven feet of water in Buzzards Bay, about 200 yards from where his cell phone was discovered. Gander On!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Franz Ferdinand "All My Friends" Video

We heard Franz Ferdinand's cover of LCD Soundsystem's "All My Friends and we like it. Now we've seen the video and we don't really like it. To tell you the truth I don't really know what's going on in the video, I've watched it twice and each time I lose interest less than a minute in. Great cover, bad video, seems to be a common trend these days.

Gander On!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Eminem Needs a New Phone Number

Apparently Eminem's ex wife Kim Mathers and her mother Kathy like to frequent Canadian bingo halls. While playing at a hall in Windsor, Ontario an employee named Kyle Spratt managed to get a hold of Kim's phone for a few hours and get Em's number off it as well as Obie Trices'. Kyle then called Eminem and begged him to listen to his demo. Eminem tried to disguise his voice and eventually hung up on him. A few hours later Kyle received a call from the police asking him if he knew about international phone harassment laws. After all was said and done Kyle decided to sample the phone recordings of the call and write a song using them entitled "Slim Sellout." The track is definitely worth a listen and has more than a few lines we've been quoting around the office today.

Listen to Kyle Spratt "Slim Sellout."

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Saturday Link Round Up

White Stripes On Jools Holland courtesy of Stereogum

Kanye West "Stronger" Radio Rip courtesy of Nah Right

Gander On!

Georgetown Music Festival is back at it. Live from the Georgetown Music Festival with reviews to come. Let's get right into it.

I'm here in the beer garden with my spiritual advisor, Rob Tacoma, and the grooves (and ales) are rocking all. The crowd definitely approves and has gravitated to the adjacent Ranier Stage. The sun and the band have transfixed the crowd like an early Dandies show. The band is Hypatia Lake, a four piece from Seattle. With the backdrop of an I-5 Freeway on-ramp overpass and a giant clearance sign reading 12ft 6 in., Hypathia Lake are getting this festival started. With a vocalist bass player in the middle and the guitarist in orange hat busy with Morello-esque effects, this was anything but your typical indie band. The first bit of the set was like a jammy U2. My other two impressions: 1. The middle of the set would have been perfect around the pool. 2. These guys would go over well in the UK.

On the way in Rob Tacoma and I caught H is for Hellgate. No one I asked in the crowd had heard them before, and the general consensus was, "they aren't bad.". Ok, not a rave review, but everyone was talking about the female leads performance and Hellgate's low-key, even-tempo'd Cranberries cool. Check them out on the www.

Gander On!

Friday, June 1, 2007 @ Seattle Maxim Party, Fat Joe, and Bobby Jones

Seattle, WA-- Pier 66 was rocking last night as Maxim and Bud Light hosted an exclusive, invite-only party into the early hours. They only thing I like better than a party with half-naked girls is an open bar, and yesterday I found both. The party included a grotto area with girls feeding grapes, beds with Maxim models having pillow fights, and a television show taping (Maxim's The Hookup). The women were gorgeous and made everyone comfortable. Local Go-Go dancer Andrea Fisher (smokin' Blondie on left) said that all the Go-Go dancers and silhouette dancers were cast locally. However, I think they may have traveled with a couple ringers. A few beautiful babies from Sea-town were even in attendance. They come out of the woodwork in the Summertime. Several "amateurs" from the crowd were invited to do a professional photo shoot on the spot. That was very cool and the pictures were projected all across the party on the walls.

I also ran into Fat Joe, who was in attendance with a beautiful, savvy woman and a lot of bling. Both he and his lady were turning heads. Lakers Star Kwame Brown was there. On the Cigar Deck, former UW athlete Bobby Jones was causing a stir and acting like a total asshole. Mr. Jones apparently doesn't like to wait in the restroom line (constantly, must be a weak bladder), much to the chagrin of other partygoers. Bitter about the fact you won't be playing in the NBA, Bobby? You can't talk to people so rudely when you are known as "the guy who played with Tyson Chandler in high school."

No camera's were allowed inside. We will post more pictures as they become available. You can see pictures from The Hookup here. See you at the next one!

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Is My Record A Hit?

I heard this NPR story on my way to Sasquatch last weekend and now it's available to stream from NPR. Mike McCready of Platinum Blue Inc. says that with his computer program entitled Music Xray he can tell you whether or not your song will be a hit. If your song fits into one of sixty patterns according to his company, it has a seventy five to eighty five percent chance of being a hit record. It's a great listen if you've got the time.

Listen to Mike McCready CEO of Platinum Blue Inc. on NPR Talk of The Nation

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Stoned On Demand

For those TV junkies who like rock junkies, the Sundance Channel On Demand is featuring Stoned (2005), a film based on the alleged murder of Rolling Stones member Brian Jones. While this is anything but a Stones biopic, it has all the elements of a great film. Maybe a few too many of those elements. The film, directed by Stephen Woolley, explores the life of this rock great with the use of vintage film and a kicking soundtrack (includes the White Stripes). If you like gratuitous sex scenes, animal sacrifice, and actors portraying junkie rockers, Stoned is for you. Stoned is for me.

My favorite scene sums up the experience this film offers: Mr. Jones (Leo Gregory) taking acid with several soon to be disrobed women to the tune of "White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane. Cue the handycam slow-mo and fade shots.
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War Pigs Cover Compilation

It's no secret that I have an obsession with War Pigs Covers and today I bring you some of my favorites as well as a few I've never heard before today. Cake is the latest band to release a cover which will be on their upcoming b-sides and rarities album. My favorite of all time has to be Faith No More's version. Mike Patton's voice is amazing and this song lets it shine. Also include are covers by the Dresden Dolls, The Flaming Lips w/ Cat Power from their 2003 Austin City Limits Broadcast, Gov't Mule, and Hayseed Dixie. Gander on for videos of each one and if anyone can find descent video or audio of Tesla's version I would be very grateful.


Dresden Dolls

Faith No More

Flaming Lips w/ Cat Power

Gov't Mule

Hayseed Dixie

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Emo Google

For those of you out there who like to cut themselves and be all depressed and stuff while surfing the Internet we bring you Emo Google. I'm scared to search for anything, but I bet at least each search comes up with on result that involves Fallout Boy. What's next their own television station... oh wait. Gander On!

Courtney Love and Linda Perry

If your in L.A. Tonight you should really catch Linda's show with Courtney at The House of Blues. If your not in L.A. here's what you'll be missing. Linda plays guitar and Courtney sings as they perform "Pacific Coast Highway."

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