Friday, August 31, 2007

Bumbershoot Bound

We're off to Seattle today for Bumbershoot. We'll be live blogging the festival every day so check back often for whats happening at one of the best music festivals around. Our favorite photographer Kyle Johnson will be joining Sunday to shoot some more killer pictures and MJ, Chief Rocka and Myself will be getting you up to the date info on whats going down. You can look for interviews for the likes of Iceage Cobra, D. Black, Art Brut, and more. As well as video from some of the KEXP secret sessions.

Along with the festival we'll be covering our friends Eclectic Approaches performance at the Chop Suey and Whiskey Tango's performance at The Comet, which is being billed as the anti-Bumbershhoot. It's going to be a great three days of music in Seattle and we'll be bringing you all the action as it happens. Gander On!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Just Got Our First Listen Of Kanye West's "Graduation"

It's hot hot hot, download links will only be available via The Slow Drip so send us an email at to subscribe and you'll get your links tomorrow. Gander On!

Bumblebeez - "Dr. Love"

Arjan Writes pointed us to this sweet video for Bumblebeez "Dr. Love." It's got some sweet dance moves and if you've seen the video for Justice's "D.A.N.C.E." they use the same effect but this time the actors aren't wearing any shirts.

Gander On!

My Bloody Valentine May Reunite For Coachella 08'

We always love news from our favorite festival and this is good. Here's hoping that earthquake their overdue for doesn't hit before then.

Courtesy of NME

My Bloody Valentine are rumoured to be reuniting for the Caochella Valley Music & Arts Festival next year.

It is understood that the organisers of the festival have been pursuing the band to play the festival for several years.

As previously reported Shields told Magnet magazine that he is "100 per cent" sure that the band are going to record again.

The group have been inactive since 1995, although rumours are rife that the band are working on a new album and a box set featuring unreleased material, originally due to be released on Creation back in 2000, just before the label shut down.

Coachella booker Paul Tollett declined to comment on the reports.

However, the festival is known for luring dormant groups such as Rage Against The Machine and The Jesus And Mary Chain to the festival.

Shields' manager Vinita Joshi told Electric Roulette website that there were "no confirmed shows at all".

An official Myspace page for the band recently launched. Gander On!

Hot, Hot, Heat Making The Record Parts 2 And 3

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Smashing Pumpkins - "The Way (My Love Is)"

Gander On!

30 Seconds of Every Song From Graduation And Curtis

It seems we can't stop posting stuff about Kanye and Fifty, we couldn't sleep on this though. The videos below contain 30 second clips of every song on both artists albums. After listening to Kanye's we're hyped, Fifty's is descent but it sounds like he recycled a couple of bass lines from past hits and his content hasn't really changed, he's either telling you how rich he is or shooting people with hollow tips.

Gander On!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Kane West vs. Fifty "Scourge Of The Seas" Cent

Over at The Real they have some great videos parodying hip hop culture. Our favorite is this Shakespearean like take on the ongoing talk between Kanye West and Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson over who will sell more records come September 11th. Fifty's "scourge of the seas" monologue halfway through is our favorite. Enjoy!
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Album Leak - Beirut - The Flying Club Cup

Download Beirut "The Flying Club Cup"

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Feist And The Rest Of Indie Rock

Last night on Letterman Feist managed to get a gaggle of indie rockers with members from Broken Social Scene, Mates Of State, Grizzly Bear, The New Pornographers, The National And Nicole Atkins on stage. Everyone but Feist was dressed in white (more than likely showing off their outfits for Diddy's party this weekend). Feist of course performed 1,2,3,4 but the backing chorus gave it real Polyphonic Spree type of feel, you couldn't help but smile. It's just the right way to start off your Tuesday.
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Monday, August 27, 2007

New Video- Common Feat. Lily Allen - "Driving Me Wild"

This video just made our Monday. Common's third video off of "Finding Forever" is hot. We open to find Lily in a nice green dress wearing combat boots and holding a gas mask and Common dressed up like James Bond chillin in a Bentley. Later Common's chillin in the club with Jeremy Piven and Lily's in a space suit(If you look close you can catch the reflection of some crew members). It's even got Rufus's daughter kelly from Entourage in it. There's alot more but we don't want to spoil it for you.

Gander On!

Album Leak - Manu Chao - "La Radiolina"

Download Manu Chao "La RAdiolina" ALbum Leak

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Campers Literally Light Shit Up At Warped Tour

A few weekends ago the Gorge played host to The Warped Tour and one evening in the camping area things got a little out of control. Five people were arrested, some portable toilets were set ablaze, police were pelted with bottles and rocks, and a fire truck had it's windshield shattered. Eventually everything was brought under control but one of our readers let us know that the morning after there was only one usable toilet in the campgrounds. All this means that security will be even greater next year and the Warped Tour may have to find another venue. If only these kids would have thought of true punk Gigi Allen and started throwing shit instead of lighting it on fire, this all could have been avoided.

Travis over at Ear Candy was able to track down some video of the incident, check it out below.

Gander On!

MIMS "Kanye West Stole My Sound"

"This Is Why I'm Hot" rapper MIMS recently told Contact Music that he used sped-up soul samples in his records first saying. "I recorded my album five years ago so I did it first." Would that be the album no one has heard MIMS? Or better yet the album that despite our extensive search we can't find anywhere?
All this from the guy who sampled Kanye on his first single. Where was all this talk when you were trying to get clearance to use the sample. Our point is MIMS we haven't heard anything you've produced and you have a habit of making comments and then running away from them a la "Fifty Cent Should Be Worried."
As soon as your old records surface we'll start believing, but until then we'll only remember your old shit as being "Love Em All" with Choclair from The Baby Blue Soundcrew (We always thought they should have gone with The Lime Green Sound Machine), check it out below.
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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Spike Jonze Spends Saturday With M.I.A. Parts 3-6

Last Week we brought you parts one and two and on this great Monday we have he rest of the series. Enjoy!

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Rumor Mill: Ticketmaster to Lose Live Nation

For the true concert aficionados, competition in the ticket world is good.

The second crack in the Ticketmaster regime may be materializing, as talks with their top client, Live Nation, have ceased. Variety has published an internal memo from the Ticketmaster corporation which reads, "We believe we've taken every reasonable step possible to facilitate a renewal, but they seem intent on a direction for their business that leaves us no viable way to work together." This will be a huge loss for Barry Diller (who never did anything nice for us), whose company also lost MLB two years ago. The Washington Post/AP reported a negative effect on TM's parent's stock. The current deal expires in 2008 (2009 with House of Blues).

Live Nation owns, operates, or has a major interest in over 160 venues worldwide, including the House of Blues and the Gorge at George in Eastern Washington. Last year, Live Nation booked more than 26,000 events in 18 countries and sold 60 million tickets. Gander On!

Album Leak - Jose Gonzalez - "In Our Nature"

Download Jose Gonzalez - "In Our Nature"

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Screamfest NYC 2007 - Kanye, TI, Jay-Z, Diddy, & 50

At the big summer Screamfest tour in NYC last night, there were many surprises. The biggest was all the guest appearances that ended the night. Screamfest has hit many arenas and theaters already with headliners TI, Ciara, and supporters: T-Pain, Yung Joc, and Lloyd. However last night had a memorable encore which included Swizz Beatz, Jay-Z, Diddy, 50 Cent and Kanye West all hitting the stage at the end of the show. There's been a lot of beef surrounding the 50 Cent vs. Kanye release day, but they all came together last night to celebrate a night of music.

Gander On!

Lord Tariq, Peter Gunz, and...Shaq?

Nah Right posted this great video yesterday of Shaq getting onstage and freestyling with the guys. Shaq gives a shout out to B.I.G. because he's R.I.P. and then let's everyone know he can shoot at whoever he wants because he's a cop.
We want to know what would happen if you got all the great NBA rappers together to form one super group. It could be Shaq, A.I., Ron Artest, Tony Parker and C Webb. Or we could take out Tony parker, name them Team USA, have them put out three straight gold albums and then flop on the fourth.
Gander On!

New Music Video Rilo Kiley - "SIlver Lining"

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Nightwatchmen - "Alone Without You

If you've seen Michael Moore's SICKO and stayed around for the closing credits then you've heard this song already. Apparently Tom saw a screening of Mikes movie and was compelled to go home that night and write this song.
The video mixes in shots of Tom in a dark room playing guitar and a little mandolin with clips of the movie. It leaves something to be desired but we can't put or finger on it, maybe because we got it cut off and the insurance company wouldn't pay for it to be re-attached
Gander On!

Mix-Tape USB Drives!

For those of you who quote "High Fidelity" on a regular basis this may be just the thing for you. Suck UK is releasing a usb drive that comes in a cassette case, complete with a blank track listing card and pre-loaded with a track of a cassette stopping and being flipped over. They won't be available until next month so you should have plenty of time to finish your arranging your vinyl collection autobiographically. Gander On!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Judd Apatow, Musicians to Walk Hard

Judd Apatow, the brilliant comedic producer/director who brought us Ricky Bobby and The 40 Year Old Virgin has dying to see his next film, Walk Hard. The mock-biopic, also titled "Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story," follows the life of singer/songwriter Dewey Cox (played by PTA alum John C. Reilly), who overcomes adversity to become a musical legend. Think "Ray" meets "Walk The Line." In an interview with moviesonline Apatow admitted "...we are very sure it will win an Oscar. We're pretty sure that it's a shoe in at this point." The film will co-star Jenna Fischer, who we find very funny (and also has one of the best bods in TV-land).

The "Spinal Tap"-esque soundtrack will feature "good songs that are funny in the context of the film," director Jake Kasdan told the LA Times. 'Walk Hard' will be the title track and complimented by several protest songs. One song speaks to the plight of the mulatto in America, another, titled 'Ladies First,' examines women's rights. "Hey, Hey, Who Wants To Party" is Cox's disco-era hit. We can't wait to see the shake-n-baker in sequins and patent leather!

As if Mr. Apatow (see and Miss Fischer's beautiful skin are not enough to sell you on Walk Hard, check out the casting to date:

Kristen Wiig as Edith Cox
Jack White as Elvis Presley
Jack Black as Paul McCartney
...need we say more? We will keep you updated...

Gander On!

Spike Jonze Spends Saturday With M.I.A.

Our favorite music video director recently spent a Saturday afternoon with M.I.A. The interview has been broken down into six parts and today we've got one and two. In part one Spike gives M.I.A a few gifts and we learn that her hair stylist enjoys taking Ketamine on the job. Part 2 isn't as exciting but it's mostly conversation on their way to meet Afrikan Boy but it's worth watching. Check out part 1 below and Gander On for Part 2. Big thanks to GvsB for the link.

Gander On!

Foo Fighters - Pretender, And An Arcade Fire Cover

When we heard the name of of the Foo's first single we had a great video concept. You get that guy that played Jared from The Centre in The Pretender and he would be pretending to be Dave and totally rocking out. Luckily Dave and the band went another direction because that's as far as our idea got. In the video Dave and the guys are rockin out in a space that's way to big for the band and their playing manages to attract a riot squad. With about a minute to go things get all bloody and then it's over. Check out the video below and Gander On for the band covering The Arcade Fire's "Keep The Car Running" on Radio One.

Gander On!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Matt Costa "Unfamilar Faces" has been pushed back

Yes Matt Costa fans - we all have to wait a little longer to get his new album. "Unfamilar Faces" has been delayed and according to sources will be released in January 2008. However, Matt will still be doing some shows in the meantime ....

August 27th - McMenemins Edgefield Amphitheater - Troutdale, OR (opening for Modest Mouse)
September 8th - Virgin Festival - Toronto, Ontario
September 13th - McKay Events Center - Orem, UT (opening for Rilo Kiley & Modest Mouse)
September 14th - Santa Barbara Bowl - Santa Barbara, CA (opening for Rilo Kiley & Modest Mouse)
September 15th - The Joint - Las Vegas, NV (opening for Rilo Kiley & Modest Mouse)
September 22nd - San Diego Street Scene - Chula Vista, CA

Also here's Matt playing his new song "Downfall" enjoy:

Gander On!

Help Support KEXP And Sponsor An Intern Or Something

Over at KEXP they are having an auction to raise money for the station. You can sponsor everything from an intern to a podcast and in turn for one year you will get a plaque displayed on or near your item proclaiming your sponsorship. We haven't quite decide what we'll be sponsoring yet but the Black Angels cow skull is high on our list. Help support one of the greatest radio stations on the planet and place your bids today. Click here to see all the items up for auction. Gander On!

Talib Kweli Freestyle

Talib drops "Eardrum" tomorrow and for a preview AOL Music gives us a 16 bar freestyle. It's that classic smooth Kweli flow with some conscious lyrics. We gave our copy of "Eardrum" a listen last night and it was great. It felt like sitting in great jazz club with Talib's voice adding perfect accompaniment to the instruments. There are a couple bangers but for the most part the music is soft and smooth with one song flowing right into the next. Be sure to grab your copy of "Eardrum" Tomorrow.
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Friday, August 17, 2007

Go Time @ Market!

The Iconics! All Seattle band playing all Seattle music! The weather is perfect, the block is full. Can't beat this!
Gander On!

Artis the Spoonman!

He's on!

Fan Kick - ill review this duo later.

Circus Contraption - odd. Hot, but odd.
Gander On!

Market Rocking!

The crazies have turned Virginia Street into theater seating. This event is blowing up.

Seattle's own Ernestein Anderson just left the stage. Her lyrics, accompanied by a piano, bass, and jazz snare sound takes us to a time when minority artists performing at the market were not allowed to play the clubs. Rather, jazz musicians such as this eloquent vocalist would make their place at the speak easys in town. She eventually went to Europe with artists like Ray Charles to break in. In this Emerald City, she is a queen.

Vinnie Maranda on right now. This 15-year old is the man in black reincarnated. First song: Fulsome county prison blues.
Gander On!

Tonights Performances Live on Seattle Channel. P P M 100 Bday !

Members of Pearl Jam and Presidents of the United States of America will be performing FOR SURE tonight! If you can't get down here, check out all the action live on Seattle Channel (ch. 21 in Seattle and on the www).

The crowd is engulfing us as the street has been shut down. Already on stage was the Ballard Sedentary Marching Band. This cute group from Seattle's Norwegian capital feature the world's only sedentary drill team and baton specialist. Right now, tune in and check out a wondrous local Gospel group. Also tonigt is Fan Kick's final performance and the Iconics.

Gander On! @ Pike Place Market 100 Bday !

Made it to Western and Virginia for the Mainstage music at the Pike Place Market Centenial bash. We have the best seat in the house on the grass in front of a large stage. The Puget Sound in the background, the weather perfect. The market has been a blast all day, yet the fun is just about to begin...

Gander On!

Listen To Rilo Kiley - "Under The Blacklight"

Rilo Kiley is streaming there new album "Under The Blacklight" on their Myspace Page we're listening right now and though it's a little different compared to "More Adventurous," it's good, in fact it may be more adventurous. We're only about five songs deep but it's worth a listen. Jenny, Blake, Pierre and Jason have done it again. If you need more you can also find a great article on the band in the latest edition of Filter. Gander On!

Elvis and Lisa Marie Presley - "In The Ghetto"

To commemorate the 30 year anniversary of the king's death Lisa Marie reorded a duet with her departed dad. We love seeing the softer side of Elvis, and Lisa Marie though not the best does add some nice vocals to the song. That part we don't get is why they keep showing babies in their cribs surrounded by handguns. We're guessing thats how kids are raised in the ghetto these days. Aside from a few to many extreme close-ups of Lisa Marie's eyes and mouth we like it.
Gander On!

Hip-Hop Is Dead!

This has to be one of the funniest things we've seen in a while. Well at least since Clay brought sexy back.
Gander On!

Clay Aiken Tries To Bring Sexy Back...Fails Miserably

This short video of Clay performing Sexy Back has been circulating the internets that last couple of days and we finally decided it was bad enough to post. Clay's dancing looks more like a cat cleaning itself than it does dancing. Be careful, if you watch it once you'll have to watch it again.
Gander On!

Shit We're Diggin' - Eulogies

Listen to Eulogies - "One Man"

Gander On!

Devendra Banhart Covers Oasis - "Don't Look Back In Anger"

We think watching claymation is cool but it's painful when paired with this cover. Imagine someone doing a bad Bob Dylan impression while covering Oasis and you pretty much have it. The only reason we sat through the video was because we wanted to see how it ended and it didn't really have one. Check the video below and judge for yourselves meanwhile we'll be wondering what Devendra covering Bob Dylan would sound like.
Gander On!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Seattle's Showbox Adds Second Location

A Big thank you Ernest Jasmine over at Bring The Noise for this one.


The Showbox is excited to announce the addition of a 22,000-square-foot concert and event facility to its ranks, located at 1700 1st Avenue South. The 1511-capacity venue, previously named The Premier and The Fenix, will be called Showbox SoDo and is slated to open in September for 21+ and all-ages events, as well as corporate events and private parties.

The Showbox will continue to operate in its downtown location, to be re-named Showbox at the Market, and the venues will run concurrently. A major renovation is planned at Showbox SoDo for early 2008 that will enhance the overall concert/event experience through improved sightlines and interior design.

Booking and promotions for both venues will continue to be managed by Chad Queirolo and Brian McFadin. Holds for Fall 2007 and beyond are currently being accepted.

Showbox SoDo has confirmed the following events for this fall:


Wed Oct 17 – THE POGUES – All Ages!

Sun Oct 21 – DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL (solo) with special guests AUGUSTANA and JOHN RALSTON – All Ages!

Mon Oct 29 and Tue Oct 30 – BRAND NEW with special guests THRICE and MEWITHOUT YOU – All Ages!

Thu Nov 1 – THE HIVES – All Ages! Gander On!

Pharoahe Monch - some real hip hop

It was all about the hip hop last night as I went to 33 1/3 Records to hang with Pharoahe Monch as he judged a local MC Battle in Los Angeles. Hundreds of hip hop fans crammed into the tiny hip hop record store on La Brea and Pico to witness how real hip hop heads truly get down - showcasing their improv skills on the mic as eight upcoming emcees battled it out to win a microphone signed by Pharoahe and $100 cash. This wasn't that wack Yo Momma shit that you see on MTV - these cats were busting punchlines as rhymes and to a beat. With all the commercial rap on the radio and TV it was wonderful to witness some real hip hop. Check out some photos from last night. By the way Pharoahe's album "Desire" is out now . . . Don't Sleep!

Gander On!

Strong Arm Steady Sock Seattle

Every now and again, a story pulls me off the festival/industry beat. Tonight was one such case as the Strong Arm Steady crew took sweet care of and proved why Talib Kweli must be backed by such a group of hip hop mercenaries. Ok, maybe I;m drunk and typing with one hand, but that is how TK and SAS roll. Now, several reviews, articles, and photos are sure to come (courtesy JBuc) very soon. I just need to spread the word about Phil da Agony, Mitchy Slick, and Krondon, the Strong Arm Steady. The Showbox was hopping, the dancers were fantastic, the girls were hot and dancing on the stage. If I could tell you more about the scene backstage, I would. This was one night to remember... Gander On!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007 Exclusive: Secret Seattle Performances, Pearl Jam

Multiple unnamed sources have revealed to us that Friday's 100th Birthday of Pike Place Market will be much bigger than advertised. We have been alerted that Hart is to perform as well as several members from (breath) Pearl Jam. Guitarist Mike McCready is already billed as a special guest of The Iconics. The Iconics blend members of POT USA, Possies, and Department of Energy. Artis the Spoonman and many of our favorite buskers are also set to perform all day.

The day will kick off with free coffee and onion tartlets at 8am and a Re-enactment of 1907 at 9:30am. The Re-enactment (Think John C Reilly's SNL sketch) will feature Actors from Unexpected Production in period dress. Get in an aerial photo of the market at 12:30, grab some B-day cake shortly after, and get ready for the closing of Western Ave. (like Seattle needs another road closure) for some live music. Oh, and don't miss the Centennial Championship Salmon Toss at 1:45, that's a lock.

Get prepared: Here is the history of Pike Place Market; Watch the event live online at the Seattle Channel; Here is an interactive guide from the LA Times; Here is a story about the ghosts you may encounter in the Market (courtesy the Seattle Times)...
Gander On!

Indie Rock Baseball

Those three sweet girls from Seattle turned us on to Limewire Music Blog's Indie Rock Baseball Game. The Game is sure to be popular with our own music review veteran JBuc, who was quite the hard-baller in his day. Gander On!

Coachella May Get Shaken Up... Literally!

Apparently Coachella is about a hundred and fifty years overdue for an earthquake that could cause billions of dollars in damages. We say that if Bjork's booming bass and Rage's reunion didn't do it this year then we should be fine..that is until next years Smiths Van Halen, Led Zeppelin reunion spectacular. Check the article below for the serious information and we're crossing our finger our favorite festival doesn't go seismic anytime soon.

Courtesy of NME

The site of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is 300 years overdue for a massive earthquake, experts say.

The Coachella Valley, which lies between the San Andreas and San Jacinto faults, could face a magnitude 7.8 quake that could last more than 100 seconds, kill thousands, destroy homes, collapse the I-10 and I-15 freeways, ignite petroleum pipelines and leave thousands homeless, according to US seismologist Lucy Jones.

"There will be several thousand dead and billions of dollars in damage," Jones said. She also indicated that the quake could topple buildings as far away as Los Angeles, which lies 150 miles west, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Historically, major earthquakes have occurred in the Coachella Valley every 150 years, but for unexplained reasons, it has not faced a quake in more than 300 years. Gander On!

New Video - Spoon - "Don't You Evah"

First the Killers go to Tokyo and now Spoon. Spoon wins though because instead of standing on street corners they have scientist studying a dancing Keepon. He also carries a sweet boombox circa 1987. Thanks to GvsB for the tip.
Gander On!

Little Hippie Girl Really Doesn't Like Coldplay!

It had to happen in our town of all places!

Courtesy of NME

A Coldplay fan has been beaten up following their rendition of "Yellow" in a karaoke bar.

The incident took place in Seattle on Thursday (August 9) at Changes.

As the unnamed man took the stage to sing the song, a woman reportedly declared: "Oh no, not that song. I can't stand that song!"

She then leaped at the would-be singer, shouted expletives at him and told him his singing "sucked," while expressing the same opinion of the song, according to a Seattle police report.

She pushed the man and punched him, all in an effort to stop his singing.

Other patrons went to the singer's aid and hauled the 21-year-old woman outside.

Robert Willmette, one the barmen at Changes, said: "It took three or four of us to hold her down."

According to the barman, the woman "went crazy" when she got outside, punching him twice in the face.

The police were called and blocked the whole street off.

The officers took the woman, whom Willmette described as "a little hippie girl," to the ground.

She assaulted the police officer and was booked into the King County Jail for investigation of assault, reports the Seattle P.I. paper. Gander On!

Little Brother "Getback" With Fresh New Music

They say that the third times the charm, but what happens when one and two were both hits. In the case of Little Brother it means you get back to why you wanted to make music in the first place.

“When I sat down to write my first rhyme I didn’t say, ‘Maybe if I write this, the people at Clear Channel will love me…I never gave a sh*t about that…so when I saw myself caring about that, I knew it was a problem and I had gotten away from the original reasons why I started making music.”

After 2003's classic "The Listening" and 05's equally classic "The Minstrel Show" we find the group has been reduced to a duo and off Atlantic Records but with a new found hunger to focus on the music and not the label. “I think this is the closest we could get to the feeling and energy we had when we made our first record.” says rapper Big Pooh.

The first single off of "Getback" is definitely a return to the kind of hip hop you come to expect from Little Brother. Matter of fact it's the kind of Hip Hop we'd like to see more of. "Good Clothes" is a care free track that's all about growing up and trying to stay fresh and by fresh we don't mean draped in half million in diamonds. We mean fresh like clean white shoes, cardboard creased jeans and brand new shirt.

Little Brother's "Getback' drops on September 25th and you can download the first single "Good Clothes" below. It's to late for it to be a summer banger but at least it will keep you feelin fresh until you can get the rest.

Download Little Brother "Good Clothes"
Gander On!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Beatles may be coming to iTunes Soon...

If you happened to visit the iTunes music store today, you found an ad for the solo works of John Lennon. EMI and Apple recently inked a deal (AP), leaving George as the only Beatle without a digital deal. The question now? How long till I can DL Abbey Road?

Right now if you search "The Beatles" in iTunes, the only album you will see by the boys from Liverpool is their Pete Best work. That could all soon change. "John would have loved the fact that his music will now be available in a format suited to a new generation of listeners," Lennon's widow, Yoko Ono, said in a statement released by Apple. Download a Lennon product in the next 30 days and iTunes will give you free video content as well, courtesy of (really, it was our idea). Gander On!

Agnew to Head Disney Records

Variety reports that David Agnew, exec VP-general manager of the Disney Music Group, has been named President of Walt Disney Records. We love Agnew, as he recently created Disney Music Group's concert division. Hannah Montana fans UNITE!

Mr. Agnew directs the global efforts and day-to-day activities of the Disney Music Group, which consists of Walt Disney Records, Hollywood Records, Lyric Street Records and Walt Disney Music Publishing. For more Disney news, check out our good friends over at NETCOT.COM. Gander On!

Kanye West "Graduation" Artwork

Check out the artwork for Kanye's new album "Graduation" courtesy of Japanese artist: Takashi Murakami. Album comes out on Sept. 11th. And I can't get enough of this video with Zach Galifianakis...

Gander On!

Hot Hot Heat And Another One Of Those Making Of The Record Videos

It seems like every band is putting out a youtube video of them making their new record. It's the new indie thing to do. A couple of cheap hand held cameras, iMovie, and your fifteen year old brothers PR firm and kablammo you've got viral marketing. Hot Hot Heat are going the way of Tegan and Sara and giving it to us in installments. Check out the first one below along with a link to downlaod their new single "Let Me In" which is quickly climbing our itunes playlist. The video's not bad and really seems to be the most genuine of ones we've seen so far, showing the band actually arguing over parts of a song and getting on each others nerves until finally reconciling in the studio to vibe together. Big thanks to our friends at Filter for the tip.

Download Hot Hot Heat - "Let Me In"

Gander On!

Bob Odenkirk, Simon Cowell.. Need We Say More!

We stumbled across this over at Filter and we can't pass up reading anything by Mr. Bob Odenkirk. After all the Mr. Show DVD collection goes with us on every trip we take. Anyway read below for Bob Odenkirk's - Simon Cowell Reviews Evergreen Elementary Spring Show

Courtesy Of Filter Magazine

“What…the hell…was that?”

I didn’t need to look to know exactly who was offering this stone-dry assessment of my children’s school’s song and dance tribute to spring. We live in Hollywood. The school is on Hollywood Boulevard. Why was he here? Maybe he’d just stumbled in, drawn by the smell of innocent blood. The mad post-show applause began to die down as he heated up.

“I mean…come on. First of all, this is supposed to be a talent presentation, yes? Where was the ‘talent?’ Dismal, top to bottom. Where do I begin? First grade? The costumes? Rags from a tie-dye experiment gone horribly wrong. The dancing? Like watching epileptics on roller skates. Utter chaos. Surpassed in awfulness only by the third grade. That girl in pigtails—was that a solo? I thought it might be a cry for help from a child who finally came to her senses.”

A mother huffed, “Well, I thought it was…musical.”

“It wasn’t,” he snapped.

One confused grandfather went on the advance, insisting, “The kindergarteners were cute.”

“The kindergarteners, dear sir, were crap and they should not be encouraged. Let this be their final performance. Don’t have them back. What were they supposed to be anyways? Dancing tampons?”

“I think they were supposed to be flowers…or cat-tails,” said a mother.

“No. No. They were tampons. Appropriate as it was bloody hell up there.”

With that, people headed for the door, but our man sprang to action, blocking their path and carrying on. “I’m not done. Am I the only one who teared up out of sheer pain during the ‘Small World’ finale? I want to say ‘poor choice of material’ but I hate to blame the material, dreadful though it may be. I mean, this is a song one would think is impossible to make more grindingly annoying than it famously is, but my dears, I tell you Walt Disney is vomiting in his refrigerated chamber. Are the parents of any sixth graders here? I see no hands. Understandable. Distance yourselves. That little playlet they performed about changing the world? Nothing has ever made me long so for an apocalypse. It’s just a bit too late now because we all had to suffer that. Your children have no style, no presence of any kind; they were thick lumps of carbon held together by fatty-fat-fat cells emitting some sort of strained yodel. Their trite speechifying about recycling and solar power was ear-numbing and the expressions on their pasty faces put me in mind of a donkey who’d been beaten into a permanent state of shock. Taken together I found the show cringe-inducing and overlong by about an hour.” Gander On for the rest.

I looked at my watch, “But it was only 45 minutes long.”

“Exactly,” he smiled. “Can someone answer me, what was the point of all the flashbulbs and the non-stop video-ing? Are you all intending on blackmailing your children if they ever threaten to take the stage again?”

A teary-eyed grandmother could hold herself back no longer. “Those are for relatives who couldn’t make it.”

“You could just as simply have phoned them up and said, ‘You lucky bastard.’”

With that, he turned to allow the downtrodden to scuttle toward the door.

I remained behind, watching him. He seemed deeply content, like a maharishi talking to Charlie Rose, or like Charlie Rose talking to a maharishi. Then something occurred to me: “You forgot to mention the second grade. What did you think of them?”

His expression softened. “The second grade were absolutely, without question, bafflingly…superb. They had it all, from the paper elephant costumes to the dancing flags of third world countries—spot on. Simply…the reason these shows exist.”

“Are any of them, by chance, related to you?”

“What does that have to do with anything?”

“I’m just curious.”

“Yes…well…the little girl who did the cartwheels is. . . a friend of a friend.”

“’Friend of a friend?’"

Gander On!

Trent Reznor Planning Year Zero TV Show?

Courtesy Of RollingStone

Trent Reznor is planning to turn Nine Inch Nails’ concept album Year Zero into the next little-screen saga. Reznor told a U.K. magazine that he already has a producer attached to the project and has been meeting with writers with the goal of selling the idea as a television series. “We’re about to pitch it to the network, so we’re a couple of weeks away from meeting all of the main people, and we’ll see what happens,” Reznor said. “We may record a new soundtrack for the show. We’ll see, but there’s already the Year Zero record attached to the story.” Would Reznor’s elaborate depiction of our doomed world circa 2023 make for good TV? Gander On!

Rogue Wave - "Asleep At Heaven's Gate" Album Leak

It hasn't been 24 hours since we posted the first song off Rogue Waves latest release and now we have the entire album. We haven't had a chance to listen to much yet but if the rest is anything like "Lake Michigan" we have a winner on our hands. Grab it at the link below and remember that if you want a comprehensive list of the weeks leaks every Friday that are guaranteed to work send us an email to subscribe to the The Slow Drip Newsletter.

Download Rogue Wave - "Asleep At Heaven's Gate Part 1"

Download Rogue Wave - "Asleep At Heaven's Gate Part 2"

Gander On!

If You Dig Jeff Buckley...Peep Out Scott Matthews

Hailing from Wolverhampton, England - Scott Matthews is a fresh UK import who is often compared to the late great Jeff Buckley. He has yet to take America by storm, but impressed some folks earlier this year at SXSW with an impromptu performance warming up the stage for some other UK acts you may know - Amy Winehouse and Mika. We've also learned that Gary Lightbody and Dave Grohl are huge fans and have had Scott open up shows for Snow Patrol and Foo Fighters in the UK. He has a record called "Passing Stranger" coming out in September (the 11th to be exact). Here's a video of the single "Elusive"...

Gander On!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Music in Film News...

Lots to report in the world of film today...In this morning's Variety, Paramount confirmed that we will have to wait a few extra months before Martin Scorsese's film, "Shine a Light," hits theaters. "Shine a Light," Marti's Rolling Stones concert doc will benefit with more time to market the picture. The new Spring roll-out (April) replaced the original open date of September 21. Filmed at Manhattan's Beacon Theater, IMAX-ready doc also features guest artists Jack White, Buddy Guy, Bill Clinton, and Christina Aguilera. The Stones are currently on tour in Europe...B.I.G. FILM NEWS : In 1995, Fox Searchlight purchased the rights to B.I.G., the bio-pic featuring hip-hop star Christopher Wallace, AKA Biggie Smalls. Today, they announced the film will be directed by "Soul Food" Writer/Director George Tillman Jr. and produced by our favorite all-purpose producer, Sean "P. Diddy" Combs. THE FILM IS BEGINNING A NATION-WIDE CASTING CALL TO ANYONE WHO LOOKS LIKE THE NOTORIOUS B.I.G., ACTOR OR NOT. Contact FOX and tell them Goose sent ya... The Clint Eastwood-produced doc on Tony Bennett will not recieve a theatrical release. "Tony Bennett: The Music Never Ends," features Eastwood interviewing and jamming with Mr. Bennett and was the first project financed and produced by Netflix's Red Envelope Entertainment. Instead of the theater scene, the principles have inked a deal with Target to exclusively sell the DVD and Netflix will handle television, DVD distribution and on-screen showings... Gander On!

New Old Song

CLICK HERE for LA Times' staff writer Todd Martens slide show examining the influences of today's biggest artists. It is a fun, quick read with some great photos and info on Green Day, The White Stripes, Amy Winehouse, and more! Gander On!

Matt Costa "Unfamiliar Faces" Tracklist

Matt had one of our favorite albums last year and even though we managed to catch him at Coachella, Sasquatch, Austin City Limits, Bumbershoot, The Crocodile Cafe, and a handful or two of other venues/festivals the sets never got old. Now Matt's been hard at work putting together his second album entitled "Unfamiliar Faces" and we expect it will be just as good as the last. The songs titles are definitly intriguing and we're hoping an advance copy arrives in the mail very soon because we don't think we can wait until October 2nd.

01) Mr. Pitiful
02) Lilacs
03) Never Looking Back
04) Emergency Call
05) Vienna
06) Unfamiliar Faces
07) Cigarette Eyes
08) Downfall
09) Trying To Lose My Mind
10) Bound
11) Heart Of Stone
12) Miss Magnolia Gander On!

Rogue Wave "Lake Michigan"

The Chief Rocka gave us a sneak peak at the making Rogue Wave's "Asleep At Heaven's Gate" this weekend and now the first track off the album is out. It's titled "Lake Michigan" and it's a beautifully layered melodic masterpiece. Rogue Wave always seems use the most subtle of sounds as the driving force behind their songs and this song is a great example of that. Check out the track and let us know what you think.

Download Rogue Wave "Lake Michigan" Gander On!

Shit We're Digging - Fences

We discovered Fences aka Chris Mansfield about four months ago through our favorite photographer Kyle Johnson. We gave the demo entitled "Ultimate Puke Demos" a listen and we loved it. Now Fences is in the process of recording his first E.P. and we can't wait. His style is one you can't pin down and his music and lyrics paint pictures of finding happiness in a city where it rains more than shines.

Besides being our favorite photographer Kyle also directed the first video for Fences for "My Girl The Horse." It's a melancholy ride through a day in the life of one of Seattle's great up and coming musicians.

You can listen to a couple songs off of "The Ultimate Puke Demos" on Fences Myspace page and if your like us you'll probably have it bookmarked. You can also catch him on August 22nd at the Crocodile Cafe.

Gander On!

Music Video Monday Hip Hop Edition

We get a lot of great videos from artists in the hip hop community and we'll be the first to admit that we're slacking on the music that's in the streets right now but hopefully we can catch up a little today. We've got four new videos to bring you from the likes of Hezekiah, Raekwon and his Icewater crew, Spider Loc, and Famouz as well as some sweet in studio footage of Mobb Deep's Havoc working on his new album. Gander On for all the videos and check back later today for some mp3's of all these tracks and more.

Hezekiah's "I See Yaw" f/Jaguar WrightHezekiah's "I See Yaw" f/Jaguar Wright

Spider Loc “Blutiful World” OG Version

Icewater feat. Raekwon and Inspectah Deck "Animal"

Havoc Of Mobb Deep (In Studio Footage)

Famouz “Wiggle”

Gander On!

Swizz Beats- "One Man Band" Album leak

Download Swizz Beatz - "One Man Band" Album

Gander On!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Rogue Wave "Asleep At Heaven's Gate"

Brushfire Records is releasing some amazing music this Fall. We last talked about Matt Costa's latest release on Brushfire, but Rogue Wave has a new album coming and it's first on Brushfire. Rogue Wave's previous releases were on Sub Pop, but the group out of Northern California has a new project entitled "Asleep At Heaven's Gate" coming out on September 18th on the label which Money Mark, G. Love, and owner Jack Johnson calls home. The album is a beautiful record full of great melodies and layers of instrumentation. Take a listen on some headphones....Here's a sneak peek of the making of "Asleep At Heaven's Gate" Check out the EPK

Gander On!

New Matt Costa Album "Unfamiliar Faces"

One of our favorite young troubadours, Matt Costa, is releasing a new album on Oct. 2nd entitled "Unfamiliar Faces." We've been fans of Matt for a while now and have been to several of shows over the past couple years. This new record shows a lot of growth for Costa as a songwriter. Be sure to look out for the album when it hits stores this Fall and to catch him on tour as well. Check out this short video teaser featuring the new single "Mr. Pitiful."

Gander On!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Gorilla Unit Leader Goes Ape Shit.

Yesterday afternoon Fifty Cent in a fit of anger ripped a seventy inch plasma tv off the wall in his G-Unit offices and then proceeded to throw his Blackberry out the window, spilling glass onto thirtieth Ave. in New York. All of this because Fifty claimed Interscope leaked what was supposed to be the next single off of his yet to be released "Curtis" album. Reports now say though that the video was leaked from inside Fifty's own camp.

The song and video feature Robin Thicke who really does nothing but play piano in the video and sing fills in the song. As for Fifty he pretty much plays a bitch wanting to treat women right and calling them by their real name. Dustin Hoffman plays Fifty's psychiatrist/Hypnotist trying to help him learn to treat women with more respect.

More than likely this is all a publicity stunt for the new album. Plus it's an excuse for him not outselling Kanye on September 11th. Curtis you couldn't outsell Kanye with a two week head start. We hope that the rumor of him quitting if he doesn't outsell Kanye are true and if he does sell more than 300,000 we're looking into who bought all those albums. Check the video below and remember to call your girlfriend by her name.

Gander On!

New Video Akon "Sorry, Blame It On Me"

A little over a month ago Akon released this song on his Myspace page and it gained popularity and radio play. It's mixed messaage of I'm sorry and It's really your fault but the video is decent and is complete with cameo from Ashley Judd. Enjoy

Gander On!

Announcing The Slow Drip Newsletter!

Don't you hate it when you search all over the internets to find the album leak your looking for and then when you finally find it the link is dead. We know we do and even though we try to keep our leak links fresh for our faithful readers sometimes it gets to be a bit difficult.

As a solution we are announcing that next week we will release via email the first issue of The Slow Drip! It might have a few news items, rants and raves and so forth. The most important thing it will have though is a complete list and links to all of the weeks leaks from singles to albums and beyond. All links will be exclusive to Slow Drip subscribers and guaranteed to work. So if they get out and get taken down you'll only have your fellow subscribers to blame.

As a bonus the one hundredth subscriber to The Slow Drip will win a prize package full of CD's, DVD,s and other items. To subscribe leave your email in the comments section or send us one with the subject line "The Slow Drip." We're looking forward to providing you our loyal readers with the most comprehensive leak listings around.


Gander On!

Pearl Jam Says "Don't Go BP Amoco"

Apparently ATT wasn't able to censor everything PJ had to say at Lollapalooza last weekend. In response to reports that BP Amoco was dumping it's waste into Lake Michigan Eddie asked the crowd to stop going to all BP Amoco gas stations and he even wrote a song to help them remember. Also the band has posted both the censored and uncensored versions of their performance on their website for comparison. Last but not least if you would like to download the entire Lollapalooza performance our friend over at Deaf Indie Elephants have provide a convenient .zip file for you. Download "Don't Go BP Amoco" or the entire Lollapalooza performance below.

Download Pearl Jam "Don't Go BP Amoco"

Download Pearl Jam Live At Lollapalooza Entire Performance.
Gander On!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Did ATT Censor Pearl Jam Lollapalooza Show?

As many of you know At Att's Blue Room you can stream live shows from many of the popular festivals throughout the year, Coachella, (Our Favorite) Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, etc. During Pearl jam's performance this past Sunday AT&T conveniently muted a portion of the show in which Eddie utters these lyrics to Pink Floyd's "Another Brick In The Wall"

“George Bush, leave this world alone.” and
“George Bush find yourself another home.”

The band posted the letter below on their website today, in which ATT claims it was a mistake by their content monitor.

When asked about the missing performance, ATT informed Lollapalooza that portions of the show were in fact missing from the webcast, and that their content monitor had made a mistake in cutting them. During the performance of “Daughter” the following lyrics were sung to the tune of Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall” but were cut from the webcast:
- “George Bush, leave this world alone.” (the second time it was sung); and
- “George Bush find yourself another home.”

Eddie used this opportunity to bring up net neutrality and whether companies have the right to determine what is and is not broadcast on their sites.

All we have to say is that ATT picked the wrong band to mess with. Pearl Jam is now asking it's fans to report any other examples they have witnessed of performances with political content being censored.

The band has posted the complete version of the song on their website and ATT clams it will put up the complete performance at some point in time. Gander On!

New Music Video - Hot Hot Heat "Let Me In"

Hot Hot Heat - Let Me In

Add to My Profile | More Videos Gander On!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

W32. Deletemusic Virus, Erasing Music At A Computer Near You

We're going to be the first to start the conspiracy theory that the music industry is behind this new mp3 deleting computer virus. What a great way to generate cd sales. Best part about it all though is the virus only works on windows computers so it looks like our G5's and Powerbooks are A Ok. Seriously though people check the article below and update your virus protection or you only have yourself to blame for losing your entire collection of Hall and Oates B-sides

Courtesy of Gigwise
A new computer virus - entitled, W32. Deletemusic - is posing a threat to MP3 collections around the world.

Industry professionals have said that the worm will eat all MP3’s that it finds on a users hard drive, as well as any on an external memory device that may be attached to the computer.

Ian Yarlott, of Trend Micro, the internet security group, said that if the deletemusic worm infects an external memory card that it “can then spread the worm to any other computer it is put into, something that could cause misery for thousands of music fans.”

Besides suggesting that users ensure their anti-virus software is up to date so that they don’t lose their favourite Killers tracks, Mr Yarlott added: “It always pays to think before attaching an external memory card to your computer. Having all of your music on your hard drive and not backing it up is asking for trouble – try to back it up on to a DVD for safe keeping."

The worm affects PCs running on Windows 2000, 95, 98, Me, NT, Server 2003, XP and Vista., reports The Times. Gander On!

New Video Chemical Brothers "The Salmon Dance"

Fatlip and Sammy the Salmon introduce you to a new dance and we love it. SOmetimes we sit at home and wish the fish in our tank could give us useful bits of salmon trivia while propducing killer beats and teaching us how to do their new dance all at the same time. This has to be one of the best videos of the year!
Gander On!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

MTV News: VMAs Announced

So...let me get this right, people still make music videos? And MTV shows these videos? Where? I have seen JT rocking the small screen lately...on HBO promos. Oh, the VMAs are in Vegas? I'm on board.

MTV will air a two-hour Video Music Awards program on September 9th, not live from The Palms in Las Vegas. Even before TiVo we would have no problem missing the initial broadcast, as a re-air would appear routinely. However, this year Music TeleVision will "remix" the show and broadcast these episodes on-air and online.

The nominations were announced today. Justin Timberlake and Beyonce each scored seven nods. Hopefully this exposure will get their careers moving. A new category was also announced: Most Earth-Shattering Collaboration. This humdinger of a category could turn into the "Survivor Series" of the music world. I'd love to hear who our readers think were left off the list. Also, post your picks in the comments sections...

Below are MJs picks for the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards:

Best New Artist
Amy Winehouse

Female Artist of the Year

Male Artist of the Year
Justin Timberlake

Best Group
The White Stripes

Quadruple Threat of the Year
Jay-Z (Sleeper pick: Bono)

Video of the Year
Justin Timberlake - "What Goes Around...Comes Around"
Gander On!

Academy says no more to music mailings...

The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences has banned the music composers and songwriters typically send voting members of the academy. Says Variety, "The era of the 'for your consideration' soundtrack is over." The new rule bans the mailing of, "recordings, sheet music (and) music videos of eligible songs or scores." The Acad hopes this will encourage voters to consider the music within the film's context only. The decision is nuanced and met with opposition from many entities. No one will miss the often 'limited edition' pressings more than good 'ol Ebay. Gander On!

Kanye West "Graduation" Tracklist

Kanye teams up with T-Pain, Mos Def, Al-B, DJ Premier, Lupe and Pharrell on the new album. We can't wait for September 11th to get here. Mainly because we can't wait for Mr. Curtis Jackson to get stomped out on the charts. Check the tracklist below.

1. Good Morning
2. Homecoming (Featuring Chris Martin)
3. Stronger
4. Champion
5. Good Life (Featuring T-Pain)
6. I Wonder
7. Even More Broke Phi Broke (Skit)
8. Can’t Tell Me Nothing
9. Drunk and Hot Girls (Featuring Mos Def)
10. Everything I Am (Scratches By DJ Priemier)
11.Good Night (Featuring Mos Def & Al Be)
12. Big Brother
13. Graduation (Skit)
14. The Glory
15. CRS (Featuring Lupe Fiasco and Pharrell) Gander On!

Lauryn Hill Does Free Concert...Still Crazy Though.

Courtesy of RollingStone

Last night at Brooklyn, New York’s Wingate Field, a crowd of thousands was braced for a major event. Lauryn Hill was playing a free concert in Crown Heights on a muggy summer’s night just weeks after both of her Fugee bandmates had gone to the press complaining that she is the reason their reunion is falling apart.

There were so many questions hovering in the humidity based on her erratic performances of the past few years. Would Hill show up? How late would she be? Would she wear a crazy outfit, or fall down or go off on a rant? Some of the thousands waiting to find out had been lined up since early in the afternoon. Hundreds who showed up too late were milling about outside the gates, while at the back gate, Hill’s older brother tried to get a crew of family members inside. “I’m Lauryn Hill’s brother,” he told the guard. “Well, that’s unfortunate,” security responded, staring in his face. “You’re going to have to prove it.” Soon, the Hill family was whisked backstage, as Senator Charles Schumer made his way out. Out on the sidewalk, people were pressed up against the fences. Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz appeared onstage, promising the audience, “Lauryn Hill is here. She’s here, that’s the most important thing. Gander On for the rest.”

When Hill did make her entrance in front of an eleven-piece band and three backup singers, her face was heavily made up, but lovely. Her afro was the color of rust, and heavy jewelry dangled everywhere. She was overdressed for the heat in a long-sleeved ruffled blouse, oversized leather fringed vest, wide-legged plaid pants and platform shoes, almost as if she was mocking someone — maybe even herself. And the music sounded like Hill looked: They were her hit songs from The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, but played over unrecognizable reggae rhythms and Afro-beat ska arrangements. She sang the favorites the crowd came to hear, but fans couldn’t sing along because they didn’t know these melodies, and because, well, Hill wasn’t even singing. She was scatting and chanting and shuffling about. She performed an energetic rendition of “Lost Ones” fused with Bob Marley’s “Natty Dread” and then “Final Hour” melded with Peter Tosh’s “Downpressor Man,” and “Zion” blended with Marley’s “Iron, Lion, Zion.” Sometimes it sounded beautiful, sometimes it sounded like babble. Each song — upbeat, percussive basslines beneath Hill’s rough, repetitive chanting — was at least ten minutes long. The crowd sat in a collective stare, not quite sure what to make of it.

“Brooklyn, y’all remember this song?” Hill asked as she introduced the unrequited-love jam “Ex Factor.” Her face was scrunched as she scatted and pleaded, “I just took your word for it, baby, I just took your word for it,” repeating the words over and over and over again. “I want you to live for me, stop your compromising, I want you to live for me.”

After a brief Bob Marley set featuring “Zimbabwe” and “Hammer,” Hill announced, “Ladies and gentlemen, my voice is strained, but I’m gonna slow it down and try to sing you this love song.” The song was Roberta Flack’s “The First Time Ever I saw Your Face,” and finally, for the first time all night, Hill sang. The crowd cheered her on enthusiastically. “I got fired because I’m missing work! I got fired because of you!” a female fan shouted, “You better bring it on! Sing me a song, baby!” As Lauryn belted out the ballad, her voice became less hoarse. Some of that rich smoothness returned.

After showing the crowd she’s still got it, Hill launched into uptempo ska versions of all of the Fugees hits from their 1996 multiplatinum breakout album The Score. Fans got on their feet, dancing along with “How Many Mics,” “Fu-Gee-La” and “Zealots,” but when she rapped, her harsh flow came out as a strange staccato stuttering. She shuffled and spun and kicked her leg high up in the air with emphasis. Though her performance was shaky, her energy never wavered. On “Ready or Not,” Hill rapped all three verses, sounding more familiar on Pras and Wyclef’s parts than her own. “Killing Me Softly” excited the audience further, and all of Winthrop Field sang along.

“Before we go, I got a question for you Brooklyn,” Hill said as she wound down. “It’s a really, really valid question.” She then sang the Shirelle’s 1960 classic “Will You Love Me Tomorrow,” perhaps testing her fans loyalty, though they were still right there with her. The two-hour-plus show closed with the forewarning but fun-loving “Doo Wop (That Thing)” and everyone’s hands darted into the air. Lauryn Hill was spinning like a funk star ruling her own little world. “Good to see you,” she said as she exited the stage, “Very good to see you!” Hill waved and waved like she didn’t want to leave. A moment later, she ducked back out with one of her sons in her arms, and waved goodbye, one last time.

Laura Checkoway
Gander On!

Lily Allen Gets Stripped Searched And Locked Up

Courtesy of Idolator

Lily Allen's US visa has been canceled after a Sunday night run-in with the U.S. Department of Immigration at LAX, during which she was strip-searched (ooh!), locked in a cell for five hours (eww!), and quizzed about her recent altercation with a paparazzo outside a London nightclub (don't these people read the tabloids?).

Allen is allowed to stay in the States for the rest of her current trip--which includes a stop in Vegas, where she'll celebrate the MTV Video Music Awards kickoff and shoot a video with Kanye West, who's clearly going for the Stereogum demo these days--but whether or not she'll be able to come back into the country and tour the West Coast this fall is dependent on how authorities here are feeling about her. Showing off her third nipple is probably out, as far as efforts to impress them go. If only more bloggers worked for the Feds! Gander On!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Blaqk Audio "Cexcells" Album Leak

We were diggin these guys last week after hearing a couple songs and now after hearing the entire alum we're diggin them even more. Cexcells is out on August 14th so make sure to grab it!

Download Blaqk Audio Cexcells

Gander On!

New Foo FIghters "The Pretender"

On Friday the internets were flooded with this track after it was debuted on KROQ. "The Pretender," starts off with an intro that sounds similar to "Stairway To Heaven" but proceed to quickly break out of that mold. Driving guitar and a anthemic chorus make this a great first single for the new album. Dave and the boys seriously bring the rock on this new track and we hope it stays that way fro the rest of the album. Echos, Silence, Patience, and Grace
hits stores on September 25th Gander On for the tracklist.

Download Foo Fighters "Pretender"

Tracklist for Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace is as follows (sequence TBD):

The Pretender
Let It Die
Long Road To Ruin
Come Alive
Stranger Things Have Happened
Cheer Up, Boys (Your Make-Up Is Running)
Summers End
Ballad Of The Beaconsfield Miners
But, Honestly
Gander On!

Friday, August 3, 2007

9th Wonder Goes Solo With Dream Merchant Vol. 2

On October 9th, 9th wonder will drop The Dream Merchant Vol. 2, his much anticipated solo album. After producing records for some of the biggest names in hip hop and R&B(Jay-Z, Destiny's Child, Mary J. Blige, Mos Def etc. etc. etc.) and collaborating with Phonte and Big Pooh on several Little Brother albums 9th decided to fulfill a dream born six years ago in his Uncle's basement. Oh yeah did we also mention 9th is teaching a class entitled Hip-Hop In Context 1973-1997 at his alma mater NCCU with Chris Martin From Kid N Play.

So your probably asking yourself. Where did 9th find time to track down and collab all the artists on his upcoming album? Coming from 9th it sounds pretty easy.

"Basically it came down to who wanted to work with me. I wanted to work with a group of artists where some you had heard of and some you haven’t, but all in all wanted to work with me, without having to go through 50 different people to get to the artist. The artists that are on the album are cats who genuinely wanted to do music with me. That was more important to me then anything else."

We're big fans of Little Brother and 9th has produced some classic records already. On top of that when you do an album with artists that are hungry to work with you and not the other way around you have a formula for great music. Gander On for an amazing tracklist and look for The Dream Merchant Vol. 2 on Six Hole/Hall of Justus records on October 9th.

Dream Merchant Vol. 2 Tracklist

1 Mr. Dream Merchant Intro
2 Shots f/Big Dho & Sean Price
3 Merchant Of Dreams f/The EMBASSY, Skyzoo & Torae
4 Brooklyn In My Mind f/ Mos Def, Jean Grae & Memphis Bleek
5 Sunday f/Keisha Shontelle & Chaundon
6 Baking Soda f/Big Treal
7 Reminisce (Take Time) f/Big Remo & The Great Novej of the A.L.L.I.E.S.
8 No Time To Chill f/Little Brother
9 It Aint Over ft. Jozee Mo & Tyler Woods
10 The Last Time f/ Royce the 5'9, Naledge & Vandalyzm, The D, The Chi & The Lou
11 Saved f/Saigon & Joe Scudda
12 Milky Lowa ft. Camp Lo
13 Backlash f/Sean Boog & Buckshot
14 Thank You f/ D.O.X & O-Dash
15 Let It Bang f/Ness & Skyzoo
16 What Makes A Man f/Rapper Big Pooh & Buddy Klein
Gander On!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

How An Album Becomes A Leak

Idolator pointed us towards this great article on album leaks written by Douglas Wolk for Spin Magazine. Since we ourselves have a habit of posting leaks we found it very interesting and informative. It's a great read if you've got time. Check it below and Gander On for the rest of the article.

Courtesy of Spin Magazine

Despite labels' efforts to keep new music under wraps, it's no longer a question of if an album will appear online before its official release date, but rather when and how. Here's why.

On the afternoon of May 30, Jack White called Chicago radio station Q101 in a very bad mood. The White Stripes' frontman was in Spain at the time, but he'd gotten word that the station's DJ Electra had played the band's Icky Thump in its entirety a couple of hours earlier. The album wasn't scheduled to be released for another three weeks, and now a murky copy that somebody recorded off the radio was racing around the Internet. So White called Electra to chew her out for "messing up the entire music business" and for leaking his record, even though it had obviously leaked already -- that's how Q101 got it.

The station's music director, Brett "Spike" Eskin, says that a fan from his DJ days in Philadelphia had sent him a link to a file of Icky Thump, which somebody -- no one's saying who -- had uploaded to the file-sharing transfer service YouSendIt. "We downloaded the record, I told Electra that we had it, and then I contacted [the White Stripes' label] Warner Bros. and told them that we had the record and were going to play it." Q101 often plays freshly leaked albums, and it had aired another Warner Bros. leak, Linkin Park's Minutes to Midnight, a few weeks earlier. This time, Spike says, the station's contact at the label "told me he'd never tell me not to do it, but that this was going to make his life hell."

"Our listeners want to hear new music as soon as it's available," says Electra. "We're just reacting to the way it's becoming available."

There used to be a sort of gentleman's agreement about new records: On the announced release date, they'd appear in stores, and magazines, newspapers, and radio stations would pretend that they'd suddenly sprung into existence on that particular Tuesday morning (or, in the case of a few big names, Monday at midnight). The only way to hear them earlier was to be in the music industry or a member of the press.

All that, of course, was before file-sharing became rampant -- not just through old-fashioned peer-to-peer services, but by virtue of new technologies that can spread recordings widely and quickly. Nowadays, there is no such thing as an album that can't be heard before its release date. Absolutely everything leaks. The question is when and how, and what that means for the future of music.

The headquarters of MediaDefender are in an upscale Santa Monica office park, just down the hall from Mantra Films Inc. (the corporate home of Girls Gone Wild). Near the entrance, there's a large room that belongs to the "leak team." On its walls are whiteboards with the airdates of popular TV shows written in erasable marker. The solemn-looking twentysomethings seated in front of their terminals, most wearing headphones, are scanning the Internet -- file-sharing services, BitTorrent indexes, chat channels, newsgroups, blogs, whatever -- to identify exactly when stuff leaks.

The bread and butter of MediaDefender's business is interfering with unauthorized file-sharing: disseminating fake files, clogging uploaders' queues, disrupting downloads. To advertise their services, they provide record labels and film and TV studios with information on exactly when and where releases have leaked. But since everything leaks, what good does it do to know when? "Honestly, sometimes I wonder myself," says the company's president, Octavio Herrera. "But the labels always want to be the ones to tell the management and artist that their music has leaked."

Other companies offer similar content-protection services, including Macrovision, MediaSentry, and Web Sheriff, whose specialty is sending polite please-take-this-down-thanks e-mails. But no matter how many download attempts they manage to foil, these operations still act as nothing more than a speed bump. Eric Garland, CEO of BigChampagne, which monitors online media, says the company's research has determined that someone hell-bent on finding a record won't be discouraged by hassle. "Virtually one hundred percent of the time, somebody seeking a popular song will get a free copy of it," he says.

The technological advance that made new-album leaks universal was the rise of BitTorrent, a protocol that makes it very easy to download entire albums in high-quality audio. The hottest spots for pre-release leaks are public torrent-tracker sites such as the Pirate Bay, Torrentspy, and TorrentReactor, as well as the private, password-protected Demonoid, TorrentLeech, IndieTorrents, and the British site OiNK, which practically has a velvet rope around it. OiNK is accessible strictly by invitation, meticulous about the quality of the files its members offer, and quick to bounce patrons who don't abide by its stringent rules, which demand that members upload as much as they download. And for the anonymous and secretive founders of the site, the first rule of OiNK is: You do not talk about OiNK.

More recently, services like YouSendIt, Megaupload, and RapidShare have made it simple to upload an entire album as a single zipped file. Album blogs, or .rar blogs, mostly set up on anonymity-friendly services like Blogger, have been popping up like mushrooms; some write a little about the records they're posting, but others just stick up cover art, a track listing, and a download link for dozens of albums a day. And there are bulletin boards and LiveJournal groups devoted to posting download links to new albums as soon as they surface. "I love music; what I don't love is having an album hyped to be the best ever, then buying it to find out it's a dud," writes the anonymous curator of one album blog, the Leak Source, by way of justification.

Of course, the old-guard industry is freaking out about this; neither Capitol, Interscope, nor Warner Bros. would comment on the record for this story. Increasingly, advance copies of major artists' releases are few in number and carefully guarded, even if it's at the expense of long-lead press coverage. The new Linkin Park album, for instance, wasn't given to anyone at all -- reportedly, no one but the band members and their manager had copies before the album was sent off to the plant. Despite the extra security, Minutes to Midnight still leaked 11 days early (after a CD is manufactured in bulk and sent out to distributors two weeks or so before the official release date, there's no containing it) but sold a healthy 623,000 copies its first week. Would that number have been different if it had leaked even earlier? "I don't think anyone's come up with a direct correlation as far as how it affects numbers," says Martin Hall, publicist for Merge Records, whose big releases for the year, Arcade Fire's Neon Bible and Spoon's Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, both leaked more than a month before their release dates.

Even though one industry source claims that 75 percent of leaks come from journalists, most artists rely on the boost they get from reviews, so they need to send out promotional copies. The major labels (and some well-heeled independents with a high-profile release to protect) now regularly resort to digitally "watermarking" advance copies, whose audio is encoded with a signal identifying each individual copy or rendering the album unplayable on a computer. That can get pricey -- according to Aaron Sperling, operations manager of the watermarking firm Sonic Arts, the process can run $4.60 a disc -- but it at least allows labels to trace where a leak originated by matching the encrypted code with the advance copy it was assigned to. "Leaks come from all over," Sperling says. "Sometimes songwriters, sometimes press. But if it happens five to seven days before the release, the album is a finished copy from the warehouse, and that won't have a watermark."

Even if the culprit is found, there isn't much a label can do about it. "It's not like we're gonna hunt that person down and give him 50 lashes," says Hall. "We just get an idea where the leak came from and send that person a sternly worded e-mail. If we find some legitimate outlet that's putting up a track from the record, we'll ask them to take it down, but we can't track down every blogger." However, when three songs from Animal Collective's Strawberry Jam leaked in June, nearly three months early, a terse press release was issued stating that the guilty party had been forced to write a letter of apology to the label, Domino Records, and "got in more trouble than you care to hear about." So maybe public shaming is the last viable deterrent?

Though they may have less at stake than the majors, indie labels are able to see the bright side of inevitable leakage, or are at least more accepting of the new reality. "It's only gonna hurt you if your record sucks," says Hall. "The way we look at this, and I think the majority of our bands agree, is: It's getting the record out there and getting people talking about the album. We don't have to add to that discussion, we don't have to advertise that it's available, but if you put out a good record, people are still going to buy it." As an insurance policy of sorts, the Spoon album will be sold with a bonus disc intended to encourage die-hard fans who downloaded the record prematurely to pony up for the official version. Hall also notes that the fact that the Shins' Wincing the Night Away, on Sub Pop, leaked more than three months before it was in stores "didn't seem to hurt them much -- it debuted at No. 2." (So, for that matter, did Neon Bible.)

Sub Pop A&R rep Stuart Meyer concurs. "The Shins album sold 118,000 copies its first week, which was beyond our expectations," he says. "Would it have sold more than that five or ten years ago? Probably -- but 118,000 for a band like that is pretty amazing."

Iron & Wine's new Sub Pop album, The Shepherd's Dog, isn't due out till September 25, but it had already leaked by mid-June, appearing, as the Shins album did, on the Radiohead fan site The leak, says Meyer, came from a watermarked press copy -- he's not saying whose -- and the accused is claiming it must have been somebody in his office who had stolen and then uploaded the album. "It's a bummer for the artist and for us," Meyer says, "but the days when nobody could hear a record until the release date are over. You have to look beyond the blog world; you have to appeal to people who aren't paying attention to leaks." And he's happy to note that the feedback has been great. "I was reading a thread about Iron & Wine on and was surprised that a lot of people on there want to wait for the album until September -- they don't want to be sick of it by the time the onslaught starts. I was kind of heartened by that." However, for the new Postal Service record, due Christmas Day, the label will take no chances and will, as Linkin Park and many major artists do, simply withhold the product altogether. "I bet we only send it to, like, five people," Meyer says. "I bet that record gets nowhere and no one hears it until December 25."

In any case, according to Q101's Spike, not even major labels necessarily object to a little black-market buzz. "I have an e-mail from the head of promotion at Capitol Records," he says, "with a printout of songs that we played from a leak of the Beastie Boys album [The Mix-Up], saying, 'Thanks for all the airplay, bro. I will never cease-and-desist you or tell you not to play any of my records.' The sentiment out there is, it's so hard to get songs on the radio now that if you're going to get that kind of publicity, you should probably just be thankful."

If labels can't stop the tide of early leaks, they can at least use the technology to their advantage. ("If you can't beat 'em, join 'em," says Sub Pop's Meyer.) The Nine Inch Nails songs that turned up on flash drives hidden in bathrooms on their European tour early this year were part of the band's viral marketing campaign -- if fans feel like they've gotten an illicit copy of a new song by their favorite artist, that just builds buzz. (Not that one hand necessarily knows what the other is doing. Q101, in fact, aired one of those Nine Inch Nails songs, "My Violent Heart," and got slapped with a cease-and-desist order from NIN's label, Interscope.) And although the labels are loath to cop to this increasingly common practice, leaks are also a useful way to gauge the public's interest in songs without having to make the promotional investment an actual release requires. If a leaked MP3 doesn't stir up much interest on the Internet, it's probably smart for the artist to go back to the studio instead of shooting a video.

If there was ever really a battle over leaks, it's already been decided. Many hip-hop artists have gotten into the habit of releasing a steady trickle of material digitally, as soon as it's recorded. Radiohead have suggested they're thinking about doing the same, and the English band Ash recently announced that their new album will be their last recorded in a full-length format. Wilco's Jeff Tweedy told Spin earlier this year that he misses the "waiting for Christmas morning" anticipation that greeted old-fashioned release dates, "but at the same time, all the things people do to prevent [leaks] from happening just seem so counterproductive and just seem like so much wasted energy. I don't think bands should go out of their way to try and stop people from hearing their music."

There's a lyric from one of Tweedy's recent (and yes, leaked-months-before-release-and-no-they-didn't-mind) songs, "What Light," that puts it a different way:

If the whole world's singing your songs
And all of your paintings have been hung
Just remember what was yours is everyone's from now on
And that's not wrong or right
But you can struggle with it all you like
You'll only get uptight.<
Gander On!