Monday, August 27, 2007

Campers Literally Light Shit Up At Warped Tour

A few weekends ago the Gorge played host to The Warped Tour and one evening in the camping area things got a little out of control. Five people were arrested, some portable toilets were set ablaze, police were pelted with bottles and rocks, and a fire truck had it's windshield shattered. Eventually everything was brought under control but one of our readers let us know that the morning after there was only one usable toilet in the campgrounds. All this means that security will be even greater next year and the Warped Tour may have to find another venue. If only these kids would have thought of true punk Gigi Allen and started throwing shit instead of lighting it on fire, this all could have been avoided.

Travis over at Ear Candy was able to track down some video of the incident, check it out below.

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