Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hot Hot Heat And Another One Of Those Making Of The Record Videos

It seems like every band is putting out a youtube video of them making their new record. It's the new indie thing to do. A couple of cheap hand held cameras, iMovie, and your fifteen year old brothers PR firm and kablammo you've got viral marketing. Hot Hot Heat are going the way of Tegan and Sara and giving it to us in installments. Check out the first one below along with a link to downlaod their new single "Let Me In" which is quickly climbing our itunes playlist. The video's not bad and really seems to be the most genuine of ones we've seen so far, showing the band actually arguing over parts of a song and getting on each others nerves until finally reconciling in the studio to vibe together. Big thanks to our friends at Filter for the tip.

Download Hot Hot Heat - "Let Me In"

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