Friday, May 30, 2008

"Everyone Has A Fucking Beard Here" - The Rainn Wilson Interview

George, WA -- I found Rainn Wilson to be a kind of guy. Not only does he have ties to Eastern Washington, but he's into Ninjas (I'll get to that) and seemingly everywhere at once. Like the small biplane circling the Gorge hour after hour, signage for his latest film The Rocker streaming behind, Mr. Wilson's brilliant, over-the-top acting presence has become omnipresent. As Rainn and I hung out on the side of the Sasquatch Music Festival's Mainstage in, we couldn't help but notice the small plane circling around and around. "I wish they would shoot that plane down…(He fires me a no-shit, but playfully exasperated look) It's too much, don't you think?" He said it, almost adopting the classic self-depreciating spirit of any great indi-rocker, and saving me one complaint. I agree these festivals have become over-saturated with marketing departments and promotional street teams, though instead of asking Mr. Wilson his take on the Fleet Foxes (who were performing as we chatted) I had to inquire about his next (ninja) picture, Bonzai Shadowhands.

"Imagine…Just Imagine the most fucked-up version of Karate Kid. That's Bonzai Shadowhands." Sold. The Fox Searchlight film will be directed by Jason Reitman (Juno, Thank You for Smoking). will keep you update as to the progress of this dark comedy about a depressed former master ninja.

Gazing upon the miles of God's golden country, we discussed The Office star's thoughts on Eastern Washington. "If Yakima is the armpit of Washington State, then Wapato is like the infested mole encrusted within that armpit." One should point out Rainn's wife (Author Holiday Reinhorn) hails from Wapato. The two met at the University of Washington's Hutchinson Hall in '85 and still frequent their vacation cottage in Sisters, OR. Surrounded by the malnourished and dehydrated, I found it refreshing to hear they still kick around our native Eastern Washington.

"Everyone has a fucking beard here." And he was right. These apathetic neo-hippies have no hygiene, no manners. Shave? Fuck, how about a shower! After a night of spreading herpes from tent to tent, these hardcore red-state rockers reak of BO and bud. Many of them are sporting red and white bandanas adorning the former SNL host's film The Rocker. For the role, Mr. Wilson worked with drum coach Stewart Johnson in LA.

As for real rockers, The Flaming Lips were at the top of the list for Rainn. He also professed a love for the Cold War Kids, whose show Mr. Wilson caught later on the sidestage. You could see he was completely into their set and engaged with their music. I think Rainn Wilson loves music, community, and people in general. Rolling Stone tapped him to blog for them (read it here) and interview Rogue Wave. Gander On!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Back to Reality...The last Four Days was incredible...More to come! Gander On!

Drive Safely

The.hands of mother nature washed the children away.
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Shameless Promotion of

The flaming lips at Sasquatch. Breath. Wow. Epic.

Remember rockers of the gorge, keep an eye on for all the best photos and interviews from this festival. We promise to continue to bring you the feeling of being there. Whether you are following from your tent on the grounds, your blackberry in the parking lot mess, or simply following one of the finest festivals in the world, we will speak to and for you. We will listen to you. We will slap you upside your acid-soaked brain. We are the Sasquatch music festival, and of course, we love you.

Thank you Gorge.
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Monday, May 26, 2008

The Flaming Lips

The UFO has landed.

Only the 3rd time they have ever played...Led

20 naked women just overtook the stage.

Fuck blogs, we gotta get unto this. God speed my friends.
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Mars Volta

Finally someone has the balls to stand up to Gorge security during their set. Omar is slamming, fucking, and throwing everything on stage, including photogs cameras! Don't get in fucking way! Rock and roll is back at this gorge. The Volta is currently in charge of this world.
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Electric. Words don't describe. We are in love. Going to buy the CD from Easy Street on our way to Flight of the Concords on the Mainstage!
Gander On!


Check them out. They are rocking the Yeti and its living up to all the hype. I had the chance to chat with the lead singer before he walked on stage. He was super relaxed and friendly.

Just left an interview with Matt Costa. Check back later for the full interview and killer photos. We've got all the scoop on Mr. Costa, we know you are craving it!
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Festival fashion.

Ladies. If you didn't know yet, headbands are back. big small, pink and black.
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The Hives work the main stage better than anyone

Yes! The Hives are on! You have never heard someone scream, "Sasquatch!". On stage banter: "Its hot here. Really hot, not the weather, but me!". You must love these Swedes. They have the pit hoping on beat and it is a beautiful thing!

This band has the energy you also possess in your rockstar dreams. Every time. I got me a ticket!
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Matt Costa

He is the new Paul Simon. But sexy, hip, wearing a belt buckle, and playing the ,ol harmonica. We give him style points for consistently wearing interesting hats.
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Matt Costa

Dude is killing it. He truly is Beattles esque. The sun is shining and so is Matty! No side stage show this time. With a cowboy hat on, Mr. Costa is paying it forward once again.
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We are being restricted by technology. Not enough juice or plugs out here in nowhere.
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Day 3

We have entered the labrynth that is Day two. Beating down the long path to the amph that has been refer ed to as the Trail of tears. As I ask the guy walking next to me, How do you spell labrynth, I realize I'm talking to Michael Ian Black. Approaching the site parking lot, we overhear the familiar best of 40 Ounces of Freedom. As the goose himself would say, your festival day has not begin until you hear Sublime in the parking lot. My new friend and I reminisced about replaying sublime so much 10 years ago, its hard to stomach these days.

Gander On!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Cure

Death Cab who? We're so over Benni G at the Gorge. The Cure are on and you can feel their influence. They fucking changed the way music was made in that day and many days after. This may be the last time many here see these pioneers, enjoy! The Gorge of yesteryear owes a lot to the scene made by The Cure. L et's just hope those sitting on the lawn appreciate the forgotten decade.
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Flying Tortillas

A new festival favourite! Someone has been tossing flour tortillas into the crowd.

Editor's Note - This also happened at last years Vegoose Festival. During Michael Franti and Spearhead. We see a trend emerging. Gander On!

The Kooks

Just went on. 30 mins late. Filled the Wookie meadow. This band has a helluva following. Lovin it!
Gander On!

Sarah Calhoun and The Blakes

A very fitting name, this alt-country rocker is hot! Members from all the earlier yeti stage bands are there rocking with her in support. The fiddle player is in her own world, but she is the perfect addition to this act. If you have the chance, check out Sarah Calhoun ASAP!!!

Before her set The Blakes tore it down, built it back up, then let it on fire. Some new tunes from the boys have us super stoked for the next LP.

Now off to watch the Kooks!
*Sent via MJ's BlackBerry* Gander On!

Cold war kids cover

The cold war kids finished their set with a built to spill cover. Very rocking! Crowd loved it.
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T and S

Tegan tells the crowd the Ted, the guitarist, is staying in the camp grounds. Wonder if he is anywhere near our comfort station 4...
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Tegan and Sara!

Are on now. Welcome back girls! Gander On!

J Tillman on Yeti

J Tillman just went off. Great show, included a cover of Freebird. He is signing at the East Street station at 3:30.
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Truckasauras on the Yeti Stage

Coming on after The Maldives and before J. Tillman, Truck is breaking out all their gadget wizardry and bringing back the sun, maybe.

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Tri City Herald

It's about fucking time.

The largest publication in 150 miles is finally covering the festival. Wow. Are they getting their act together? Jeremy from the Herald, he didn't give his last name, is starting an Arts and Entertainment magazine with the Herald and will also be writing a weekly column in the Tri cycle (look for that in the Entertainment Section on Fridays). Gander On!

The Maldives: Let it Rain!

The Maldives were able to squeeze in two songs before their set became waterlogged. No worries though, the show went on swingingly. There are like 14 guys on stage and they are each very talented craftsmen, working away through their set seemlessly. One member of the band, a second percussionist, looks about 15 and certainly stands out next to 6 guys who could each be a tractor salesmen. I was sold and we will have pics up soon!
Gander On!

Day Two Sasquatch is on

Its raining! Surprise! After the downpour last night during REM (check back for the best pics of the complete show) we are back on site and underway with the second of three days. Campers awoke to glorious sun and warm weather. Bathroom line: 120 mins. Festival front gate: 45 mins
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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Rainn Wilson

Just finished up our time with Mr. Rainn "Dwight form the office" Wilson. Keep an eye out for that interview!
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Mia porn

MIA has all the lil ladies bouncing em! Ohhh! God damn, this is a dance party! MIA is killing it, pics to come!
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Comedy at Sasquatch

A comedy tent has been added to this year's lineup, and no one is more excited than I.

As for our friend Tim Meadows, what a great sport. He stood next with us in the back and laughed at the majority of really bad jokes told by the openers. You can see in his eyes the time and dedication to the craft. He is here because he truly enjoys working with these young, promising comedians.

Had to jam out early... Here's a run down...the First comedian- Matt Besser had a great line when he opened with, " I don't know the difference between Tegan and Sara.". Matt Walsh, who followed, reminded me of former WWE star Mankind. Who the duck is this guy? But he made us laugh a few times. Bitter better bitter butter routine. People looking around like.... Is this really going on? Then, a guy goes on, Aaron Nevil. This one goes out to. I love you. I don't know where they were going with this sketch, maybe its better I never do. This was a poor review, more in depth to come in the next days. Best! Gander On!

Whigging out

Three is an amazing, high-energy band from Athens. The whigs! Yeti stage!
Gander On!


"ukelelies are sensitive instruments. ". -lead singer of Beruit. Channeling don hoe!

The horns sections of beruit have all interested. The remind of a simpler AF and and old sound. Kj is in charge now. Things are shaping up for a huge festival and all are in good spirits as they continue to arrive. The children of northwestern rock have been steadily infesting the gorge campground for a solid 24 hours now.
Gander On!

In sasquatch!

We are in and has arrived. KJ and I are making nice with all the usual suspects. PI is here, ice cream man too. Fleet Foxes opened the fest to about 3,000 early entrants and gorgeous weather. There is a light breeze dusting the summer sun's heat right off all these fantastic festival goers. Say 75-80 with the wind chill. The lines have not been bad. Shower: 30 min. Front gate: 60 min.

Btw. Mj was allowed to cut the shower line. Thanks guys!
Gander On!

Sasquatch! Let me hear you!

Day one begins. Kyle and I begin the long journey to the amph. Fleet foxes are up soon. REM will close it out. Keep an eye over here all weekend long, is camping 4 nights and bringing you all the action!
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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Music Video - Cut Copy - "Hearts On Fire"

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

RZA plays Showbox in June

...The Wu is back.  Or at least Bobby Dig is back!  The RZA will be back in the Northwest next month.  The Showbox has announced our dear friend will be playing their SoDo location June 24th (presented by KUBE 93).  The show has been billed:  RZA as Bobby Digital featuring Stone Mecca.  Stone Mecca hails from LA and lays down ultra-funky beats that instantly transform you into Jackie Brown.  If you wanna get lucky tonight, visit your local watering hole, pick out a slump buster, take her back to your pad and put on their tune "Come Home."  That song gets us laid every time. Opening the evening will be The Saturday Knights, about whom Entertainment Tonight writes, "Underground rap hasn't sounded so fun since Pharcyde's early-90's heyday." How legendary would it be to see Robert Diggs and Tilson on stage together?!?  What a wonderful summer treat!  We recommend this as one of the summer's great shows!!! Gander On!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Taylor Swift

Is the Avril Lavine of country music.
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Saturday, May 17, 2008

"Neumos Changes?"

Three Imaginary Girls, Seattle's sparkly indie-pop press, has reported the rumor that Seattle Rock club, Neumos, could be facing changes soon.  Their sources cite a possible occupancy cut from 800 to 250 people.  Is the city eyeing that land?  First the Sonics, now Neumos?  

We attended the recent The Kills and Clinic performances at Neumos, where both shows were sold out and Gooseninja officials had difficulty in securing tickets, very uncool .  You could have shot a cannon through the place before the opener got started.  It did feel as though more people could have been accommodated and the atmosphere was comfortable.  

Gander On!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Kate Nash Live Update

Gearing up for the major European music festivals this summer, that sweet little Brit Kate Nash took the west coast by storm the past few weeks. We just can't get enough of her, so here's a little update on what she has been up to if you missed anything....

Last Night, Miss Nash closed the NME Awards USA Tour in LA at the Henry Fonda Theatre. She has been playing with The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players and last night invited
 14-year-old Rachel Trachtenburg on stage to drum with the band. Later in the evening, bouncers tried to remove Miss Trachtenburg from the side of the stage at which point Miss Nash stopped in the middle of her hit song, Foundations, and said, "I know it's not professional, but she's in the band, she's not leaving." You go girl!  See it below (Foundations at Henry Fonda Theatre)!

Kate played before a rowdy Friday night crowd at Seattle's historic Showbox Theatre (Market, 5/9/08). The crowd was so excited to have Miss Nash in town that they had to be routinely shushed. She was in great spirits and played two encores!  Read what the Seattle PI said about the show.

The Kate Nash Coachella set was fiery to say the least. Our sources tell us she had a big blowout with her boyfriend backstage after the show, which could have explained her intense stage demeanor. Regardless, the temperature was hot both figuratively and literally, and this was one show not to miss. One of the things we love most about Kate's performance is the heavy inclusion of percussion. At times, all the members of her band will be banging on something. And the beat runs deeper than just the drums, as Miss Nash uses her piano to pound her soul into each piano tune. We are huge fans of former Maccabees drummer Elliot Andrews. That guy can really pound! He adds a strong backbone to the music and instantly gives Miss Nash credibility in the world of rock. This does not imply she needs the credibility, but should be noted when your friends compare your love for Kate to just another chick-pop crush.

The Tonight Show With Jay Leno invited Kate to perform on Wednesday.  Thank you NBC!  You can watch the show HERE!

Visit Kate's Website today for a Free Download of a remix of her most-unique, B-side hit, Caroline's A Victim. This is a remix of our favorite Kate Nash song (Purple Rain excluded).  The website is still a work in progress...Can't wait to see what's been taking so long!
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