Monday, April 30, 2007

At The Airport.

Not many updates yesterday so here is what happened. I arrived for The Roots and saw one of the most memorable shows of the weekend. Next it was Willie Nelson where I got a great shot of Johnny Knoxville and Jay Chandraskar rocking out. Next was Crowded House, during the only song they have that most people would recognize a Rage Against the Machine fan hit him flush in the face with a water bottle, I got some great video after it happened. Manu Chau came out next and rocked the house, stirring the Rage fans into a frenzy. After Seven hours of standing in place and getting squished around I finally made it to the second row for Rage. The crowd was way to calm before Rage and you could feel that it was going to erupt when they came out and sure enough as soon as the first bass line hit the entire crowd began to swirl into a giant mosh pit. I would have gladly stood another day if I knew what I was in for, it was one og the single greatest experiences in my life. Thank You Rage, Coachella, and Everyone else for an amazing three days in the desert. Gander On!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Roots

Right now The Roots are playing a medley of songs. So far Jump On It, Get By, Just a Friend, I like it Raw, Award Tour,a snoop song I couldn't hear and Throw some D's on On it, this is why I,'m Hot, It's going down, I can't keep up. Great set so far. Gander On!

The Roots

Nw playing Jungle Boogie. Gander On!

Jimmy Hendrix

The Roots are covering Hendrix Machine Gun now, the have only played one of their own songs so far, this is amazing! Gander On!

The Roots

Are playing Bob Dylans Bastards of War. Unbelievable!!!!! Gander On!

Sitting in the car

Two guys holding signs that say I need Tickets. Ten feet away a guy on the corner holding up at least ten tickets. I hate scalpers. Gander On!

Props to the waiter!

I forgot my ticket at the house and the Ihop waiter made me remember. Disaster avoided! Thank You Hector! Gander On!

The Fratellis

The Fratellis went on late but it didn't matter. From the opening song the crowded tent was jumping up and down and singing along. Higlights of set included Flathead and after the band made sure to tell the crowd to buy ipods. A strokes cover was thrown in and the set could not have ended better as thousands of people started singing along to Sweet Caroline as they shuffled out to the next adventure. Gander On!

I Hoppin'

Having some breakfast at Ihop before we head to the show. Going to attempt to get to the rail for Rage Against the Machine . New game to try 20 questions but with actors and actress. Gander On!

Day two recap.

I stopped blogging because there was no service but here is the recap. After taking a nap after The Decemberists. And Kings of Leon I woke up to The Arcade Fire playing Intervention. The Sahara tent was the only place I went. Justice, LCD Soundsystem, and The Rapture kept me dancing for the next four hours. If you don't know about Laser Hands you soon will thanks to Nick and Chris. Day two was one to be remembered our collective spirit index went past twelve. Gander On!


Amazing set danced my ass off the end. Gander On!

Arcade Fire

I can't stop smiling, everyone is dancing it doesn't get any better than this. Looks like day two really took it's toll on people lots of sleeping people on the polo grounds. Gander On!

Drown Out

Couldn't really hear The Decemberists over Kings of Leon, it didn't sound good anyway. Thumbs down for me, first let down of the weekend. Gander On!

Entourage Sighting

Just saw the girl that plays Vince's girlfriend in the episode"The script and the Sherpa" Shes a Kings of Leon Fan. Gander On!


To find the coldest water go to the place serving the weirdest food. The flow of people is much less. Todays winner seafood stuffed artichokes. They were served cold and that turned a lot of people away. Gander On!

Why you hate your girlfriends

My camera wasn't quick enough to capture the look between two guys who had stood for forty five minutes in a sauna of a tent to see Peter, Bjorn and John and then after the first song have to leave because their girlfriends wanted to get water. Classic! Gander On!

Peter, Bjorn and John

I didn't think I was going to make it since the tent is about ten to fifteen degrees hotter than it is outside. I stuck it out and was glad I did. It wasn't one of the best shows of the weekend but the whistle song made it all worthwhile. It's time to hydrate and head to the Decemberists. Great whistle song video on Monday. Gander On!

The Tent Is an Inferno

Got close for pb and j just have to put up with the sauna in the tent. Gander On!

Hot Chip

They are killing it, sound great and the crowd is huge. It's going to be tough to get close for Peter, Bjorn and John. Gander On!

Regina Spektor

Fidelity sounded great, a cool breeze blew over me as it played and made it that nuch better. I was going to leave and go catcha little Hot Chip but she is sounding awsome. Gander On!

Laying in the Grass

Listening to Regina Spektor. She sounds great and it's great to relax after the Fratellis got me going. I can't wait until she plays Fidelity. Gander On!

Hot Hot Hot

Today is a lot hotter than yesterday and the vendors can't keep the water in the cooler long enough to get it cold. Nothing better than seventy degree water in ninety degree heat. Gander On!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Day Two

A quick Starbucks stop before we head to the festival. I'm hoping to have better service today but we'll see. First up today The Fratellis. Gander On!

On the way in.

Guy playing sign guitar. Sign says ice cold beer and wine. Gander On!

T-Shirt Idea.

Go Blog About it! Gander On!

Spirit Collectiveness

" Our collective spirit index goes to 11" Nick Mathisen. On the way with Christian, Nick and Chris, we juust passed the Palm Springs swap meet but can't stop. Group Decision to take Monroe into the festival and not Washington. Gander On!

Jesus and Mary Chain

If this reunion is the barometer for all the other bands reuniting this weekend we should be in store for a great weekend in the desert. Bad audio again for this show. Lots of feedback. What's the deal.

I will try to keep blogging but it's getting harder and harder to get a message out. Gander On!


Wow! Stephen Marley put on a show I will never forget. The sun was setting and after starting late the crowd was slowly letting the heat get to them. As soon as Marley hit the stage that was over. After singing the title track from his album Mind Control, Stephen launched into Buffalo Soldier with his brother Damien. They sang To Be Loved before Damien god the crowd jumping with Welcome to Jamrock from his 2005 album by th same name. To close the show it was Exodus and there wasn't a foot planted on the ground, everyone was jumping in unison and singing along. Thank you Marley brothers you were exactly what coachella needed today.

I got some great video and will hopefully post it tonight but there is no wifi at the house so it might have to wait. Gander On!

The flag waiver.

Stephen has the same guy Damien did. All he does is wave the Jamaican flag the entire set. It's awsome! Gander On!

Stephen Marley

Something wrong, they were supposed to go on twenty minutes ago. Coachella is a stickler for time so we will have to see what happens. Gander On!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Amy Winehouse

Draws one of the biggest crowds of the day and packs the gobi tent. The girl in front of me passed out and we had to get her outside which was near impossible. Amy sounds great but I have to leave and get to Stephen amd Damien Marley. Gander On!

Amy Winehouse

Comes out skinnier than ever but rockin! Gander On!

Day one review

Every act has come out ready to rock and have done so. No real let downs and a few surprises. If Brother Ali and Satellite Party's albums are half as good as they were live they are worth picking up. I don't remember any bands having sound problems last year and this year it seems like everyone has some kinks to work out, it's only day one though.

It's funny to see how much music temperature changes in just a year or maybe it's just my tatse in music. Last year was a lot of rock and reggae this year the hip hop is loaded and there is a lot more fem rock as I like to call it. The main thing is that it's all great music and the performers are not letting anyone down.

While I typed this I heard Gilian Welch play some great folk music.

Goose Gander On!

Pedal Power

Gander On!

Of Montreal

They seem to be putting on a good show as usual. On my way to see Amy Winehouse! Gander On!

Dinner Time!

Gander On!

Dedicated Bjork Fans.

Only seven more hours of sitting until she goes on. Gander On!

The Weather

It's been perfect to today mid 90's with a cool breeze. Beats the weather in Austin hands down. Gander On!

Satellite Party

Just got lost in their set and had the crowd decide what song to play next. Gander On!

My Secret Lover

My favorite song so far. Perry might be old but he still knows how to rock a crowd. Gander On!

Satellite Party

No more sound problems. Perry is rockin my socks off playing "addicted" Gander On!

Satellite Party Sound Check

Major problems with everything. Mics, drums, guitar, and keyboard. It's not looking good. Gander On!

Satellite Party

Front and center show starts in fifteen minutes. Gander On!

Brother Ali gets twenty thousand to do the two step.

Gander On!

Brother Ali new album Undisputed Truth out now.

Brother Ali is putting on one of best hip hop sets I've seen in the last three years. Very Unexpected and very exciting I can't wait to hear the album. Gander On!

So hard to find water this year.

Everyone is selling gatorade. Where is the water? Gander On!

Noisettes having audio problems

Major feedback to start it off but now the set is rockin! Gander On!

Patton Oswald

"the best time to try and get people to laugh is at 2 o'clock in the afternoon in the desert." On my way to the Noisettes. Gander On!

The biodome and solar flowers

On my way to the comedians of comedy! Gander On!

Gooseninja makes it inside.

About twenty thousand peole strong already. On my way to find the tesla coil and some water. So far this years art is amazing, pictures coming soon. Gander On!

Almost inside!

Gander On!

Ice cream man slings some cream.

Ice cream man is playing the new White stripes album and putting the ice cream in Icky Thump promotional boxes. Gander On!

Almost there!

Gander On!

On our way to the show!

Gander On!

MJ wanted to be blogged!

Gander On!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

How Appropriate

Waiting for the plane to take off and the in cabin music is R Kelly's I believe I can fly. Gander On!

Airport bound!

Gander On!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I love Seattle traffic!

Gander On!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Coachella 07 Live Blog

I will be live blogging Coachella 07 right here on Gooses Ganders due to some technical difficulties. If you want to see the acts I will be trying to get to you can view them here 3 days and counting until the Desert comes alive. Gander On!