Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Korn - Album Review

3 ninja stars out of 5

Jonathan Davis needs a better psychiatrist. Either that or he is a very convincing liar. 8 albums into his career as the lead singer of Korn he's still talking about how messed up his life is and how much he hates God (if he believes in him at all) for it.

But now he has a new reason. For breaking up his band. Three years ago Brian "Head" Welch left the band to allegedly follow God and recently drummer David Silveria has left due to exhaustion. It's too bad that Davis can't come up with anything else because the rest of the band shows some good artistic growth on this their second self-titled LP.

With the absence of Silveria Korn decides to pull a Smashing Pumpkins circa Adore and decides to go industrial to some great results including "I Will Protect You" and "Do What They Say" and Monkey throughout the album has some of his best guitar work to date.

Although there are bright spots, Davis still has one of the more interesting voices in rock music and does some great vocal overlapping in songs like "Starting Over", it is ultimately his writing that pulls this album down. Ironically on "Hold On" he tells his detractors "I think it's time for you to move on." I think he needs to take some of his own advice.

Standout tracks - "Life and Luxury" "Hold On" "Kiss"

Misses - "Ever Be" Gander On!

Common Live in Santa Monica

Common rocked a free show at the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica to celebrate the release of Finding Forever. The show was put on in part by Hear Music - Common is the first hip hop artist to have his album sold at Starbucks. Common played for nearly an hour with a set comprised mostly of songs from the new album but some oldies as well.

Here are some photos:

Gander On!

Daft Punk Invaded Seattle

Sunday's performance at the new WaMu Theater was perhaps the best concert Seattle has seen in some time. Daft Punk, the Parisian electro-duo, took the stage with such great anticipation, I was worried the show might not deliver. You see, like many in the crowd I have been a devout Daft Punk fan for well over a decade and this was their first Northwest show in some seven years. There was no worry needed, as soon as the robot rockers took their place on the giant pyramid, the crowd lit up faster than John Daly on the back nine.
At the core of this amazing show was of course the music. They threw all the hits at the crowd ("Around the World," "One More Time," "Da Funk," "Aerodynamic") without making you feel they are simply trotting out their best-of album. Each hit sounds uniquely mixed and perfectly placed in the set.

The music definitely stands on its own, however the stage set-up alone was visual ecstacy. Like a Vegas night show from space, the stunning laser light show progressively built throughout the set. Using a combination of neon scaffolding, giant strobes, and one bad-ass pyramid super-screen, the jumpsuit-clad DJs flew me to the moon and back. And that was before they unveiled a Quest Field-sized monitor BEHIND all the other amazing screens and lighting trusses.

Any seat in the small theater would have been amazing, though I braved the pit and quickly made my way right to the front of the action. Getting there, I weaved my way through a combination of 20-something pouty indie rockers, nerd-rock dress-up dorks, 30-something pouty indie rockers, and too many scantily-clad eleventeen-year-olds to count (who are these girls' parents?). Drugs were present, though I didn't notice as many dilated pupils as I would have expected. While the event was held in the same building as USC 5/6 and numerous other large raves, that scene has obviously died out or found younger electronic acts to follow. The show was sold out and I imagine there were no more than 7000 people in attendance (just a guess).

Supporting was The Rapture, who have perfected the paradox of looking boring in a high-energy way. Everything about lead singer Luke Jenner is so uninteresting I couldn't stop watching him. How could someone so skinny, so normal captivate me? And why is he asking for "more light on the stage?" I don't know, but I enjoyed it.

Don't miss your next chance to see Daft Punk live. This was my third experience and definitely the best yet. While their set at Coachella was spectacular, the longer set-time allows them more freedom to play with all their on-stage gadgets. By the encore, even their jumpsuits were blazing with neon (think Tron on Ecstacy) and glowing with Daft Punk logos on the back. Thank you gentlemen, Seattle will be awaiting your next landing.

Gander On!

Common Freestyle

Finding Forever drops toady and if you don't have it yet you need to get it soon. The album is hot and so is this freestyle courtesy of AOL.

Gander On!

Monday, July 30, 2007

MIA in Echo Park

As I walked up to meet up with some people to the show tonight - who
do I run into? MIA herself crossing the street on Sunset. She was way
cool and I told her I'd be at the show tonight. The crowd is looking
hyped for night #1 of MIA - the line to get in goes down the street. Gander On!

Update White Stripes Video

MTV.com finally got it online and you can view it here. As for our thoughts, the Malloys did a great job on the video keeping it very simple. Jack and Meg step out of their respective dwelling and proceed to wonder the arctic frontier. They even manage to stop by a graveyard, maybe a metaphor for the love between the the two people in the song. The 16mm action is great and we give the video a big thumbs up! Gander On!

Mark Ronson Remixes Bob Dylan

Mark's got a sample of his Reworking of Bob Dylan's "Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine)." up on his Myspace Page. Bob was smart when he allowed Mark to remix one of his sings because it sounds great. We've listened to the snippet several times already, so just wait until the whole record comes out. Nice work Mark! Gander On!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

New White Stripes Video

The White Stripes are debuting their latest video for "You Don't Know What Love Is (You Just Do As Your Told)" all day today on MTV and MTV2. We'll get a link up to the video as sooon as we find one. Until then Gander On for a few pictures from the video shoot set in the Nunavut Territory in the Arctic during their Canadian tour.

Gander On!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Getting nuts!

The pickups are rocking out early 90s style and we have one crazy hippy on top of an electrical pole. The crowd loves him! Pictures to come soon. Gander On!

The Pickups

Lead singer just introduced the band as the Murder City Devils, who, if you remember, tore this same stage apart at the same time last year.
*Sent via MJ's BlackBerry* Gander On!

The pickups

The Silverson Pickups are on a packed main stage under the lights. The crowd is thick, the air cool. Too many people around to write much. The sexy lead vocals and the sexy bass player accompaning create a smooth dynamic. Everyone wants a glance and folks are climbing trees and stop signs just to peek. This wild crowd is pushing the band to rock harder and harder. Gander On!


Viva Voce is playing the Neumos indoor stage. A loving 2-piece. Their simple, melodic sound quickly embraces you in a great big hug! A married duo, they can communicate easily with a glance and always keep great time. Her on the 6 string, he on the drum set. Often, local 2 -pieces jumble and confuse, but this couple collabs beautifully.

They are performing some songs they have never played live and the crowd loves that.

Think a jammy, bizaro white stripes with a casual demeanor. This is a rock show you could roll to with your girlfriend or man. Gander On!

Blue Scholars

The scholars offer up sounds that mesh with the collaborative cap hill demographic. Stand up and fall down! Like cap hill, an area of Seattle where one must work hard to find their place, this song speaks about perseverance and rebuilding. Ideas important if you wanna make it to the top.

The beats take me back to old RBL Posse and south bay albums. Power for the people! Everyone is singing along and TBS rocks yet another Seattle crowd. Gander On!

Blue Scholars

Only 30 minutes late... The scholars come out to a fresh tune with a Weezer sample. The sun sets. All heads bob in agreement. Sabzi on the tables gets the arms pumping. Tilt yo hat to the side and sing it if you know it. Gander On!

Capitol Hill HoneyBuckets

No line! Kudos CHBP! Gander On!

Blood Brothers

Won me over tonight with the first tune. You must appreciate their energy. Oh, what a crazy little keyboard trip to boot. The drum beats like an emo tempo on acid. The vocals a test in primal scream therapy. Their music is both accessble and versatile. The pit loves it and has even warranted crowd surfing.

The festival is already worth the price of admission! Gander On!

Blood Brothers

The crowds are thick around 10th and Pike where the Brothers put on, Hands Down, the best sound check in music. Gander On!

Capitol Hill Block Party

Live from the Hill

The band we came to see, The Blakes, ended their show before I could get there to see them. The Saturday Knights at 400 were impossible. Such early times make it difficult to see your favorites if you have... I don't know... A job. But anyway, I'm over it, Neumo's and (my favorite late night place) Havana are slam-packed. Finally, some kind and friendly security too. Right now, in between live performances, KEXP is rocking some old James Brown and funk hits.

If you are reading this, get to the Hill ASAP. Parking is a bitch. Over.

Gander On!

Rhianna Covers Bob Marley's "Is This Love" And We Cry...In A Bad Way

Idolator tipped us off to this one and we really wish they hadn't. This video is solid evidence that even pop stars think they sound amazing while singing songs in their cars. The video evidence is below and if your a Bob fan or even just a fan of good music you better get some tissue.

Gander On!

Believe The Hype - Eskimo Joe

What happens when your album goes quadruple platinum in your native Australia? You take it to US of course. By our estimates a copy of Eskimo Joe’s latest album Black Fingernails Red Wine is in the hands of one in five Australians. After hearing the title track from the album we can say theses Aussies will get their platinum plaque for US sales as well, just probobly not as quickly.

With haunting piano sounds and Kav Temperley’s voice cutting straight through the music in the intro Eskimo Joe begins to remind us of She Wants Revenge. The band quickly breaks free of this comparison though with Stu MacLeod and Joel Quartermain’s driving guitar riffs and Kav’s soaring voice. The rest of the track is great and has a sound comparable to U2. All in All we can’t wait for the release of Black Fingernails Red Wine (out September 25th on Rykodisc). Check out the title track below and let us know what you think and Gander on for US tour dates.

Listen to Eskimo Joe – “Black Fingernails Red Wine”


10 - New Orleans, LA - Tipitina's Uptown
15 - New York, NY - Mercury Lounge
16 - Philadelphia, PA - The Khyber
17 - Brooklyn, NY - Union Hall
21 - LA, CA - Viper Room
25 - San Francisco, CA - Bay Area Indie Fest. (3:30pm)
Gander On!

Video Chamillionaire "Hip Hop Police"

We can't get enogh of this video. It's not directed by Hype Williams and it brings back memories of Dave Chappelle's Chuck Taylor character from the Chappelle show. The Slick Rick cameo tops it off. This video is a must watch!
Gander On!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Common - Finding Forever - Album Review

4.5 ninjastars out of 5

"Ladies And Gentlemen
It's the C-O double M-O-N
synonym for fresh"
you should all remember him.

With this opening salvo (save the last line which I added) the Chi-city legend returns with Finding Forever his 7th album and second produced by Kanye West. Although I loved Be and was excited about the first two singles "The People" and "The Game" (Where have you been Premier?!?) I was afraid that he would continue to move away from his vocal (such as "Funky for You" off Like Water For Chocolate) and thematic (ie I Used to Love H.E.R off Resurrection) experimentation of his illustrious career.

To me Common represents all that hip-hop could and should be about. And although he has almost completely abandoned the almost spoken word or open mike poetry-style elements of his flow he still addresses subject matter that every rapper with lil' or young in front of his name wouldn't touch with the cliche ten-foot-pole. Such as the traps of materialism ("Drivin' Me Wild"), racial self-hatred ("Black Maybe"), and conversations with your maker ("Misunderstood").

Some people would say this makes him a sensitive MC. I would say that complete is a more fitting term because while Common has a large range of topics and emotions to draw inspiration from the average rapper is so afraid of appearing emotionally insecure that he not only reveals that he his but makes it hard to appreciate more than the rare single let alone call his work art. Whether or not Common ever reaches true commercial success who knows. He's like the rap Derrick Jeter. Whether or not he hits the most home runs or makes the most money the man is a champion.

Further listening - essential tracks from Common's career -
I Used to Love H.E.R
Nuthin' To Do
Reminding Me of Self
Retrospective For Life
The Light
Funky For You
6th Sense
A Song For Assata
Respiration (Black Star feat. Common)
I Am Music
Chi City Gander On!

Chromeo @ The War Room

Chromeo owned the War Room. The electro-clash, disco-punk, buckets-of-fun duo brought their A-game on a busy Friday Night, and I think they were surprised by the crowd's reaction...

The War Room was packed. Really packed. I showed up at about 8:00 pm with my man Johnny Bones from Reno. We figured we would pick up a couple extra tix for some friends interested in the evening's entertainment. What we found was a line-up of about 100 kids hoping extra tickets would be released. Within thirty minutes, the line was around the block and it was obvious a great deal of these indi-punk music fans would be turned away. Of course, the War Room, a venue devoid of any customer service skills, made us wait about 45 minutes longer than the time posted (box office open at 9pm, yeah right!). They were obviously milking the line to show the neighbors their venue had booked a hot act.

And hot it was. Temperature hot and spicy hot. (The overpriced drinks are easier to swallow with such a selection of beautiful women swarming) The War Room was as tightly packed as I have ever seen. No one cared, Chromeo made it rain like Adam Jones. Ok, so it was raining sweat and the band had to stop and calm the dense, over-heating crowd early in the set. However, once everyone made peace with their spot on the dance floor, the music took over and sent the club on a musical trip to a time when raves and techno-clubs ruled. Rocking tunes from She's in Control and Fancy Footwork, the crowd was singing (and jumping) along to every beat of each song. With hundreds of kids waiting outside, everyone inside knew they were at the hottest show in Seattle. Gander On!

Ben Harper - "Lifeline" ALbum Leak

Download Ben Harper - "Lifeline" Album

Gander On!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Archtitecture In Helsinki - "Places Like This" Album Leak

The first single off these Aussie's album literally got our hearts racing and now we've got even more. We haven't had time to listen to the whole album, but let us to be the first to say job well done mates. G'day! Enjoy!

Download Architecture in Helsinki "Places Like This" Album
Gander On!

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - IS IS (EP) - Album Review

No Rating EP

Don't expect the Yeah Yeah Yeahs to solve global warming or cure AIDS. You'll probably never have a discussion with your friends about the complexity and/or meaning of lead singer Karen O's lyrics. This is not music for the head its music for the soul. It's music for the inner child that all of us have that every once in a while just wants to be reckless again. And although most of us have jobs and are not able to act out on these fantasies we can all watch (or invision) Karen O on stage flailing around giving you everything she has until she is a bloody bruised mess and remember what it was like to be carefree.

Now for the specifics. Yes I know i wussed out and didn't give it a rating. Its just not fair to rate an ep against an lp. This is not the more polished version of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs we saw on Show Your Bones. This is the wilder version that we saw on A Fever to Tell. Although guitarist Nick Zinner doesn't bring stunning licks this time I enjoyed four of the five songs on IS IS (the exception being "Rockers to Swallow"). This cd brought me back to the early 2000's and the height of the garage rock revival and I was happy to be there again. And thank you Karen for reminding us that "All (our) loves are within one wild night."

Standout Tracks - "Kiss, Kiss" , "IsIs" Gander On!

New Video Chromeo"Tenderoni"

First Justice did the whole T-Shirt video thing and now Chromeos on a van with some chick.
Gander On!

New Coldplay Album To Have "Hispanic Theme"

According to Mr. Martin
the band visited Argentina, Chile, Brazil, and Mexico earlier this year and that the

"Sights, sounds and flavors of Latin America and Spain have been infused into this album."

But before you get to thinking they've turned into a mariachi band he also had this to say

"No Maracas or Castanets, but a vibrancy and colorfulness that owes much to the atmospheres Buenos Aires and Barcelona the effect is subtle but important." We can't wait Chris so please don't take to many siestas while your in Spain. Gander On!

Story Killed For Progressive Thinking

Idolator pointed us to this great column written by LA Times reporter Patrick Goldstein had his column killed yesterday for suggesting the times could bolster it's revenue and circulation with front page promotions(like Prince putting his new album in copies of the Daily Mail in the UK). Anyone in the media business knows papers are on the decline and Patrick presents some very good points. The LA Observed got a copy of the column and you can Gander On to read it in it's entirety, if you've got time it's a great read. Great Ideas Patrick!

Courtesy of LA Observed and Kevin Roderick

The bug at the bottom of the Calendar front in today's Los Angeles Times says columnist Patrick Goldstein is on assignment. Not true. His The Big Picture column for Tuesday was killed, apparently by associate editor John Montorio. Goldstein's offense was to propose that the Times follow the lead of the U.K.'s Mail on Sunday (which distributed 2.9 million free Prince CDs) and partner with older artists to give away music in the paper. He argued it could help make the Times website a destination for fans and reduce the need for front page ads (which the editor of the Times himself calls a huge mistake.) Seems reasonable enough for a column, and Goldstein was on the Spring Street Committee that was tasked with coming up with innovative ideas:

It’s time we embraced change instead of always worrying if some brash new idea — like giving away music — would tarnish our sober minded image.

Still, the piece was spiked on high after sailing through the desk. The banned column fell into our hands and runs in full after the jump:
How would you like to pick up this newspaper one day and get a free CD or an MP3 file of new music from one of your favorite musicians?

Earlier this month England’s Mail on Sunday and Prince — two symbols of two embattled businesses — stuck their big toes into the future, a future that has looked increasingly bleak for both the record industry and the newspaper business. In a move that sent shock waves across the British music business, the country’s leading tabloid distributed 2.9 million free copies of Prince’s new "Planet Earth" CD with its Sunday paper, reaping a publicity bonanza and a big bump in advertising as well.

But the real winner was Prince. In an era where record sales are plummeting, Prince got his new music into the hands of millions of fans while pocketing a reported $500,000 payment from the paper. Most record store owners in England have protested by refusing to carry the artist’s new CD while his record company, Sony, has suspended its release in England. But Prince, who seems to have as much brilliance as an entrepreneur as an artist, is laughing all the way to the bank.

Like most artists his age, Prince, 49, doesn’t top the charts anymore. His last album, "3121," sold roughly 80,000 copies in the UK. He makes most of his money through touring — his last major tour, in 2004, sold $87.4 million in tickets, dwarfing anything he could make from CD sales. For him, giving away his record free — as he is for anyone who buys a ticket to one of his UK concerts, most of which have already sold out — is a way of creating exposure and excitement. That transfers into concert sales, which is how most artists, outside of a few pop stars, make the vast majority of their money these days. What older artists need today is a marketing partner, not a record company. The Eagles have Wal-Mart, Paul McCartney has Starbucks and now Prince has the Mail on Sunday.

Amazingly, much of the media coverage of the giveaway treated the event as a PR stunt. After all, the anti-gay, anti-immigration Mail is hardly natural Prince territory — in Harry Potter, the paper is favorite reading material for Vernon Dursley. But the strange alliance offers a striking example of how two struggling businesses could reinvent themselves. In fact, I have to admit that my professional assessment of the giveaway quickly gave way to a much more personal reaction.

Why couldn’t my newspaper do that?

Newspapers, as you may have heard, are in deep doo-doo. While the Times still is a profitable business, our revenue was down 10% in the second quarter while our cash flow was down, as our publisher put it the other day, a "whopping 27%, making it one of the worst quarters ever experienced." Times are so hard at the Times that the publisher has proposed putting ads on the front page to generate new revenue.

So far we’ve made little headway developing imaginative strategies to bring back lost readers — or compete for younger readers who get their information from the Internet. The record business has been just as slow to provide fans online with new, convenient ways to hear music — the only visionary idea, Steve Jobs’ iTunes store, came from outside the business. Unless you are a mainstream pop artist, it’s hard to see how the old-fashioned record company model benefits your career anymore. If you’re a respected older performer — known in industry parlance as a heritage artist — your biggest challenge is finding a way to get your music heard.

That’s where the newspaper comes in. As the Mail on Sunday has shown, newspapers remain a formidable distribution machine. My paper has roughly 1.1 million Sunday subscribers and generates 65 million page views each month. If you’re a heritage artist looking for exposure with an audience that might appreciate your work and has proven by reading a newspaper that it’s curious about the outside world, what could be a better starting point than the Times?

Here’s how it might work. The Times would start a free-music series, offering music (either on a CD or via downloads) from respected artists willing to think outside the box — meaning anyone from Elvis Costello, Beck and Ryan Addams to Ry Cooder, Steve Earle and Lucinda Williams. Instead of paying the artist a fat fee, we’d recruit advertising sponsors who’d be delighted to be associated with classy artists and the imprint of the Times.

If you haven’t noticed, music has a powerful mojo for advertisers. TV commercials have used pop songs to sell product for years. Lexus currently has a series of TV ads featuring Costello and John Legend seated in a Lexus, simply talking about their favorite music (Elvis sings the praises of Beethoven). But what they’re really selling is coolness by association. The same association could apply to us via a giveaway series. It would encourage readers to see the paper in a new light, as not just a news-gathering organization but a cultural engine. If we surrounded the music with news, reviews and features from our staff, it could also expose new visitors to our formidable music critics and reporters.

Could this really work? For a reality check, I called Jim Guerinot, an industry free-thinker who manages Nine Inch Nails, Gwen Stefani and Social Distortion. "Are you kidding — that’s a great idea," he says. "There are tons of these Hall-of-Fame quality heritage artists who don’t sell records anymore. It would be a real coup for them to reach their target demo through the newspaper and have the cachet of being an artist of the week or month."

Having the Times showcase new music would do more than attract advertising — it would help transform the image of the paper. "It could redefine the paper by making it a destination site for music fans," says Guerinot. "On the net, the big challenge is always about providing a filter for people. It would make the Times, with its critical voice, into a gatekeeper. People are looking for someone to show them the way — why shouldn’t it be the L.A. Times?"

Newspapers don’t just need new readers, we need new ways to serve them. So why shouldn’t we use one of our core strengths — our entertainment coverage — as a way to transform our web site’s pop music page into a place where you wouldn’t just find us writing about music, but find the music itself? It not only makes the paper feel more relevant, but it would create a new income stream that might be less intrusive than putting ads on the front page.

"What you’d be doing is turning the paper into a recommendation engine," says Fred Goldring, a leading industry attorney. "Everywhere you look, from car ads to the NBA, music is a big part of everything that sells. You wouldn’t just be giving away music, you’d be doing something no one else does better educating the consumer."

I can’t guarantee that my bosses will instantly embrace this idea — they don’t often look to columnists for business acumen. And there are plenty of naysayers. Retail outlets could punish artists that give away music by refusing to carry their new CDs, as they did in England with Prince. Cliff Burnstein, who manages the Red Hot Chili Peppers, believes music giveaways work better in England where "pop music is a national sport and the audience is a lot less fragmented than in the U.S."

But Prince’s gambit won’t be a one-shot deal. The British ska group Madness is considering a similar newspaper giveaway for its next album. One of Burnstein’s bands, Snow Patrol, is touring Australia in September. Since few fans bought its first album there, the group is mailing the first album free to anyone who buys concert tickets, bumping up the ticket price to pay for it, figuring the fans will enjoy the concerts more if they’re more familiar with the band’s earlier music.

Giving music away doesn’t mean it has lost its value, just that its value is no longer moored to the price of a CD. Like it or not, the CD is dying, as is the culture of newsprint. People want their music — and their news — in new ways. It’s time we embraced change instead of always worrying if some brash new idea — like giving away music — would tarnish our sober minded image. When businesses are faced with radical change, they are usually forced to ask — is it a threat or an opportunity? Guess which choice is the right answer.
Gander On!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

New Video Tegan and Sara "Back In Your Head"

Ever since this album leaked it's been on heavy rotation at the Nest and now that it's finally out we couldn't wait to pick up the album and bonus DVD. Now we have this video where the twins perform on stage in front of a melodically color changing audience of Ninjas(we love that part). Enjoy the video and get the album, or stream it at Spinner. We've already made two passes through our copy today and can guarantee at least one more before the day is done.
Gander On!

The Hives Are Making A Chinese Democracy

NME posted this great interview with The Hives Howlin' Pelle Almqvist and Chris Dangerous. The band discuss the fact that their new album is taking forever to come out and compare it to G&R's "Chines Democracy." The band also talks new song titles, set lists, and a few other interesting tidbits. Enjoy!
Gander On!

Simian Mobile Disco Suck My Deck

We've been listening to these English remix kings and the album keeps growing on us. So we figured why not let the album grow on you. Suck My Deck has some great remixes as well as original tracks with that classic SMD simplified style. We can't wait to see if the rumors of them working with the Arctic Monkeys are true but until then we've got this to tide us over.

Download Simian Mobile Disco "Suck My Deck" Album. Gander On!

Weeds Season 2 Cover Pack

We love Weeds! Whats better than a single suburban mom raising her family in the life they became accustomed to by supplementing her income with pot sales. We'll tell you whats better, the fact that they get great artists to cover the song in their opening credits for every episode. So in honor of season 3 Deaf Indie Elephants has put together all of the covers from Season 2 in one neatly packaged download. Our favorites last season we're Elvis Costello, Regina Spektor and Mr. Engelbert Humperdick. Check the tracklist below, give em a listen and let us know who did your favorite "Little Boxes" cover.

1 Elvis Costello - Little Boxes
2 Death Cab For Cutie - Little Boxes
3 Engelbert Humperdinck - Little Boxes
4 McGarrigle Sisters - Little Boxes
5 Maestro Charles Barnett - Little Boxes
6 Aidan Hawken - Little Boxes
7 Ozomatli - Little Boxes
8 The Submarines - Little Boxes
9 Tim DeLaughter of The Polyphonic Spree - Little Boxes
10 Regina Spektor - Little Boxes
11 Jenny Lewis with Johnathan Rice - Little Boxes

Download "Weeds" Season 2 Cover Pack
Gander On!

Rolling Stone Is Full Of Hate!

First it was their referral of Queen's front man as Frankie Mercury, and now Rolling Stone is in the business of attacking artists and nearly getting them deported. Mordechai Shinefield the first winner of Rolling Stones "I'm From Rolling Stone" writing competition took it upon himself back in April to attack Sum 41 lead singer Deryck Whibley for song lyrics that refer to President Bush. From the beginning Mordi attacks the boys, interprets their lyrics for them and even puts some words in their mouth. He even manages to get a comment from a representative from the House Minority leader. WOW! As a result of this article Mr. Whidbley was nearly deported from the U.S.

We'll be honest we're not really Sum 41 fans but we in no way ever attack an artist for being an artist. You let personal feeling get involved Moredechai, and that's not journalism and for your efforts you nearly got Mr. Whidbley deported from the U.S. We wish you best as a writer just not as music critic. Gander On for the entire article by Mr. Shinefield and let Rolling Stone know what you think.

Courtesy of Rolling Stone

The snot-nosed punks of Sum 41 aren’t the first Canadian artists to pick a fight with the president — that honor belongs to Neil Young. But we’re pretty sure they’re the first to threaten the Commander In Chief’s life on a single. On Sum’s new “March of the Dogs,” frontman Deryck Whibley sings, “And now the president’s dead/ Because they blew off his head/ No more neck to be red/ I guess to heaven he fled.”

While calling out the President takes some balls — we’re sure Avril doesn’t want her husband interred indefinitely in Guantanamo Bay — Whibley almost immediately undid whatever bad-ass points he might’ve racked up for the stunt: When MTV asked Whibley to explain the lyrics, he waxed poetic, saying that they’re just a “metaphor for how Bush is so ineffectual and incompetent as a president.” It’s entirely possible that Whibley doesn’t actually know what a metaphor is, because the rest of the lyrics seem fairly straight-forward: “It may be I’m a pessimist/ But I say we need an exorcist, / The root of all evil standing tall, /Under god and above us all,” the song goes on to say.

Here’s the thing, Whibley: When you critique the President, call him “gay,” call for an exorcism, and then discuss his death, you aren’t constructing a metaphor. You’re using a different literary device: Rhetoric to incite violence. Punks pushing the envelope aren’t new (the Sex Pistols got in trouble for calling the British crown a “fascist regime”), but backing off your lyrics is weak. You’re supposed to be punk, so act like it.

What does this anti-Bush rant, metaphorical or otherwise, mean for Sum 41? We talked to a spokesperson for the house minority leader yesterday, who called the song “inflammatory and assinine” — perhaps best review Sum 41’s ever gotten. Could the Canadian rockers get deported? Hey, it’s happened before. Mr. Cat Stevens got shipped off to the U.K. when he tried to enter the United States in 2004. We’re all for free speech, but we wouldn’t be all that sad to see Whibley and his cohorts go.

Mordechai Shinefield
Gander On!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Common "Finding Forever" Album Leak

We were going to post this link with J-Buc's review but We've been listening all weekend and can't get enough. "Back in 94 they called me Chi towns Nas, now these ni**as know I'm one of Chi towns gods." This album is hot Period!

Common - Finding Forever Album Leak Gander On!

Powerbox Festival...Bad Idea...Yes!

It's being called "The biggest female tour period." (we can't help laughing when we say the name) It's to bad there won't be many people showing up. The Powerbox Festival will take place Aug. 31 - Sept. 3 at the White Horse Amphitheater in Darrington, Wa. The Festival will feature all female bands the likes of Kittie, Vixen, Girlschool, Doro and others. What a great idea a four day all female music festival in the middle of nowhere on the same weekend as Bumbershoot and Dave Mathews at the Gorge. The bright spot is that a portion of the proceeds go to Caring Coaches a non-profit cancer research charity, maybe they should have just donated the cost of putting this thing on because there is no way they are going to turn a profit unless all the bands donated their performance fees. We wish them luck and are hoping we can hire an intern to cover this one for us since we'll be screaming "Wu-Tang, Wu Tang," with about twenty thousand other people. Gander On!

New Video Architecture In Helsinki "Hold Music"

Architecture in Helsinki - Hold Music from helsinkids and Vimeo. Gander On!

Dick In A Box Emmy Nomination

We know this has been all over the internets but we wanted to make sure and send a big congratulations to Andy and Justin for their Emmy nomination. We hadn't laughed while watching SNL in a long time, thank you guys. On a side note don't forget about the Box in a Box spin-off that even had Olbermann talking.
Gander On!

Music Video Monday - Harlem World

Baby Stase, Blinky Blink, Cardan, Loon, Meeno and MA$E or simply Harlem World. We'll admit back in the day we thought Bad Boy was the shit and loved everything they put out. Now we wonder if they even have any talent on their roster besides Puffy, and thats pushing it. So let's take a trip back in time to see how they all fooled us into liking this bad boy budget video. Thank you to Idolator for the reminder

Gander On!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Smashing Pumpkins - Zeitgeist Album Review

4.25 ninja stars out of 5

There has been a lot of talk lately that the 2007 Smashing Pumpkins aren't really the Smashing Pumpkins. Where's James Iha? Where's D'Arcy Wretsky? And although this may be true live (I've seen Iha play live during his short stint with A Perfect Circle and he's really good) Billy Corgan and Jimmy Chamberlain have played just about every note recorded on a Pumpkins record since Siamese Dream (except Adore when Chamberlain was kicked out of the band).

This being said I didn't like this album at first. It's no Siamese Dream. It's no Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. Where's "1979" part 2? But these are all unfair comparisons (listening to their greatest hits album the week before didn't help either) . Siamese Dream and Mellon Collie are two of the best albums of the 90's and are on many publications lists as some of the best of all-time.

Just as on other Pumpkins albums Zeitgeist will grow on you as Corgan's voice (always the most unlikely of front-men), which at first listen is nasal and annoying, digs deeper into your conscience to the point where it become beautifully tragic and compelling. And it doesn't hurt that the music behind him is great either which it is.

Zeitgeist begins with "Doomsday Clock" which may very well be a Corgan-penned letter from Eddie Vedder urging the Pumpkins to return after the loss of so many great 90's acts. With the Pumpkins you just never know. Corgan's writing has always been a Pandora's box of perplexingly vague yet personal poetry (pardon the alliteration) such as "Today" the heartsick story of love loss and desired suicide sung with a happy disposition. And Corgan has always been media shy in a controlling Barry Bonds-style manner to the point where you never really know what he's trying to get across. This can either be annoying or intriguing depending on your point of view. I tend to take the former in this current age of instant info and blogasphere half-truths (excluding this one of course).

Take the album art and song ''United States" for instance. The cover depicts the Statue of Liberty half-covered with water and the sun just above the waves. Created by the artist behind Obey clothing it represents a sort of choose your own adventure tag line, Is the sun rising or setting? Is the water rising or falling/ Just as in "United States" Corgan gives no answers just further questions. Doing so he comes off as either an everyman who recognizes that the present is important yet doesn't have the answers or someone who doesn't want to alienate part of his fanbase.

Whatever he's trying to say Zeitgeist (the Spirit of the Age) is one of those rare albums that not only gets better with each listen but can also be put on repeat without getting old. That is until your ears hurt from your i-buds. With or without Iha I can't wait to see them live.

Standout tracks: "Tarantula", "(Come On) Let's Go", "Neverlost" Gander On!

Mos Def Hustler Freestyle

Black Dante blessed the mic earlier this week and he did so covering Cassidy's Hustler. Just before he spits Mos let's Swizz know he wanted to get on the beat but Cassidy beat him to it. We definitely want to hear the whole version of this track if he ever records it, great stuff Mos.
Gander On!

Kanye's Graduation Moved To Curtis' Amusement Park

First it was pushed up and now it's being pushed back. Kanye West's Graduation album has been pushed until September 11th. Coincidentally the same day 50 Cent drops his latest album entitled Curtis which itself has been pushed and pushed. Fifty says he's not moving and that he will outsell Kanye. Get real Fifty, you put out "Amusement Park" and "I Get Money" two songs you have to dig through the internets to find. Meanwhile Kanye put out "Can't Tell Me Nothin" and "Stronger" which already appeared in an Entourage episode(A sign of greatness for us). The only way his theory could possibly happen is if he uses that Vitamin Water money to buy a half million records for himself, oh and we wouldn't put that past him either. Good luck Curtis because in the sampled words of Daft Punk, Kanye's album will be Harder, Better, Faster and Stronger. Gander On!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hott 4 Hill

In an election year, you will often see musicians and music fans influence the polls. Whether it be Chris Martin sporting a MAKE TRADE FAIR tattoo, Bill Clinton rocking to Fleetwood Mac or P. Diddy in a VOTE OR DIE T-Shirt. Well, look out Bono, here comes Taryn Southern and the Hott 4 Hill Campaign. OK, maybe the whole thing is a joke, no one knows for sure. Check out Ms. Southern's music video below and judge for yourself. Pundits from both sides of the aisle are scratching their heads trying to decide if the vid is pro-Hillary Clinton or not. In an interview with Chris Mathews on MSNBC's Hardball Tuesday, Ms. Southern reported (Read This!) that the production cost around $1,200. She says, "I didn‘t make this video for political reasons. I did not have a political agenda."

This humble reporter is still deciding if he will put his VOTE OR DIE gear back in the closet for a Hott4Hill shirt, however one thing is for sure, we at Goose's Ganders are Hott for Taryn!

Gander On!

Beats Aren't The Only Things Being Jacked These Days!

Courtesy of NME

The B-side of Klaxons' new single 'It's Not Over Yet' has been hijacked by a mystery artist.

Around 500 copies of the limited edition 7-inch version single were pressed with one side playing the single and the flipside featuring a unique etching.

However, on closer inspection the vinyl's artwork wasn't an etching at all but a new song not by Klaxons.

Simon Taylor from the band commented: "I think the people at the pressing plant have their eyes on different pies, because whenever we have an etched vinyl, something always break or goes wrong with it."

He added: "I used to get really into those fan websites where people would claim that there was some kind of link between the hidden tracks and the other ones. I like the idea that there is some sort of magic behind it. Maybe there is."

So what does this track sound like? Simply head to the band's NME artist page and launch the media player to hear the track. Gander On!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Pharoahe Monch – Desire Review

4 ninja starts out of 5

Here’s the back-story… Pharoahe Monch one of the game’s best lyricists released his last album Internal Affairs 8 years ago to both critical acclaim and commercial success due largely to the Godzilla sampling lead single “Simon Says (Get the F’ Up).” Then as a result (and on the verge of going platinum) of not getting said sample cleared the album was pulled off the shelves which sent Pharoahe tumbling into a series of label disputes and almost signings (he was once rumored to be signed to Shady Records).

But now he’s back “ridin’ the baseline like Ginobili” with the aptly titled Desire (a 7 year vet returning to the game after an 8 year hiatus must either really love hip-hop or not be able to get another job) and he’s mad. And although venting about the industry is nothing new Monch makes it fresh with lines like “I get it poppin’ without Artist and Repertoire ‘cuz Pharoahe is a monarch minus the A & R”, and his take on the ambiguity of song right ownership where he states “when you sample a snare your payin’ the klan.”

Desire is not just an industry bitch session, other highlights of the album include the soulful bounce of “Body Baby”, “Bartap”, and the beautiful three part epic of murder and retaliation called “Trilogy.” The latter two which show off Monch’s highly underrated story-telling ability.

Once on the cutting edge and rivaled by only Eminem and possibly Black Thought in lyrical creativity and inventiveness (he’s still pretty damn good), nothing save of the return of some sort of religious messiah is worth waiting 8 years for but, it’s great to have him back and hopefully we won’t have to wait another 8 for his next one.
Gander On!

Fugees Reunion Plans Dead

In a recent interview with Billboard Pras, the least known member of the Fugees let everyone know that the reunion would not be happening. He Blames Lauryn Hill for the problems and with the things she's been up to lately we kinda believe him. Here's what Pras had to say about it.

"We went in the studio and recorded a couple records that were incredible. But, to put it nicely, it's dead," says Pras. "Me and Clef, we on the same page, but Lauryn [Hill] is in her zone, and I'm fed up with that sh*t. Here she is, blessed with a gift, with the opportunity to rock and give and she's running on some b*llshit? I'm a fan of Lauryn's but I can't respect that."

I guess the only thing we can hope for is either Lauryn coming to her senses or Dave Chappelle throwing another block Party. Gander On!

OMC and Lucy Lawless "4 All Of Us"

The "How Bizarre" guys and Zena the Warrior Princess have teamed up to record this acoustic ballad. It's really not bad, it's just hard to think of these people getting together to record a song. We'll let you judge for yourself, the video is below.
Gander On!

Sly Stone Returns To The Stage

After reading the great Vanity Fair interview with Mr. Stone and him giving us a tease at the Grammys we were excited to see the family back together. Sly and The Family Stone played together for the first time in ages this weekend at the Rotterdam North Sea Jazz Festival. Sly gives the crowd a sccare that he might not show up but finally makes it to the stage. Check the first of three videos below and Gander On for the rest.

Gander On!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Fiery Furnaces "Widow City" Album Leak

We've loved this New York rock duo since the begingng and now we like them even more. We made sure to give Widow City a good couple listens today before we posted anything and let us be the first to say the Furnaces are cranking out the heat. Stand out tracks for us are "Ex-Guru," "The Old Hag Is Sleeping," and well eveything else we just like those song titles the best. Check the download link below and we guarentee you won't be dissapointed.

Download The Fiery Furnaces Widow City Album Gander On!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Rilo Kiley "MoneyMaker'

After the Success of their 2005 album More Adventerous Rilo Kiley is back. When they finished touring with Cold Play in support of the album the band pursued solo and side projects one of which was one of our favorites, singer Jenny Lewis' 2006 solo album Rabbitt Fur Coat. So let us be the first to say welcome back. The first single "MoneyMaker" off of Under The Backlight is a winner. With a Modest Mouse like melody and vocals that remind us of Rick Derringer's "Rock and Roll Hoochie Coo." MoneyMaker is a solid single. If our looking for solid melodies and girl who really knows how to use her pipes give "MoneyMaker" a listen and pick up Under The Backlight on August 21st. Gander on for the track listing and listening link.

Listen to Rilo Kiley "MoneyMaker"

Under The Blacklight tracklisting:

01. Silver Lining
02. Close Call
03. The Moneymaker
04. Breakin' Up
05. Under the Blacklight
06. Dreamworld
07. Dejalo
08. 15
09. Smoke Detector
10. The Angels Hung Around
11. Give a Little Love
Gander On!

An Open Letter From Billy Corgan

One of our favorite periodicals The Stranger has published an open letter from none other than Bill Corgan himself and let us say his ego is bigger than ever. According to Billy the Pumpkins were once the most important bands in the world and all of us knew it, even Courtney Love. The begining of Billy's ego fed letter is below and you can Gander On for the rest.

July 10, 2007

My Dear Friends,

Today is the greatest day you've ever known.

Seven years, seven months, and ten days ago, the clock struck midnight, 2000, and the world began turning faster. Back then, I disbanded the Smashing Pumpkins because the new millennium demanded it. A new age needed a new start—cleanliness and unity, not the confused, confusing wreck I let the band become.

We were once the most important band in the world, and everyone—me, you, Courtney Love—knew it. The Smashing Pumpkins drew the line between Black Sabbath, the Bee Gees, and the Cure, and that line caught a generation like a leash around a wayward puppy. We founded Alternative Nation, and the kids and advertisers flocked around. But because the band had become bloated, overbearing, headstrong, because it grew beyond my control, it had to die. I killed it before it killed me.

And now, after all those years of self-imposed obscurity, of forced poetry, of side projects mired in mediocrity and too many guitarists, I bring us, together, here, to the corner of Future Avenue and Now Street. This is our moment! This is our day! This is Zeitgeist! (That's "Spirit of the Age" in German. Trust me: I've read Hegel.)

This band has always been the headlight on the barreling locomotive of modern youth; with a title like Zeitgeist, nobody can argue. I brought back original Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlain—recovered and reverent of yours truly, he's the epitome of a new leaf turned over—plus another chick bassist and some new guitar guy. Zeitgeist (Say it! It feels good!) arrives this week, in four different forms: The Best Buy version is different from the Target version is different from the iTunes version, which is different from everyone else's version. Most zeits would've settled for a single geist, but ours demands more marketing strategies, so I offer it four.

As for the music, the critics won't get it. They never have. My old fans—the ones whose lives were changed by Gish and Siamese Dream—won't get it. They will complain that the sound is too dense, too severe, too, yes, overbearing. But the New Generation is the one I'm speaking to, the one that needs to know that My Chemical Romance and Panic! At the Disco couldn't exist without me. Whether they want to know doesn't matter. This Zeitgeist is not consensual—it's here, whether you understand it or not.

Several weeks ago, I released "Tarantula" to prime the public for the coming onslaught. The song is the sound of one ego exploding (mine), the sound of an entire album in just one song. You'll like it because it has the same skyrocketing guitar riff as "Cherub Rock," and you liked "Cherub Rock" back in 1993. You still like it, because it is one of the best songs ever recorded. But now, instead of one guitar playing one riff, there are more—way more—guitars. And more riffs. It's awesome, in the original sense of the word. It might scare you.

Fear is the effect I'm going for. Fear and exhaustion. But "Tarantula" is not the scariest or most exhausting song on the album. That honor goes to "United States"—a triumphant teenage anthem that sounds like the closing solo of "War Pigs," refracted and stretched into nine minutes. Remember, I was subtle once: "Drown," from the Singles soundtrack, was haunting in its minimal, dissonant beauty. But the Zeitgeist has no time for subtlety, friends, and neither do you. Hence song titles like "United States" and "For God and Country" and "Pomp and Circumstance." Even more than you need more guitars, you need more meaning. And I bring it to you:

Dulcet tones whisper fast

Refuse your yearns, renounce the past

Rouse me soon, the end draws nigh

Whose side are you on

Your blood you cannot buy.




Yes! Zeitgeisty!

Every revolution needs a counterpoint, and that would be "Bring the Light," the one song with a discernable, singable hook, the one song that's remotely accessible. It's got a melody that burns with the same adolescent struggle as those Siamese Dream days. Naturally, it stands out: Hooks and singability are not really the zeitgeist. At least not this Zeitgeist.

Here is what you must understand: Nothing has changed since 1999, except my budget. And Pro Tools. I am still the same alt-rock messiah I was. You are still my teenage flock.

Trust me.

Your zero,
Billy Corgan
Gander On!

Saigon "C'mon Baby" New Single

We knew Saigon was going to be huge after Turtle convinced Billy Walsh to use his track in the closing credits of Queens Boulevard. Now after a long wait due to some label problems and a full season of Entourage Saigon is back. This Swizz Beats produced track has been on repeat here all week and we are eagerly awaiting more tracks. Get the track below and if you like it help us try and convince Walsh that he should use it in Medellin.

Download Saigon "C'mon Baby"

Gander On!

Cate Blanchett Plays Bob Dylan?

This September Dylan fans will be given an ensemble cast of Bob Dylans in Todd Haynes movie I'm Not There. In the movie Dylan is played by Seven different actors: Christian Bale, Marcus Carl Franklin, Richard Gere, Ben Whishaw, Heath Ledger, and Cate Blanchett. We figure the movie will be about two hours long so you can count on each actor getting about seventeen minutes of face time. A clip has leaked onto the internet of Cate playing Bob and David Cross playing Allen Ginsberg as they meet for the first time. After watching this clip we have to say that the movie does not look promising. Check out the clip below and thanks to Stereogum for the video.

Gander On!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Justice U.S. Tour Dates

From the moment we saw the cross at Coachella this year we were hypnotized, and ever since this French duo's set we've been obsessed. The album falls right at the top of our 07 favorites list and we don't see it falling out of the top 3 anytime this year. After reading that you can imagine when we heard these boys were coming back to the states to support their new album we flipped. You can count on us covering the L.A. and Seattle shows and Maybe Vancouver. Oh and if you don't know what laser hands are yet you better find out because we've beenpracticing. Check the dates below and get ready for a dance party like you've never experienced before.

Los Angeles, CA Henry Fonda (October 9)
San Francisco, CA Mezzanine (10)
Seattle, WA Neumo's (11)
Vancouver Commodore (13)
Minneapolis, MN Foundation (16)
Chicago, IL Metro (17)
Toronto Republik (18)
Montreal Metropolis (19)
New York, NY Webster Hall (20)
Philadelphia PA, Starlight Ballroom (21) Gander On!

New Video RJD2 "Work It Out"

In this video a Man dressed like Justin Timberlake Dances through the streets on some interesting looking crutches and a skateboard until he ends up right back where he started. We've seen this dancing thing before with Christopher Walken in the Fat Boy Slim "Weapon of Choice" video and the entire time we watched it that was all we could think of. It's still cool to watch though and the songs not bad either. Enjoy!

Gander On!

Mute Math "Typical" Video

Sometimes you hear a song and you like it until you see the video. This time it's completely opposite for us we didn't really like this Mute Math song much at first, but we can't get enough of the video. It reminds us of the Spike Jonze video for The Pharcyde's "Drop." Check it out below.
Gander On!

Young@Heart Chorus Top Five

We're going to be honest this was going to be a top ten list but we could only find five good clips after hours of searching the internets. If you don't know about the
Young@Heart Chorus they will quickly become one of your favorites. These elderly entertainers put on live shows better than a few twenty something hipsters we've seen. Check them singing Cold Play's "Fix You" below and Gander On for tunes by The Ramones, Bee Gees, Sonic Youth, and our personal favorite The Talking Heads.

Coldplay "Fix You"

Sonic Youth "Schizophrenia"

The Ramones "I Wanna Be Sedated

Bee Gees "Stayin Alive"

Talking Heads "Road To Nowhere"

Gander On!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Wait Until Marilyn Manson Sees This!

We really haven't been covering the feud between Mr. Manson and Mr. Way all we really know is that Marylin said Gerard and his boys were a cheap knock off of himself. Then Gerard said they don't care about criticism from artists like Marilyn, they only care what Elvis Costello thinks (Funny we would have thought the Fratellis would care more what Mr. Costello thought). Anyway it's been back and forth between the two but i have a feeling this is the end for Mr. Way. Gander On for the funniest thing you've seen this year.

First Person to put the O Face Audio from Office Space to this wins mystery prize!

Gander On!

Justice Does Justin

It's been a while since we posted anything from Justice. After all a whole week dedicated to him over at the vice mp3 blog was enough for a while. Our boy is back though with a much needed remix of Justin Timberlakes "Love Stoned." Classic Justice synth and dirty bass mixed with JT's vocals is a perfect combination. Maybe they should do one of those Jay-Z R. Kelly things and do a whole album together. You can listen to the track over here at Hype Machine. We'll post a download link as soon as we get it. Gander On!

Superdrag Sucked Out For A Short Tour

Courtesy of Filter Magazine

Superdrag's original lineup have reunited for a short tour this Fall. The Knoxville, Tennesse band's original lineup of John Davis (guitar, vocals), Don Coffey Jr (drums), Brandon Fisher (guitar) and Tom Pappas (bass) haven't appeared on-stage together in 8 years. Though Superdrag is best-known for their 300k selling 1996 debut Regretfully Yours and the single "Sucked Out", the band released three other albums before calling it quits after 2002's Last Call For Vitriol. Pappas and Fisher left the band following 1998's sophomore album Head Trip In Every Key. Davis released his Christian-influenced solo debut in 2005.

The band will be pressing a limited run of a new 2-disc rarities compilation titled 4-Track Rock 1992-1995 + Complete "Bender" Sessions which will be sold at the shows. Earlier this year the band released the Changing Tires On The Road To Ruin rarities collection. The band will also be holding a poll to find fans 3 favorite songs, the winning songs will go into the setlist. Gander On For the tour dates and a video trip back in time.

Superdrag tour dates:

05 Nashville, TN - City Hall
13 Chicago, IL - Metro
20 Knoxville, TN - Barley's Tap Room

02 New York, NY - The Fillmore @ Irving Plaza
03 Boston, MA - Paradise Rock Club
08 Washington - 9:30 Club

Gander On!

New Video Reel Big Fish "Party Down"

Gander On!

You Can Bet On Amy Winehouse... Literally

Courtesy of NME

Bookmakers William Hill are offering 1/2 odds on Amy Winehouse not turning up to her next gig, scheduled to be Tuesday's (July 17) Eden Sessions show at The Eden Project in Cornwall.

The odds offer comes after Winehouse cancelled her scheduled appearances at last weekend's T In The Park and Oxegen festivals, and was photographed drinking in her local pub despite citing "exhaustion" as the reason for her cancellation.

"Amy has cancelled too many gigs for us not to give out odds," a spokesperson for William Hill said. "The concert is next week so she'll have to sort herself out for that and I can't see it happening." Gander On!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Smashing Pumpkins Do Letterman

Gander On!

Ben Harper "In the Colors"

We will always remember Ben's epic seven song encore at Sasquatch 06. Don't get us wrong we love Ben but when your waiting for the Flaming Lips to come on seven songs of waiting is equivalent to a stripper who has to lap dance to "In A Gada Da Vida."

Now that we got that off our chest Ben's new single "In the Colors" is in our top five right now. It's the first single off Lifeline due out on August 28th. Between the smooth bassline and Ben's sweet silky voice We're predicting a lot of interesting slow swaying hippie dances at his upcoming shows. Check the download link below or head over to Rolling Stone for the video.

Download Ben Harper "In The Colors" Gander On!

Ice Water "Hip Hop Tribute"

We got this press release yesterday and there is so much good information we decided to just post the whole thing. We are really feeling this single from Raekwon's new crew. If your a fan of Wu-Tang you should love this track. Check the download link at the bottom.

Raekwon of the Wu-Tang Clan to unveil the long awaited debut from the Ice Water clique on August 28th via Babygrande Records

The highly anticipated album features Method Man, Busta Rhymes, Rick Ross, Three Six Mafia, Remy Ma, Jagged Edge & more.

Under the tutelage of Wu-Tang Clan’s resident chef Raekwon, the four-man crew of Polite, Stomach, P.C. (Paulie Caskets) and D.C. (Donnie Cash) marks Staten Island’s return to prominence as a hotbed for fresh, credible talent. Die hard fans may remember Ice Water from their appearances on several tracks on Raekwon’s last album, 2002’s “The Lex Diamond Story,” as well as their opening stints for the Chef on his subsequent 30+ state tour. As Raekwon confirms, “We knew these cats had potential way back, but the timing wasn’t right. I always kept a radar on dudes, and when I felt they was ready mentally and lyrically, I helped ‘em get on.”

Raekwon compares his protracted development of the group to raising pitbulls: “I’m training these pits. I’ve got them on the treadmill, and I’http://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifm beating ‘em, feedin’ ‘em hot sauce and steaks, so they’re ready for this industry.”

Honed and focused, Ice Water’s debut, Raekwon presents…Ice Water: ”Polluted Water,” will finally be released on August 28th on Babygrande Records, home to such renowned and critically acclaimed talent as

Hi-Tek, GZA, Jedi Mind Tricks, Immortal Technique and more. Raekwon states, “Babygrande recognized that Wu is a brand, and we’ve got so many different divisions of rappers around us.

Download Ice Water "Hip Hop Tribute"
Gander On!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Jim Morrison May Not Have Died In The Tub.

Courtesy Of Rolling Stone

If you’re one of the many people who think Doors leader Jim Morrison’s 1971 demise was suspicious, you might be right. A story in the U.K.’s The Mail on Sunday suggests Morrison’s death may be reinvestigated.

According to his death certificate, Morrison, who was famously found dead in the bathtub of his Paris apartment at the age of 27, died from natural causes. But according to The End – Jim Morrison, a new book by Sam Bernett, a French-born former New York Times journalist, club manager and friend of Morrison, the rocker died of a massive heroin overdose in the bathroom of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus club in Paris’ Left Bank and was then moved to the tub as part of an astonishing cover-up meant to deflect blame from the posse of drug dealers Morrison patronized. Gander On for what Bernett had to say.

Bernett claims that in the early hours of July 3, 1971, Morrison showed up looking to buy heroin for his then-girlfriend Pamela Courson. After scoring and splitting for the bathroom, he failed to reappear. “About half an hour later, a cloakroom attendant came up to me and told me someone was locked in one of the cubicles and wasn’t coming out. I got a bouncer to smash the door down,” Bernett recalls. He says he found Morrison’s body slumped over the toilet. “We were certain he’d been snorting heroin because there was foam coming out of his lips as well as blood,” Bernett says. “He was scared of needles so never injected drugs.” Bernett brought in a customer who worked as a medic, who proclaimed Morrison dead.

At this point, Bernett says, Morrison’s dealers appeared, insisted the singer was still alive (though passed out) and carried the rocker out of the club, saying they would take care of him. Shortly thereafter, Bernett claims someone representing the club’s owner called, warning him not to tell anyone what happened.

Bernett says then-24-year-old singer/scenester Marianne Faithfull was also in the bar that night and was similarly sworn to secrecy. “Marianne never mentioned Jim again,” Bernett says. “She won’t talk about what happened in the club to this day.”

So why talk now? “I want to get rid of my heavy load,” Bernett says. “At least everything is now out there to be discussed. I’ve said what I have to say.” Will Bernett’s claims inspire French authorities to reopen the investigation? The twenty-year statute of limitations for criminal cases is up, but action could still be taken in civil court. A spokesman for France’s Police National told The Mail, “The new evidence will have to be considered.”
-- Elizabeth Goodman
Gander On!

Arctic Monkeys B-Side "The Bakery"

This track comes from an acoustic session the band did for WFNX. Apparently the Song is a B-Side on the "Fluorescent Adolescent" single. Check the link below.

Download Arctic Monkeys "The Bakery" Gander On!

Lauryn Hill A Cracked Out Bag Lady?

Courtesy of Gigwise

Yet again, Lauryn Hill has outraged her loyal fans with another shambolic performance – this time in Birmingham.

The singer played at the Birmingham Academy last night (July 9) and turned up on stage two hours late at 10.30pm. Some fans had already left before she turned up.

Once onstage, fans have described her as looking “wasted” and “cracked out”, with one saying that it was “the worst gig of my life.”
Story continues below...

One fan told Gigwise: “I went to Birmingham gig last night, sat for 3 hours, no support band no nothing, left at 10.20. She is so far up her own arse she probably thinks it’s 40 quid each well spent.”

Another said: “After being over two hours late, Lauryn came on stage looking like a clown, singing in an incredible aggressive manner and looking as though she were absolutely wasted, her eyes rolling...such a shame that such a talented individual is at such a low point.”

While another launched a stinging attack on Ms Hill, saying: “I witnessed and experienced a first last night – the complete and utter demise of a personal hero and the worst gig of my life.

“Not only did the woman not grace the stage until 10.30 - the venue to close at 11.00 – providing the good value of about £5 per 5 minutes of music! But she looked like a cracked out, mad old bag lady that you make considerable efforts to cross the street to avoid. We are trying to get our money back for this complete and utter farce.” Gander On!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Smashing Pumpkins Zeitgeist Album Leak

The sites in German but if your smart enough to figure it out you'll find yourself downloading a copy of The Smashing Pumpkins new album Zeitgeist. Here's the link. Gander On!

Arctic Monkeys Clowning Around

The Arctic Monkeys made an appearance on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross this week and performed "Fluorescent Adolescent" in some interesting costumes. If you have a fear of clowns do not watch this clip. thanks to Stereogum for the link.
Gander On!

Baby Got Book

"It looks like one of those large ones with plenty of room in the margins." "What kind of weenie has the Bible on CD." Our favorite two quotes, this is worth a look and listen. Of and a completetly different note Dan Patrick is leaving ESPN. truly a tragedy of biblical proportions.
Gander On!

Shakira and... Is That Wyclef?

While watching as much of Live Earth as possible this weekend we found this to be the most interesting part. Shakira is performing "Hips Don't Lie" it appears with Wyclef, but why is the Haitian Sensation not getting any camera time. It's because it's not Wyclef just some other dude with dreads who seems to keep them covering his face. It was obvious that most of the song was lip-synched by the Columbian rump shaker which was bad enough but to try and fool us by putting a Wyclef impersonator onstage shame on you Al Gore! See for yourself below.
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Friday, July 6, 2007

Ask A Pumpkin!

In this youtube clip Jimmy reminds Billy of where their at. They are definetly winging it but heres the jist. You can upload your questions to the Ask A Pumpkin youtube channel and they will answer them. To tired to write this morning, 108 degree heat and a broken air conditioner make it a little tough to sleep at night. Check the video below for more information.

Gander On!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Rakes "The World Was A Mess But His Hair Was Perfect" Video

Gander On!

Salford Lads Roof Stolen.

This is Just Bizarre

Courtesy of NME

The £250,000 restoration of the iconic Salford Lads Club - which featured on the cover of The Smiths' 1986 album 'The Queen Is Dead' - has been dealt a severe blow after thieves stole lead and guttering from the roof.

The Grade II listed club in St Ignatius Walk, Ordsall, has been left open to the elements as a result of the raid with heavy rain pouring inside for several days.

Volunteers and workmen have been working all week to bail water out of the famous boxing ring - but plasterwork and wooden panelling have been badly affected.

The club is now having to use some of the restoration fund to pay a security firm to patrol the site.

A spokesman for the project said repair work would add "thousands" to the overall cost.

"We are devastated by this criminal act," he said. "The thieves have basically stolen from Ordsall kids' futures.

"We were just about to start work on the roof and all the scaffolding had just been put up.

"When the roofers arrived on site on Tuesday they thought they could hear a tap running inside, but it was actually rain water pouring through the roof."

The club is one of the few original lads' clubs still standing in England and is virtually unchanged with original fittings including a boxing ring, snooker rooms and a brick-walled gym with a viewing balcony.

A total of £1m is needed for repairs and improvements with £250,000 already raised for the roofing work.

Ironically, 'The Queen Is Dead' contains the track 'Vicar In A Tutu' where the narrator happily admits "I was minding my business/ Lifting some lead off/ The roof of the Holy Name church". Gander On!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Marilyn Manson w/ Alice Cooper "Sweet Dreams"

Marilyn Manson was joined on stage by Alice Cooper at the B-Estival in Romania for a rendition of "Sweet Dreams" Highlights of the video are a fan who looks very confused when Marilyn goes into a very interesting scream for the first chorus. Best moment is at about 3:10 when Alice realizes he has to do the second verse by himself and brings no energy to it at all. Thanks to Stereogum for the clip.
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