Thursday, July 19, 2007

Beats Aren't The Only Things Being Jacked These Days!

Courtesy of NME

The B-side of Klaxons' new single 'It's Not Over Yet' has been hijacked by a mystery artist.

Around 500 copies of the limited edition 7-inch version single were pressed with one side playing the single and the flipside featuring a unique etching.

However, on closer inspection the vinyl's artwork wasn't an etching at all but a new song not by Klaxons.

Simon Taylor from the band commented: "I think the people at the pressing plant have their eyes on different pies, because whenever we have an etched vinyl, something always break or goes wrong with it."

He added: "I used to get really into those fan websites where people would claim that there was some kind of link between the hidden tracks and the other ones. I like the idea that there is some sort of magic behind it. Maybe there is."

So what does this track sound like? Simply head to the band's NME artist page and launch the media player to hear the track.

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