Friday, July 20, 2007

Kanye's Graduation Moved To Curtis' Amusement Park

First it was pushed up and now it's being pushed back. Kanye West's Graduation album has been pushed until September 11th. Coincidentally the same day 50 Cent drops his latest album entitled Curtis which itself has been pushed and pushed. Fifty says he's not moving and that he will outsell Kanye. Get real Fifty, you put out "Amusement Park" and "I Get Money" two songs you have to dig through the internets to find. Meanwhile Kanye put out "Can't Tell Me Nothin" and "Stronger" which already appeared in an Entourage episode(A sign of greatness for us). The only way his theory could possibly happen is if he uses that Vitamin Water money to buy a half million records for himself, oh and we wouldn't put that past him either. Good luck Curtis because in the sampled words of Daft Punk, Kanye's album will be Harder, Better, Faster and Stronger.

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