Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Fugees Reunion Plans Dead

In a recent interview with Billboard Pras, the least known member of the Fugees let everyone know that the reunion would not be happening. He Blames Lauryn Hill for the problems and with the things she's been up to lately we kinda believe him. Here's what Pras had to say about it.

"We went in the studio and recorded a couple records that were incredible. But, to put it nicely, it's dead," says Pras. "Me and Clef, we on the same page, but Lauryn [Hill] is in her zone, and I'm fed up with that sh*t. Here she is, blessed with a gift, with the opportunity to rock and give and she's running on some b*llshit? I'm a fan of Lauryn's but I can't respect that."

I guess the only thing we can hope for is either Lauryn coming to her senses or Dave Chappelle throwing another block Party.

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Anonymous said...

HAHA!!! Thanks for reporting it like it is. Too many people are afraid to post these kinds of stories. Block party (sic)!