Thursday, July 26, 2007

Chromeo @ The War Room

Chromeo owned the War Room. The electro-clash, disco-punk, buckets-of-fun duo brought their A-game on a busy Friday Night, and I think they were surprised by the crowd's reaction...

The War Room was packed. Really packed. I showed up at about 8:00 pm with my man Johnny Bones from Reno. We figured we would pick up a couple extra tix for some friends interested in the evening's entertainment. What we found was a line-up of about 100 kids hoping extra tickets would be released. Within thirty minutes, the line was around the block and it was obvious a great deal of these indi-punk music fans would be turned away. Of course, the War Room, a venue devoid of any customer service skills, made us wait about 45 minutes longer than the time posted (box office open at 9pm, yeah right!). They were obviously milking the line to show the neighbors their venue had booked a hot act.

And hot it was. Temperature hot and spicy hot. (The overpriced drinks are easier to swallow with such a selection of beautiful women swarming) The War Room was as tightly packed as I have ever seen. No one cared, Chromeo made it rain like Adam Jones. Ok, so it was raining sweat and the band had to stop and calm the dense, over-heating crowd early in the set. However, once everyone made peace with their spot on the dance floor, the music took over and sent the club on a musical trip to a time when raves and techno-clubs ruled. Rocking tunes from She's in Control and Fancy Footwork, the crowd was singing (and jumping) along to every beat of each song. With hundreds of kids waiting outside, everyone inside knew they were at the hottest show in Seattle.

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