Monday, August 27, 2007

MIMS "Kanye West Stole My Sound"

"This Is Why I'm Hot" rapper MIMS recently told Contact Music that he used sped-up soul samples in his records first saying. "I recorded my album five years ago so I did it first." Would that be the album no one has heard MIMS? Or better yet the album that despite our extensive search we can't find anywhere?
All this from the guy who sampled Kanye on his first single. Where was all this talk when you were trying to get clearance to use the sample. Our point is MIMS we haven't heard anything you've produced and you have a habit of making comments and then running away from them a la "Fifty Cent Should Be Worried."
As soon as your old records surface we'll start believing, but until then we'll only remember your old shit as being "Love Em All" with Choclair from The Baby Blue Soundcrew (We always thought they should have gone with The Lime Green Sound Machine), check it out below.


Human Remains said...
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Human Remains said...

Yea, ok MIMS... how about Wu-Tang did it before you? Or how bout Kanye does it better than you? Two valid reasons why you are completely irrelevant as an artist.