Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Goose's Grammy Wrap-Up

Sunday night marked the fiftieth time the Recording Acadamy gave away those trophys of the thing the RCA dog used to stick his nose in. It wasn't a bad show but in my opinion it wasn't great either. Bringing back Frank for the intro was cool and Carrie Underwood definetly caught my attention and kept me tuned in through the first ten minutes. Kanye gave a tribute to his mother that of course no one saw coming and then became the punching bag for everyone elses acceptance speaches. We got more performances than ever but I could have gone without that guy singing with John Legend, sorry Fergie. As a matter of fact the whole Black Eyed Peas Bunch shit the bed. Will.I.AM did what appeared to be a rap he originally wrote for Yo Gabba Gabba my favorite part being him rhyming Jammy with Grammy and then Slammy and who was at all suprised when he started spelling it out. Gander on for the rest. Amy Winehouse was the usual uninspired performance, all night we were told she was coming live via satellite and it was some kind of big deal, why didn't you just say we've got that crackhead that can sing real good coming up. John Mayer waited half the night to do a thirty second solo, There was a triute to a violinist and a drummer that featured two guys playing the piano for what seemed like an hour and A keyboard on the runway for Alicia Keys to play for all of two notes. The highlight for me was the reuniting of the Time and Daft Punk playing the mutant pads was pretty sweet too. Overall the show kept my attention but I could have gone for seeing a few more people given their awards live instead of a quick lower third with the name of the award they won in type to small to read. It shows how much the Acadamy really cares about the people who keep them in business

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